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Now Playing Presents: The Predator Movie Retrospective Series

"If it bleeds, we can review it." One of this summer's most anticipated science fiction/action films is Predators, produced by Robert Rodriguez, returning this storied series to it's jungle roots. In anticipation, Arnie, Brock, and Stuart are reviewing and commenting on all the previous Predator films, including the Aliens vs Predator crossovers! From a Central American Jungle to a "futuristic" Los Angeles to the Antarctic, we hunt down the Predator culminating in a weekend-of-release review of the new film!

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The Incredibles -- A Now Playing Bonus Review

Pixar films including Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and Finding Nemo, had been smash hits. But could this success that worked on toys, fish, bugs, and beasts, work for a movie starring a roster of human characters? That was the risk they took with The Incredibles -- Pixar's first superhero film. The gamble worked and Pixar had another hit, but how does this film hold up more than 10 years later? Join Stuart, Arnie, and Jakob to find out!

1hr 32mins

27 Feb 2015

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Join us at NowPlayingPodcast.com for our Fast and Furious Retrospective Series!

An undercover police officer infiltrates a group of thieves, but can he resist the lure of the subculture and do his duty? No, we're not talking the Keanu Reeves/Patrick Swayze film Point Break--we're reviewing the 2001 car racing film The Fast and The Furious. Starring Vin Diesel, fresh off the success of Pitch Black, the film raced to box office success and launched a billion-dollar franchise. But is there more to this film than fast cars and attractive women? Join Stuart, Arnie, and Jakob to find out!

1hr 43mins

24 Feb 2015

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It's been 20 years since they've had their own film, but thanks to Robert Rodriguez the Predators are back on the big screen! Producer Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal are taking the alien hunter back to his jungle roots, and with the Predators going up against Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, and Danny Trejo it's bound to excite both sci-fi and action fans. But this time are the Predators right on target, or have they again missed their mark? Listen as Arnie, Stuart, and Brock review this final film in the Now Playing Predator Retrospective Series!

1hr 23mins

11 Jul 2010

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Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Paul W.S. Anderson's match-up between Aliens and Predators may have left many fans of both franchises out in the cold, but the box office tallies made a rematch inevitable--thus 20th Century Fox gives us Aliens vs Predator: Requiem. Attempting to right past wrongs, the studio made this film with a "hard R" rating, including an unrated cut on DVD, and gave the directing reins to the special effects duo, the Brothers Strause. Was the battle so much sweeter the second time around? Listen to Stuart, Arnie, and Brock to find out!


6 Jul 2010

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Alien vs. Predator

When Freddy and Jason's team-up killed at the box office, it didn't take long for 20th Century Fox to greenlight another long-anticipated cinematic crossover--Alien vs. Predator. Having already fought on the pages of comic books and in video games, these two classic extra terrestrials took their battle to the big screen, continuing an ancient Predator coming-of-age ritual in Antarctica, with a group of humans, including Charles Bishop Weyland played by Lance Henriksen, in the middle. Was this another dream team-up for fans of both franchises, or a monster mash-up gone horribly awry? Listen to Arnie, Brock, and Stuart's review to find out!

1hr 3mins

30 Jun 2010

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Predator 2

Remember 1997 when the Jamaican gangs were terrorizing Los Angeles and everyone was carrying guns in the 105 degree heat? Well you can relive those days along with Arnie, Stuart, and Brock as they review the period piece--Predator 2! In that summer of 1997 a Predator came to Los Angeles on a hunt for the toughest in Los Angeles, and it only makes sense that he would pick Danny Glover as the alpha male for him to best. With an all-star cast including Bill Paxton and Gary Busey, Predator 2 is not a film to be missed! Or is it...? Listen to Now Playing to find out!

1hr 2mins

24 Jun 2010

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An invisible alien Predator hunts a team of suppercommandos in a Central American jungle, and it must be some hunter to take on Carl Weathers, Bill duke, Richard Chaves, Jesse Ventura, and Arnold Schwarzenegger! This film introduced a new sci-fi staple into our cultural lexicon, a creature that has gone on to appear in tons of comic books, video games, and a crossover movie franchise, but was this original entry worthy of such a legacy? Listen to find out!

1hr 5mins

18 Jun 2010

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