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Cosplay Creations is designed to bring you weekly news on new anime, manga and games. We also discuss the best places to buy costumes from and any events coming up.

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Episode 6

Welcome to Cosplay Creations for the 26th of January 2010, This is Tes standing in for Nick, stupidly the recording went bad so he'll be recording the show for you during the week! keep on smiling! :D


26 Jan 2010

Rank #1

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Episode 5

Cosplay Creations Episode 5 for the 17th of January 2010. Hosts: Ben, Nick and Wayne. Topics: Tekken The Movie New Nintendo DS again! Diet Gaming Battlefield Bad Company 2 Buy Steam Accounts Top 10 video game related deaths Remake of Karate Kid www.cosplaycreations.co.cc My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-698da36dff4d6262c015fb74f7ee1978}


19 Jan 2010

Rank #2

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Episode 4

Episode 4 of the Cosplay Creations Podcast, It's been awhile I know but we are back! Hosts: Nick, Wayne and Ben Topics: Nintendo New Ds? Twilight Panties Final Fantasy 13 Games of the Year. http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/beauty/when-twilight-merchandise-goes-too-far-robert-pattinson-panties-532429/?pg=2 www.cosplaycreations.co.cc


16 Jan 2010

Rank #3