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A podcast series produced by the Association for Middle Level Education, is the place to hear conversations, interviews, and commentaries from middle level practitioners, leaders, and experts.

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Motivating Young Adolescents

Jack Berckemeyer, assistant executive director for NMSA, is joined by Kim Campbell, classroom teacher and member of the NMSA Site-Based Services Speakers Cadre. Jack and Kim share ideas about student motivation and the role of the classroom teacher. They discuss practical ways to motivate the young adolescent.


12 Jan 2010

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Organizing for Success

Features Debbie Silver, middle level educator and consultant, talking with Jack Berckemeyer, NMSA assistant executive director. Debbie and Jack offer ideas and concrete suggestions to help the new teacher organize for success.


21 Apr 2008

Rank #2

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Interview Tips for Principals

Features Santo Pino, interviewed by April Tibbles, NMSA director of publications. Santo has more than 40 years experience in education at all levels and is a facilitator for the NMSA Leadership Institute. His vast knowledge of middle level issues makes him an excellent resource for invaluable advice for aspiring and experienced principals preparing for an interview.


18 May 2007

Rank #3

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Interview Tips for Teachers

Features Gail Heinemeyer, interviewed by Mary Henton, NMSA director of integrated media initiatives. Gail is currently a principal in Pennsylvania and is a facilitator for NMSA's Summer Leadrship Institute. Gail provides practical interviewing tips and helpful information for aspiring teachers.


1 Jun 2007

Rank #4

Most Popular Podcasts

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Pointers for Principals, How to Hire the Best Teachers

Features Ed Vittardi, interviewed by Mary Henton, NMSA director of integrated media initiatives. Ed is currently working with NMSA as a facilitator for the Summer Leadership Institute. He is also a very successful principal in Ohio and serves on the Ohio Middle School Board. He shares his insights about finding and interviewing candidates for teaching positions.


15 Jun 2007

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Expressions from the Middle

Features winning student podcasts from the 2007-2008 edition of Expressions from the Middle. Expressions from the Middle is an online feature of Month of the Young Adolescent that celebrates young adolescents by showcasing student creative projects from around the world.


21 Dec 2007

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The War Against Bullying

Features Charlene Giannetti and Margaret Sagarese, intereviewed by April Tibbles, NMSA director of publications. Charlene and Margaret are recognized experts on young adolescent behavior. This episode discusses the publication Keep Cliques and Bullies from Invading Your School, and provides useful information on dealing with this issue.


14 Mar 2008

Rank #7

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The School and Familly Connection

Features Judith Baenen, middle level professor and educator, talking with Jack Berckemeyer, NMSA assistant executive director. Judith and Jack talk about building relationships with parents and families, pre-service course work, suppporting new teachers, and maintaining a sense of humor.


22 Feb 2008

Rank #8

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Successful Advisory Programs

Features Sue Thompson and John Niska, interviewed by April Tibbles, NMSA director of publications. Together they discuss NMSA's newest professional development kit, Launching a Successful Advisory Program. The show highlights the importance of authentic advocacy and advisory programs, while John and Sue share their experiences.


16 Aug 2007

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A Principal's Perspective: Supporting the First Year Teacher

Features Walt Grebing, consultant and former middle level principal, talking with Jack Berckemeyer, NMSA assistant executive director. Walt and Jack discuss what principals are looking for during the interview process and tips on how to adjust to your new school environment.


10 Jun 2008

Rank #10

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Supporting the New Teacher

Features Dave Shepard, a former middle level principal, talking with Jack Berckemeyer, NMSA assistant executive director. Dave and Jack talk about identifying a good teaching candidate, and offer advice to the new teacher about first steps in classroom management and student motivation.


4 Apr 2008

Rank #11

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On Being a New Teacher

Features Nick Toombs, a second year teacher in Denver, CO, talking with Jack Berckemeyer, NMSA assistant executive director. Nick shares some of his experiences as a new teacher and talks about the preparation necessary for the first interview and the difference between his first and second years of teaching.


8 Feb 2008

Rank #12

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High Ability, High Potential Students

Features Susan Rakow, Ph.D., interviewed by April Tibbles, NMSA director of publications. Dr. Rakow is assistant professor in Curriculum and Gifted Education at Cleveland State University and has 30 years experience teaching middle school and gifted students. Susan talks about meeting the needs of all students, including those with high ability and high potential.


13 Jul 2007

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Active Learning for the Creative Classroom

Mary Henton, manager of the Middle School Portal Two, talks with Cally Stockton, author of Minds and Motion: Active Learning for the Classroom.


17 May 2011

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Middle School Matters #217: Dr. Doubet, Formative Assessment

AMLE and hosts Shawn McGirr and Troy Patterson of Middle School Matters speak with Dr. Kristina Doubet, associate professor of middle and secondary education at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Dr. Doubet shares how formative assessment is a critical first step in differentiating instruction, itemizes misconceptions about the concept, and includes tips on effectively using formative assessment in the classroom. With more than 10 years of experience teaching middle and secondary English, Dr. Doubet prepares future middle and high school teachers for careers in the classroom. She completed her M.Ed. and Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction at the University of Virginia where she studied the impact of differentiated instruction on student performance in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. Dr. Doubet works regularly with practicing teachers from all grade levels and content areas as a staff developer for schools and districts implementing initiatives in the areas of Common Core State Standards, formative assessment, and differentiated instruction.


10 Sep 2012

Rank #15

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Building Positive Relationships with Your Students

Join Jack Berckemeyer, assistant executive director for NMSA, and Howard Ormond, principal and member of the NMSA Site-Based Services Speakers Cadre, for a discussion on specific strategies to motivate young adolescents. They examine the importance of building positive relationships with your students and how teachers can truly impact the lives of young adolescents.


24 Nov 2009

Rank #16

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School Uniforms: Jeans or Jackets?

The impact of school uniforms is an issue that affects schools, parents, and students alike. Join Jack Berckemeyer, NMSA assistant executive director, and Ms. Ernie Rambo as they focus on this timely topic. Ernie is a classroom teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been directly involved with the implications of the uniform issue. Jack and Ernie examine the advantages and disadvantages of school uniforms and talk about questions the teachers might have regarding the uniform issue and how to address students concerns.


26 Oct 2009

Rank #17

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Connecting the Dots - NMSA09 Preview

Jack Berckemeyer, assistant executive director of NMSA, talks with Rita Pierson about her upcoming speech at the NMSA09 Annual Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. Rita shares her thoughts on what topics she will cover as the Teacher Luncheon speaker. Rita's vast knowledge in staff motivation, poverty issues, and school climate make Rita a must hear speaker.


29 Sep 2009

Rank #18

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The Culture of Formative Assessment

In this second part of a two-part discussion about formative assessment, Kate Garrison, Manager of Products and services for Professional Development with Measured Progress, discusses the culture of formative assessment.


21 Sep 2009

Rank #19

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The Evolution of Advisory

Bob Spear and Jack Berckemeyer discuss the importance of advisory in the middle school. They also examine how advisory has changed over the last several years with the impact of the No Child Left Behind Act and other mandates. This episode provides schools and individuals with a sense of understanding the importance a quality advisory program brings to any great middle school.


31 Jul 2009

Rank #20