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Join VeggieTales and What's in the Bible? creator Phil Vischer and co-host Skye Jethani (author, speaker, pastor) for a fast-paced and often funny conversation about pop culture, media, theology, and the fun, fun, fun of living a thoughtful Christian life in an increasingly post-Christian culture.

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Episode 374: Parting Words to the Church on Race & Love with Dr. John Perkins

89-year-old Dr. John Perkins has a lot to say to Christians about race, friendship, and the power of God’s love. The civil rights legend talks with Skye about his remarkable life, the problem with everyone focusing on their victimhood, and how “real reconciliation is washing each other’s wounds.” Also this week: John MacArthur tells Beth Moore to “Go home.” His audience laughed; Christian-twitter did not. Phil and Skye debate whether MacArthur even matters anymore. New Pew data says the U.S. will be majority non-Christian by 2035. Plus, the world’s largest ouija board debuts in Salem, Massachusetts.

1hr 24mins

23 Oct 2019

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Episode 267: Race in America

Slavery ended in America with the stroke of a pen in 1865, but the 13th Amendment didn't end institutional racism.  Not even close.  Phil and his law professor brother Rob recently taught a class that touched on the Black Lives Matter movement, asking and attempting to answer the question, “Why so angry?  Isn’t racism over?”  Sure, the 19th century was tough. But what’s happened since then?  Phil mentioned the class on a recent podcast, and numerous listeners wanted to hear more.  So… here we go!  From Reconstruction to Black Lives Matter, we take a look at the last 125 years of race relations in America!

1hr 7mins

29 Aug 2017

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Episode 223: How Did We Get Here? A History of the Religious Right

What really birthed the religious right?  Why have black and white Christians swapped political parties over the last 60 years?  Based on a class he’s teaching, co-host Skye Jethani takes us deep into the surprising history of 20th century Christian political involvement.  It’s a fascinating journey you won’t want to miss!


25 Oct 2016

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Episode 227: Going Small with Francis Chan

Popular author and preacher Francis Chan walked away from his megachurch to try something completely different - a series of tiny house churches in inner city San Francisco.  Why the change?  And what can we learn from his big experiment in going “small?”  This week on the podcast with Francis Chan - is the future of the church tiny??


15 Nov 2016

Rank #4

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Episode 144: Magic in the Bible and Christian America!

Is there "magic" in the Bible? Plus, a new book suggests that "Christian America" is not just a modern idea, but a modern idea invented by corporate America! This week on the podcast!


17 Mar 2015

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Episode 383: Breaking News- CT v Trump

Christianity Today editor, Mark Galli, has taken a shot at Donald Trump and his evangelical supporters heard around the world. He’s called for Trump’s removal and for evangelicals who continue to defend the president’s immorality and corruption to consider the damage they are doing to the reputation of the church and its mission. Holy Post listeners asked for our perspective and we’ve heard your cries. Phil, Skye, and Christian are here to discuss the fallout of Galli’s editorial, media coverage of the event, and to help put it all in context.

1hr 12mins

22 Dec 2019

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Episode 138: Super Bowl Ads, Fairy Tales, and Christianophobia!

Super Bowl ads make men cry, subverted fairy tales annoy Phil, and “Christianophobia” is now a real term with a new book to back it up! Drew Dyck joins Phil and Skye to discuss manly stuff like football, moral relativism and puppies!


3 Feb 2015

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Episode 140: The Islamic State, Iceland, and Thor!

Half of Protestant pastors say the Islamic State is “true Islam.” While Muslims are being killed by Christians in central Africa and atheists in North Carolina, Iceland says, “To heck with it all! We’re going back to worshipping Thor!” Plus, an audacious claim that lynchings in the South were “religious rituals” practiced by Christians. It’s a mad, mad, mad world…


17 Feb 2015

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Episode 233: Hell, Judgment and Holy War w/Joshua Ryan Butler

What kind of God would send people to Hell?  Judge people?  Call for “holy war?”  Portland, OR Pastor/Author Joshua Ryan Butler joins the podcast for a discussion of some of the more perplexing parts of Christian theology and his appropriately titled book, The Skeletons in God’s Closet.

1hr 5mins

3 Jan 2017

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Episode 191: Did Christians Create Trump?

Did Christians make Trump? Is the religious right dead? Is the evangelical church splitting in two? A bizarre electoral season has the media - and evangelical leaders - desperately seeking answers.


7 Mar 2016

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Episode 212: Shifting Sands in the Culture Wars & Surviving the Election

Democrats are talking about God and faith at their convention while the Republican candidate neglects the almighty in his acceptance speech and says absolutely nothing about abortion. What bizarro universe is this?? Plus, tips for surviving the election season, and listener questions for Skye about the nature of church. Today on the podcast!


8 Aug 2016

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Episode 235: Was Paul a Sexist Jerk?? w/Brandon O'Brien

Was the apostle Paul sexist?  Racist?  Homophobic?  In other words, a real jerk??  Paul has been accused of many things, so Bible scholar Brandon O’Brien joins us to discuss his new book, “Paul Behaving Badly.”  Plus, is a trip to Disney World actually a religious pilgrimage??  This week on the podcast!


17 Jan 2017

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Episode 208: Talking About Hell! With John Walton

What’s Hell? No, seriously - what is it and why doesn’t it show up in the Old Testament? Is it different than Hades? Sheol? Gehenna? OT scholar Dr. John Walton is back to talk about everyone’s favorite place of eternal torment. This week on the podcast!


11 Jul 2016

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Episode 297: The Untold Origins of Religious Liberty w/Brandon O'Brien

It's become a very contentious issue, but few Christians know the surprising origins of religious liberty in the U.S. Author and church historian Brandon O'Brien is back to talk about a little known Baptist leader who shaped the First Amendment. Plus, why are so many atheists joining the Alt-Right movement, and what should we do about sexist 1980's movies in the era of #MeToo?

1hr 1min

25 Apr 2018

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Episode 182: Santa-Wheaton-Falwell

Santa Claus is coming, Wheaton College is in hot water and Jerry Falwell Jr. is packing heat! Just another culture wars Christmas in America!


22 Dec 2015

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Episode 133: Addressing Systemic Racism with Guest Theon Hill

It's Christmas! Check out the new fun ways our atheist and satanist friends are celebrating Jesus's birth this year! Then Phil and Skye are joined by guest Theon Hill to discuss the church's role in addressing systemic racism in a post-Ferguson America. Atheists and Satanists and racists! Oh my!


23 Dec 2014

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Episode 177: Boycotting Starbucks and Buycotting Chick-fil-A

Boycotting Starbucks and "buycotting" Chick-fil-A ... plus a new study shows that religious kids are cruel, heartless jerks and we should all be atheists. This week on the podcast!


10 Nov 2015

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Episode 217: Dreams, Lions & Shallow American Theology

Phil has a bone to pick! A hot new book encouraging Christians to “chase their dreams” drives Phil crazy and he just can’t stop talking about it. It’s a full-on rant! And all because Benaiah killed a lion (it will make sense after you listen). This week on the podcast!


12 Sep 2016

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Episode 47: Monkeys and Puppies and the End of Western Civilization!

Monkeys and puppies and the end of Western Civilization!  Phil overreacts yet again to the week's news, followed by a scintillating discussion about Stephen Colbert, great apes, and the war against religious faith.


15 Apr 2013

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Episode 90: Cadillac Ads and Anachronistic Camels!

Is it wrong to go to church without your clothes on? Should more Christians be complaining about Cadillac's new TV ads? Do anachronistic camels disprove the book of Genesis? (If I had a nickel for every time I've said "anachronistic camels"...) You've got questions! We've got answers! This week on the podcast!


17 Feb 2014

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