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Inspiration|Motivation|Success Coach Joseph V. Pham Empowering Entrepreneurs to Live Life w/ Purpose

Yo Love My Life was created to inspire and motivate everyone, the entrepreneur, manager, business owner, sales person and dreamers on how to harness your passion for living a great life, be happy and love your life. Joseph V. Pham shares million dollar success strategies. Learn to take risk, overcome fear and failure so that you can achieve your dreams.

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01 Taking Risks

Become a Risk Taker!


14 Mar 2016

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69 A Positive Mental Attitude

Ninety percent of all those who fail are not actually defeated… They simply quit. – Paul J. Meyer


17 Jun 2016

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25 Miracle Baby Became a Millionaire!

A President of an International Company Revealing Success Principles.


29 Mar 2016

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64 Self Confidence

I Believe In Myself.  I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it.


6 Jun 2016

Rank #4

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48 Time Waits for No One

Time is precious.  Don’t waste time by not doing anything meaningful.


4 May 2016

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96 I Can Do It vs. I Can’t Do it

The subconscious mind is known for gravitating toward what you focus on!


1 Sep 2016

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75 Ignorance Is Expensive

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”  Unknown


5 Jul 2016

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111 Forgiveness

“Forgive to clear the mind, to purify the heart and to cleanse the soul.” Rubyanne


5 Nov 2016

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36 Learn the Art of Instant Connection

Patrick Wu is a dating philosopher and the CEO & host of Wooist Podcast.  He is the upcoming author of The Art of Wooing.  He teaches men the art of instant connection.


15 Apr 2016

Rank #9

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33 Feng Shui Can Enhance Your Life.

Dawn Lane has 25+ years experience and studied with Feng Shui and Metaphysical teachings.  She discussed how Feng Shui can enhance your life.

1hr 12mins

12 Apr 2016

Rank #10