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The Legends hosted by Tyrone Lowe - guest Jaida Symone singer songwriter

https://www.facebook.com/Jaida-Symone-271964297985640/Tune in to "The Legends" hosted by Tyrone Lowe every Wednesday and Friday at 7pm EST.


13 Nov 2021

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Hank Thomas’s Masterpiece - A Dive Into The World of American Politics

Hank’s  book  A  Broken  Sausage  Grinder;  Is  Our  Government  Fundamentally  Flawed?  Was written  between  2011-2012  during  the  midterm  elections  that  marked  the  end  of  Obama’s  first two  years of  administration. He  later launched the  2nd edition as an update.   Hank’s goal with the book is to educate the average  American citizen of what the government should be doing based on the doctrines laid down by  America’s founding fathers vs. what they are doing and how they are going wrong.   “We the  People of the  United  States,  to form a  more perfect  Union,  establish  Justice,  insure domestic  Tranquility,  provide for the common defense,  promote the general  Welfare,  and secure the  Blessings of  Liberty to ourselves and our  Posterity,  do ordain and establish this Constitution for the  United States of America.”  -  Preamble   Hank iterates occasionally the principles that are laid down by the founding fathers of the country and how strongly the current political moguls are straying away from it.  . We all must take an active part as responsible citizens and come together for a  solution and a better American future.   “Everybody proclaims disgust with our political system,  yet the system continues to get more disgusting and nothing is going to change until we the people change it. My research  for  this book  has  convinced  me  that  our  political  process  can  and  will  work  if  we  choose  the  right people to represent  us.”  -  Hank Thomas


12 Nov 2021

Rank #2

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MERKQ - Mothers Everywhere raising Kings and Queens - Interview with CEO “Deme”

#blackwomenpodcasters #mothers #CEOinterview https://merkq.us/ MERKQ. We want you to know that we stand 100% behind the quality of our products. We believe in our products so much that we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If there is ever any problem with your order, please send us an email at Details@merkq.us Additionally, to make you feel comfortable with your purchases, we offer real-time tracking on all products sold. You can know what is happening with your purchase, when it has shipped, and when it will arrive. Our goal here at MERKQ is to amaze our customers, create customers for life, and be the number 1 online store! Thank you and please feel free to reach out via email or contact us on our Facebook page at any time. Buy with confidence at MERKQ - we will take care of the rest and make sure you are happy!


11 Nov 2021

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Lose 20 Pounds or More and get toned with personal trainer and author Igor

https://www.fitnesssolutionsplus.ca/Hi, I’m Igor KlibanovPretty soon after I started personal training,I realized that exercise alone isn’t enough to change your body. My clients were getting decent results, but I knew there had to be something more comprehensive and personalized to get them looking and feeling better.So, I spent over 15 years doing the research to figure out programs that were effective (no fads or gimmicks), with visible results, and that they could stick to in the long-term. Unfortunately, most personal trainers aren’t trained in nutrition and supplementation.Fat loss resistance is very real. In some people, there are certain “physiological blockage” that make fat loss more difficult and frustrating than it should be. And unless you know what to look for, you don’t know what to fix.My Dream Body MAP program removes these blockages through the right fitness, nutrition, and supplementation strategies.


10 Nov 2021

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Author Christopher J Alexinas talks about his new book Coffee & Cash

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09GKQQV8M Coffee and Cash is a book that holds the secrets to successful sales, deals, negotiations, and the power of a loving family. The tools in this book help not just a sales person or financial expert, but anyone who is involved in regular interactions with prospective clients/customers. You understand how to become someone that never gets 'No' as an answer, as well as see the power of a loving and supportive family or partner.


9 Nov 2021

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Eyes wide open - Dare to be aware Ron Tabachnick interviews Yaya Diamond

Ron Tabachnick contacted Yaya Diamond a couple of weeks before this interview with a challenge which she accepted. This is an interview you have to pay attention to because even I found out how wrong I was about my thoughts and outlook on my life as it is now. I learned I have to change my speech and take my time to think it through before answering. What did you get from this episode? Comment below and let's talk about it.Do you want to accomplish a task that is important? Implement a 3-step procedure. Develop a 'roadmap'. Before you invest your time and money, practice like an athlete preparing for a competition.Robert T., V. P. Business Development states:"Ron Tabachnick has an uncanny ability to enable you"1) to understand the current state of your affairs,2) to create a view of where you want to go, and3) to create and capture a roadmap for success.His 3 step approach is straight-forward.His capabilities at bringing out the understanding of your issues are extremely valuable to both your business and personal relationships".When you are seeking a fresh perspective, ask Ron: rt@insightacall.com


8 Nov 2021

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Queen Kayy talks about her journey in the music industry and more!

Cookie cutter artists, New Orleans femcee and Ground Game Global artist Queen Kayy will be the one who breaks the mold. The beautiful and amazingly talented young artist/entrepreneur is poised to take over the entertainment industry. Queen Kayy is a talented rapper/songwriter and aspiring actress, along with being a sought after cosmetologist/MUA and entrepreneur. Queen Kayy’s latest musical oering, a single entitled “Ooey Gooey”, is available on all major platforms. It’s a catchy single with unforgettable visuals and just an all around dope vibe. Set in Kayy’s Kakery, the video exudes sexiness and doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination. Directed by Bossman Jvngle and filmed byCalliopeFilms, the video is set to be one of the hottest of Summer 2021. The single is produced by JFever. Queen Kayy is a beautiful addition to the entertainment world and she is here to stay! Twitter @iamqueen_kayy Instagram @iamqueen_kayy @thedolledexperiencee @kayyskicks Management: Bossman Jvngle of Ground Game Global PR: Arlene Culpepper of MIKODreamz PR


6 Nov 2021

Rank #7

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International Nova is a motivator and a mentor - Billboard charting recording a

Hailing from the Bronx, NYC. It was very apparent that Nova was different. His personality has always commanded everyone’s attention. Since birth Nova has always been drawn to music with his attention glued to Hip-Hop, RnB and various types of Latin music. Fast forward to the moniker known as International Nova, he has proven to be a force to be reckoned with working with notable artists such as Musiq Soulchild, Petey Pablo, French Montana, Terror Squad just to name a few. From the booth to center stage International Nova has performed alongside Pitbull, Backstreet Boys, Mario and countless others. With his eye on the prize, International Nova relocated to Atlanta. From his billboard charting single “Wine for Me” in 2017, to his debut on the 2PAC biopic “All Eyez on Me” as well as his TV network debut on “Love and HipHop Atlanta”. International Nova’s presence has been felt everywhere. In 2021 Nova released his remixed single “Controla ft Petey Pablo” which has been rapidly gaining momentum globally. He is currently filming a Latin Reality show called “Off Air. He is also a big youth advocate and uses his platform to promote and give back to the community. In June of 2021, Nova was recognized by Rolling Stone India as a Global Artist to watch. https://iaminternationalnova.com/


5 Nov 2021

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Premier UBN Opening with Michelle Gibson from Piercing the Veil of Illusion

Premier Opening is November 7th. “Premier UBN Opening, with Michelle Gibson from Piercing the Veil of Illusion. Michelle Gibson is UnGuru Your Life’s Ensemble Educational Broadcasting Historian, and Liaison Correspondent for Happenings on UnGuru Broadcast Network”. UnGuru will establish a worldwide movement in which people can identify one another locally, based within Apolitical statuses, and enjoy differences in lifestyle, personal journeys, histories, and a respect for individualism and free thinking. Let us return to life without agendas but with autonomy, common sense ethics, honesty, transparency, honor and character. Those without agendas given by government institutions will pave the way for communities around the world to peacefully end corruption through conscious consumerism. Thus, we ensure our young families and youth are left with the keys to continue to repair our world. www.unguruyourlife.com


4 Nov 2021

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Co-Host of The MortgageWISE Radio Show Randy Chambliss on Mortgage and money

https://www.lahousingauthority.org/our-company/Randy Chambliss (NMLS# 145175) is the Executive Director of Louisiana Housing Authority, Corporate Mortgage Branch Manager with Geneva Financial, Real Estate Developer, Financial Educator, Speaker, and Co-Host of The MortgageWISE Radio Show and Video Podcast.Mr. Chambliss comes from being an at-risk youth growing up in the city of New Orleans, struggling teenage father, being homeless in 2005 doing Hurricane Katrina to buying his first home and investment property in 2006 (at the young age of 26) to building and managing a multi-million dollar financial & real estate organization.As an established real estate and mortgage expert, Mr. Chambliss has become a trusted housing advocate in the communities he serves. He is a proud husband and father, so he firmly believes that a strong relationship with the Most High God and family are the most important parts of his life. In addition, he believes that mindset development, financial education, and homeownership, can be an essential part of building generational wealth. Mr. Chambliss has been a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator since 2008, so he has been around the real estate and mortgage industry and is well versed in all the changes that have come and gone.


3 Nov 2021

Rank #10