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MLS Fantasy Boss is a fantasy blog and resource site for all players of the official MLS Fantasy Manager game. It's also the home of the re-released MLS Fantasy Insider podcast which you can find on SoundCloud and iTunes.Find out more at http://mlsfantasyboss.com/

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4/23 MLSFI: 2018 Round 9 Homecoming in LA

Reid, Mike, and Blayne are joined by Phil Luetchford to talk about his recent trip to England and the upcoming MLS Fantasy round. They start things out touching on some of the most important fantasy moments from Round 8 and Mike is sure to get a few digs in on the Red Bulls. After that, they answer a few Reddit questions about modifications to the price change system and preference for Autoroo and Transfer players. They wrap everything up with a game by game preview of Round 9 and a THUNDERDOME bestrewn Mike and Phil over NYCFC v DAL. May the 4th is just around the corner, so don't forget to keep an eye out for our upcoming MLSFI Star Wars Special Episode! Available first to our AMAZING Patreon supporters.7:04 - Reid's Round 7 Review23:00 - Housekeeping28:38 - Reddit Questions41:10 - Round 9 Preview1:02:10 - Chalkboard Picks1:06:30 - League Updates1:07:30 - Plugz

1hr 8mins

24 Apr 2018

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7/23 MLSFI: 2018 Round 22 - DGW targets for the Spring Season Final

Reid and Mike are joined by co-host emeritus Andrew Crollard while Blayne takes the week off. The show starts off with the normal Round review but takes a short detour and the guys discuss the latest Open Cup news and new transfers that could impact your fantasy squad.The second half of the show focus on which Double-Game week players are worth loading up on for the final round of the 2018 Spring Fantasy Season and which ones to avoid.It's a great show to checkout before games start of Wednesday!Round 21 Review – 2:47Open Cup International Roster Talk – 4:22Back to Round 21 Review: 7:22Recent Transfer Announcements – 18:00Housekeeping & Injury report – 25:45DGW Previews – 31:30SGW Options – 46:19Player Picks – 48:52League Winner Announcement – 53:28Plugz – 54:31


24 Jul 2018

Rank #2

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4/30 MLSFI: 2018 Round 10 Mint Julips and the New York Derby

Reid, Mike, and Blayne are joined by Parker Cleveland from Dirty South Soccer to chat about Round 9 and debate who currently is the best team in MLS (injuries or not). They then move into their discussion of games and player recommendation for the upcoming Round 10 and drop more hints about the special MAY The 4th Episode that will drop later this week.It's a must listen for all fantasy managers who want to get a head start on their Round 10 planning.2:15 - Round 9 review17:00 - Greatest MLS Team Debate: ATLvNYCFCvTOR23:24 - Housekeeping & Injury report26:34 - Reddit Questions31:46 - Round 10 Game by Game Preview52:27 - Chalkboard Picks55:57 - League Updates58:14 - Plugz


1 May 2018

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7/9 MLSFI: 2018 Round 20 - Enter Rooney

Reid and Blayne are joined by special guest Tim Shaw as Mike makes his way back from painting New York Blue.The guys open the show with a recap of some of the biggest fantasy moments from Round 19 but soon switch their conversation to several of the new signings who recently became available in the game.They review which Double-Game Week teams are worth getting four player from and they have a spirited discussion about several of the Single-Game Week options. They wrap everything up whit player picks and Lilly's first captain choice! Check it all out before games stat on Wednesday! Round 19 Review - 3:04New Fantasy Faces - 10:33Housekeeping - 19:33Round 20 DGW Teams - 22:30Round 20 SGW Options - 27:02Player Picks - 40:40Community Time - 48:37Plugz - 49:45


10 Jul 2018

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5/14 MLSFI: 2018 Post DGW Blues and SCOTUS Announcements

Reid, Mike, and Blayne sit down to break down all the unexpected results from last week's big Double Game Week and touch on two of the biggest recent announcements in MLS: Gambling and Rooney. After that they Break down the best DGW players to load up on, tip which SGW teams are worth investing in, and list their current target players.Games start on Wednesday so be sure to listen before then!6:24 - Round 11 Takeaways14:28 - Why was this DGW so strange17:29 - SCOTUS and Gambling20:31 - Rooney 2 MLS25:09 - Housekeeping & Injury News28:19 - Reddit Questions33:36 - DGW Team Reviews39:06 - SGW Team Reviews53:32 - Player Picks1:01:37 - League Update1:03:38 - Plugz

1hr 5mins

15 May 2018

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03/25 MLSFI: 2019 Round 5 Preview Rebounding from the Bye Week

Reid, Mike, and Blayne are joined by Tim Shaw from SoccerCaptains.com to talk about all the MLS Fantasy action that was packed into the few games in Round 4. Blayne drops a big announcement about a discount opportunity from our sponsor, Beard Care Club, and then they get into the recap including Tim answering a popular question... What Happened to NYRB?!Mike touches on the lasting impacts of the international break before moving onto the Round 5 preview.Games are back to normal this week so be sure to check out this episode to find out all the details.Special Announcement - 1:07Round 4 Review - 2:54Housekeeping Announcements - 20:45Injury News- 25:35Round 5 Preview - 27:12Plugz - 47:33


26 Mar 2019

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8/7 MLSFI: 2018 Round 24 - Recapping the Fall Kickoff and the Return of Zlatan!

Reid, Mike, and Blayne are joined by Patreon Supporter and former league champion Jessup Gage to break down everything that happened in the first week of the 2018 Fall Fantasy season. They start our with a short recap but quickly get sidelined by a discussion about the red cards in Houston and then jump feet first into the first reactions to the price and budget changes for the Fall season. Things get back on track with after that with the injury review, a team by team breakdown of Round 24, and this the big reveal of HOW WIEBE DID in our league! The discussions make this episode long, but they are definitely worth it! 2:18 – Round 23 Team reviews 8:44 – Round 23 Game Takeaways 22:30 – Reactions to Fall Season Price and Budget Changes 41:31 – Housekeeping 46:16 – Injury News 48:46 – Round 24 Preview 1:13:16 - Player Picks 1:22:08 - Community Time 1:24:00 - Plugz

1hr 25mins

7 Aug 2018

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04/08 MLSFI: 2019 Round 7 Prepping for the First DGW

Reid, Mike, and Blayne/Lilly sit down with Patreon supporter Jessup Gage to talk about all of the exciting surprises and top fantasy takeaways from Round 6 and explain why Vega did not raise in price.Next, they cover all of the important injuries and week notes in their Housekeeping section before getting into all of their Round 7 preview recommendations. It's a DGW heavy episode, and for good reason!Intro - 0:32Round 6 Review – 2:20Housekeeping Round 7 Update – 28:44Injury News – 32:08Round 7 DGW Preview – 33:44Plugz - 1:03:05

1hr 6mins

9 Apr 2019

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7/2 MLSFI: 2018 Which Round 19 DGW Teams set off the Fantasy Fireworks

Reid (via the traveling MLSFI studio) is joined by Mike and Blayne to review the important Fantasy takeaways from Round 18 and prep for the upcoming massive Round 19 DGW which start TUESDAY!Mike and Blayne get distracted by an early episode rant about the fantasy value of Minnesota players and everyone weighs in on what kind of future production we can expect from LAFC wonder forward Adama Diomande.They then break down Round 19 focusing on the DGW teams before wrapping up with a preview of the MLSFI H2H playoffs!1:27 - Round 18 Review17:13 - Housekeeping19:41 - Injury News12:11 - Round 19 DGW Preview51:53 - Lone SGW Options57:05 - Player Picks59:40 - Community Time1:02:54 - Plugz

1hr 4mins

3 Jul 2018

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7/16 MLSFI: 2018 Round 21 - Spring Fantasy Season Wrapup

Reid, Mike, and Blayne are joined by Patreon Supporter Special Guest Josh Lewis (AKA CatNip Junkies) to review all of the Fantasy takeaways from Round 20 and take a short detour to talk about Mike Petke’s amazing post-game interview. After that, Reid covers many of the important points to keep in mind while picking your final team for the Spring Fantasy season and reminds every one of which teams are participating in midweek domestic cup games.They conclude the show with a breakdown of which DGW players are worth grabbing this week and which SGW games offer the most fantasy point potential.Round 21 starts on Wednesday at 8:00pm so be sure to listen before then!1:50 - Round 20 review18:24 – Petke Rant28:17 – Housekeeping Fall Fantasy Season Open Cup Canadian Cup Patreon by Josh36:02 – Injury News40:00 - Round 21 DGW45: 50 - Round 21 SGW59:15 - Player Picks1:06:03 - Community Time1:08:05 - Plugz

1hr 10mins

17 Jul 2018

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6/12 MLSFI: 2018 The short Round 16 Slate & World Cup Eve

Reid, Mike, and Blayne are joined by special guest Tim to review all of the results and fantasy takeaways from Round 15 and preview the six games being played this week during Round 16.With supporters from both New York teams on the show, it was impossible to get through without a little talk about coaching transition and how that could impact fantasy player selection going forward. The guys also pause to give their World Cup predictions before going right into reviewing all of the Round 16 games. It's a quick listen and well worth the time if you are trying to narrow down the list of names to round out your Round 16 Roster.


12 Jun 2018

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09/16 MLSFI: 2019 Round 29 Differential Hunting During the DGW

Reid, Michael, and Blayne are joined by top Patreon donor Sherry Snyder to review the top fantasy moments from Round 28 and preview the upcoming Round 29 Fantasy game week.They start by covering several of the most surprising moments from the previous week, including the SGW players who stood out the most, the unexpected scores, road winners, and the potential impacts on the upcoming DGW players.Sherry then joins the show to share here fantasy journey, the resources that have helped her succeed in 2019, and her experience as a member on the MLSFI Patreon family.They wrap everything up by covering the top player options for Round 29 and finish the segment with a discussion on differential options. There are only a few rounds left in the season so now is the time to make your move and this episode has the tool to help you succeed!

1hr 15mins

17 Sep 2019

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6/4 MLSFI: 2018 Navigating the US Open Cup

Reid, Mike, and Blayne sit down to review all the highs and lows from the Round 14 Double Game Week including in impact Red Cards had on several teams.After they get that out of their system they start breaking down Round 15 and point out which teams will benefit most from the upcoming Round 4 of the 2018 US Open Cup.Round 14 Review – 5:40Housekeeping – 16:00Injury News – 20:50Round 15 Review – 26:20Player Picks – 49:45League Update – 53:33Plugz – 55:37


5 Jun 2018

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5/28 MLSFI: 2018 Quick Turnaround before Round 14's DGW

Reid and Mike sit down on the Memorial Day holiday to record a quick episode before Round 14th Double Game Week gets started on Wednesday!They jump right to the main questions of which players will be available for Round 14 and who their player picks will be and give more insight into their thought process for each position. If you're debating about some of the Single Game Week option, don't worry, they wrap everything up by highlighting the few SGW games worth considering.


29 May 2018

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03/18 MLSFI: 2019 Round 4 Preview Part 1 the Value Formula

Reid, Mike, and Blaybe get a little verbose as they ramp up the conversation for the Round 4 Bye heavy round. This is a 2 part episode because there was so much good conversation.Don't forget to check out our sponsor, BeardCareClub.com!The show starts with a review of the top fantasy points from Round 3, includes a fantasy take on the trouble in Atlanta, adds Blayne's thoughts on the new value system, and ends with our housekeeping section focusing on the International Window.Check out Part 2 for our Round 4 player recommendations.Intro - 0:53Round 3 review - 2:27Atlanta's Fantasy Value - 22:55Blayne's Value Crafting - 34:27Housekeeping - 39:42Call-ups & Injuries - 47:07


20 Mar 2019

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09/30 MLSFI: 2019 Round 31 Final Picks of the 2019 Season

Reid is joined by Michael and Blayne to review all the biggest surprises and most important takeaways from Round 30 of the MLS Fantasy Season and share their final analyses for the last round of the 2019 season.They start by sharing their successes from Round 30 and breaking down the playoff race in the MLSFI Hosts H2H Invitational league and the Patreon Supporters league. They then transition into their review of Round 30 where they try to answer the question "Why is Valeri not starting?" and what impact that could have on the final fantasy round.They next move to breaking down the playoff picture and which teams have the most to gain from Round 31 and finally close out the show sharing their player recommendations where they have a disagreement as to the best way to use DC United players in Round 31. Every game starts on Sunday at 4:00 pm EST so be sure to have your teams set and Autoroos primed.

1hr 19mins

1 Oct 2019

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09/23 MLSFI: 2019 Round 30 The Final DGW of the 2019 Season

Reid and Michael are joined by special Patreon guest Kyle Frankiewich to review all the biggest surprises and most important takeaways from Round 29 of the MLS Fantasy Season.Seattle and Portland dominate the Live Chat group when asked about their most surprising moments, but the guys also take some time to focus on the number of clean sheets and the strong performance by New York Red Bulls players.Reid give a quick overview of the the DGW teams and provides a 538 powered update about who'e left in the playoff picture during the Housekeeping section before turning it over to Kyle shares with everyone why he is a Patreon supporter and what it means to be a part of the MLS Fantasy community.. They wrap up with a discussion of player options and there is a difference in opinion as to which forwards are needed for this final DGW,There's lots of great information packed into this episode so don't forget to listen before games start on Wednesday!

1hr 19mins

24 Sep 2019

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6/19 MLSFI: 2018 A Magic Carpet Ride through Round 17's Options

Reid, Mike, and Blayne take a break from all of the World Cup action to sit down and get back to breaking down Round 17 of the MLS Fantasy Season.They start out with a quick review of the few takeaways from the short Round 16 slate of games and try to make sense of both Piatti and D.C. United going froward.After that, they identify their most promising games and top targets for Round 17. Everything kicks off on Saturday so be sure to take a break from the World Cup to listen to this episode before you set your Round 17 lineup.


20 Jun 2018

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5/21 MLSFI: 2018 Face Slaps, Schedule Changes, and Round 13 Prep

Reid, Mike, and Blayne sit down just hours after the end of Round 12 to review the unexpected results and meh DGW performances. A random question from Mike leads to a surprise conversation about Columbus before the guys touch on the fantasy impact of the upcoming U.S. Open Cup Round 4 and the World Cup. Everything wraps up with their preview of Round 13 which includes Blayne asking the fantasy community to Change his Mind about a player selection.Round 12 Review - 7:11Is CLB defense a good Go-To? - 12:21Housekeeping - 19:14Injury Report - 26:46Round 13 Preview - 29:11Chalkboard - 45:15Change Blayne's Mind - 47:27League Update - 50:30Plugz - 55:08


22 May 2018

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6/26 MLSFI: 2018 Top players for Round 18 Short Version

This is a shorter version of our Round 18 MLS Fantasy preview that just focus on the FMLS game. To hear the full episode, including interview with Jordan Cooper, follow this link: https://soundcloud.com/mlsfantasy-boss/625-mlsfi-2018-world-cup-fantasy-with-jordan-cooper-and-top-players-for-round-18


27 Jun 2018

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