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Short prayer podcasts from a weekly Christian radio program in Melbourne Australia, called "Songs of Hope". The radio station is Southern FM 88.3 and is located in the southern suburbs of Melbourne.

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The Lord is all powerful (Psalm 118)

Here is our prayer for this week. It is Psalm 118 verses 1 to 2 and 14 to 24. It is entitled “The Lord is all powerful” https://songsofhope883.files.wordpress.com/2019/11/soh-2013-03-24-prayer-psalm118v1to2and14-24.mp3

6 Jan 2021

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The Lord is kind and merciful (Psalm 145)

Our Songs of Hope prayer psalm for this week is a psalm, Ps 145:1-5,17-21 “The Lord is kind and merciful”. Click the play button for the audio. Play time is 1 minute. Right click download to download

27 Jan 2021

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God is in control (Psalm 52)

Listen again to the prayer to enjoy for this week. It is Psalm 52. It is entitled “God is in control” https://songsofhope883.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/soh-2013-04-07-prayer-psalm52-god-is-in-control-plus3-64.mp3

4 Mar 2021

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Celebrating the harvest (Psalm 126)

The Songs of Hope prayer for this week is “Celebrating the harvest”, Psalm 126. This is thanking God for his provision. Broadcast on Songs of Hope. https://songsofhope883.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/soh-2013-07-28-psalm126-celebrating-the-harvest-64-1.mp3 Click the play button for the audio 126 It seemed like a dream when the Lord brought us back to the city of Zion. 2 We celebrated with laughter and joyful songs. In foreign nations it was said, “The Lord has worked miracles for his people.” 3 And so we celebrated because the Lord had indeed worked miracles for us. 4 Our Lord, we ask you to bless our people again, and let us be like streams in the Southern Desert. 5 We cried as we went out to plant our seeds. Now let us celebrate as we bring in the crops. 6 We cried on the way to plant our seeds, but we will celebrate and shout as we bring in the crops.

21 Feb 2021

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God will take care of you (Psalm 27)

Songs of Hope prayer psalm is Psalm 27. Listen by clicking “play” below. http://www.southernfm.com.au/podpress_trac/web/17463/0/SOH-2013-06-16-GodWillTakeCareOfYou-psalm27.mp3

10 Feb 2021

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