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The Diesel Performance Podcast is a conversation, debate, and everything else about the three main domestic diesel engines: Duramax, Powerstroke, and Cummins. Hosts Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke cover topics every diesel owner wants to know. If you love diesel engines and light duty pickup trucks - you've found the perfect podcast.

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Chief Engineer At Ram Trucks Rod Romain

Paul, Chris, and Nick chat with a very special guest, Rod Romain Chief Engineer at Ram Trucks.  They talk about everything you want to know regarding what it took to create the beast they are rolling out. Thanks to our sponsors: WCFAB Exergy Engineering Duramaxtuner.com CalibratedPower Solutions


17 May 2019

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2019 Cummins V. Dmax V. PStroke

Paul and Chris are joined by Nick Priegnitz, owner of Duramaxtuner, and Tim Mahoney, tuner over at Duramaxtuner. They're discussing what they like about all of the 2019 models. Different perspectives of the big three of diesel. It should be a fun episode!


8 Apr 2020

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Bullet Proofing 6.0 Myths

PSP Diesel's Stephen Peters says a bullet-proofed Ford 6.0 is probably the least expensive, most reliable diesel power you can get. Stephen joins Paul and Danny on the podcast to explain the modifications included in the bullet-proofing process. He also goes into detail on the best way to keep a Ford 6.0 healthy (oil changes) but he also talks about oil filtration and how it's lowering maintenance costs and making the 6.0 look even better.  Check out PSP Diesel of South Houston, Texas: http://pspdiesel.com/index.html


6 Jul 2016

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Duramax Turbos Explained by HTT's Jacob White

Jacob White works with turbos every day for High Tech Turbo as the performance product manager. If there's a question about turbochargers - Jacob knows the answer. In this podcast, he steps back and explains for Danny and Paul exactly what and how a turbocharger works on a diesel powertrain. Jacob is also very positive about the future of turbochargers in all types of vehicles, including gasoline engines. Danny-Paul also present Jacob with power scenarios, like what would he recommend for a particular type of engine set-up. The result is a fascinating discussion about the optimal power for an LB7, for example, and how to get there. This is a must-listen for all Duramax owners. 


17 May 2016

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No Man's Land: 550 - 800 RWHP - Stock Long Block Duramax

This episode of the Diesel Performance Podcast is a response to the debate between Danny and Paul about how much horsepower you can run on a stock long block Duramax. Duramaxtuner.com's Nick Priegnitz and Bob Petersen cover every issue related to high horsepower on the stock engine - diving into what to consider to achieve 550 - 800 rwhp, a horsepower range we call No Man's Land. The veteran tuners explain what kills engines and how to protect them. They also go into detail on the major parts that increase fuel and air on the Duramax, helping owners understand how to achieve a good, safe balance between power and heat. This is the episode every Duramax owner needs to listen to. 


19 Sep 2016

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Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings with Chuck Seitsinger

The one and only Chuck Seitsinger "The Race Master" of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings joins Paul and Chris for a convo about the upcoming new season on the Discovery Channel.


20 Feb 2018

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Modified Injectors with Exergy

Ric Newberry of Exergy Engineering says he could talk for three days about injectors. Exergy is one of the industries best injector modification and diagnostic providers. In this episode, Paul and Danny ask Ric to define the various parts on an injector - from the pulse width, percent versus horsepower, along with many, many others. Ric describes building the largest injector so far - 700% over for the Ultimate Callout Challenge event coming up in April 2017. On the fuel side of diesel performance, the injector is front and center for engine performance. It's one of the first considerations for a modified diesel truck. 


17 Mar 2017

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Shawn Baca Post-UCC 2019

Shawn laid it all on the line, he placed 2nd and he sits down with Paul and Chris to talk about the three day event in Brownsburg, Indiana!


13 May 2019

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Truck Advisor - Caden Hess, 2010 LMM

Truck Advisor Returns! Caden Hess drives what he calls a "Pavement Princess" - a very well maintained 2010 LMM. He's now at the point where it's time to upgrade and power up - so where else should he go to discover his options than the Diesel Performance Podcast? Paul and Danny go through Caden's options along and offer a few suggestions to get to 750 rwhp. It's a great episode except that Danny and Paul talk too much.  Thanks for your time Caden. 


12 Aug 2016

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Stripper Glitter, Six Speeds, and Busch Light / Shawn Rotus UCC LIVE 2019 SHOW AND SHINE

Shawn and Chris talk about his Powerstroke that he swapped the dually to a single wheel and more!


5 May 2019

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YouTuber Greg Alberalla

Paul and Chris welcome YouTuber Greg Alberalla joins the podcast to talk about his amazing channel and passion for Cummins. It all started with his brother's 1995 12V and never looked back. The guys dive into Greg's triple-turbo build and the other trucks - the Tow Rig and First Gen. It's really a good time and we'd encourage everyone to subscribe to Greg's channel!  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3BdTbRq-TwQdFPX_2AFcTw


30 Jun 2017

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Special Guests: Heavy D and Diesel Dave from Diesel Brothers

Paul and Chris talk to Heavy # and Diesel Dave from the Discovery Channel show Diesel Brothers.  Special Thanks to Our Sponsors: Wehrli Custom Fabrication WCFAB.COM Exergy Performance Exergyperformance.com Calibrated Power Solutions Calibratedpower.com Duramaxtuner.com


30 Jul 2018

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Diesel Emissions Explained

The Diesel Performance Podcast digs deep into the least popular, but important topic - diesel engine emissions equipment. Danny and Paul welcome expert Mike Kennedy of Calibrated Power Solutions. Mike has nearly two decades of experience working on diesel engine emissions equipment. He's currently the director of Calibrated Power's calibrations department. Anyone with a diesel will appreciate this episode because it breaks down all the emission acronyms (EGR, DOC, SCR, DPF) into everyday language while providing insight into the importance of each step in the soot and NOX cleaning process in a diesel. The guys also address the how deleting emissions equipment may not really pay off the way some expect. It's a fascinating conversation that every diesel owner probably needs to listen to. 


22 Apr 2016

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15K Budget Builds - REPOST

Paul and Danny welcome a repost of one of the more popular podcasts - the 15K + 600 horsepower Budget Build episode that was uploaded way back in January 2016.  Find a used, light duty diesel pickup - spend 15K on mods and get it below 13 seconds in the quarter-mile. That's the focus of what we call our budget build episode featuring a lively and rowdy discussion between a trio of diesel heads: Pete "Shibby" Przybysz (Powerstroke), Chris Ehmke (Cummins), and Paul Wilson (Duramax). The group discusses how they would spend 15K on their build, explaining the logic behind their decisions, which the other participants cannot understand or agree. In the end, former DPP moderator Scott Henricks picks a "winner" and pisses everyone off.


19 May 2017

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600HP LBZ 10K Budget Build

The goal is to build a 600HP LBZ with 10K that meets a bunch of goals like driveability, completeness, reliability, towing, and potential for long-term dependability. There may be a few other things tossed into the judging mix - but you get the idea. Paul Wilson goes head-to-head with Wehrli Custom Fab's Tyler Franzen (aka Tranny). The so-called judge in this orgy of f-bombs, disputes, and other rowdy behavior is none other than Chris Ehmke. Tighten the seat-belt for this one!  Thanks to our sponsors: Wehrli Custom Fabrication WCFAB.com Exergy Performance Exergyperformance.com Alligator Performance Alligatorperformance.com


2 Dec 2017

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Ford 7.3 with Ron Olson of Hypermax Performance

If you want to hear someone talk with authority and passion about their work - you need to hear this podcast - even if you drive a different badge. Ron Olson has spent the last 20 years of his professional life working on the Ford 7.3 - performing research and development for Hypermax Performance of Gilberts, Illinois, creating chips and performance parts, like the inline pump engine conversion. After you listen to this episode of the Diesel Performance Podcast - you'll never look at a Ford 7.3 in the same way.  Ron Olson's phone number is 847-428-5655 www.gohypermax.com


28 May 2016

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Truck Buyers Guide 2.0

Paul and Danny return with the another truck buyer's guide. In this episode, they dive pretty deep into what you need to know to be a smart diesel truck buyer. Danny sold trucks for years and has an interesting perspective. Paul knows what year and models respond when tuned and modified. If you have any question, send a message to Paul and Danny through Facebook. 


30 Sep 2016

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Longhorn Fabrication: Lope Tunes, Forums, and Traction Bars

Manfred Schreyer tells what happened when a diesel forum pissed him off - he became a troll and made a lot of money. It's a story with a happy ending for the Texan, owner of Longhorn Fabrication, makers of popular traction bars and other parts. Join Paul and Chris for what is probably the funniest episode yet.  This episode of the Diesel Performance Podcast is brought to you by our good friends - Exergy Performance and WCFAB. Wehrli Custom Fabrication WCFAB.com Exergy Performance Exergyperformance.com


29 Sep 2017

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BADASSERY: 24V Cummins 500HP $15K Budget Build

Log into Craigslist - time for another budget build episode on the Diesel Performance Podcast. Wade McGinnis of Thoroughbred Diesel competes against Chris Ehmke for the best build with Paul Wilson as the moderator. Who can take an old 24V, spend 15K, and get 500 rwhp? The judging includes driveability, peak power, the complication of the build, completeness of the build, potential problems, and a new term - overall bad-assery!  Once again - many thanks to our sponsors: Wherli Custom Fab WCFAB.com Exergy Performance Exergyperformance.com


20 Oct 2017

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Built Transmissions and Converters

Andrew Murdock of Suncoast Converters explains how to build the best transmission for whatever application you need. The most important consideration - the torque converter. 


25 Mar 2016

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