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Yo, Is This Racist?

Yo, Is This Racist?, hosted by Andrew Ti, creator of the popular blog of the same name, is now a weekly podcast! Every Wednesday, Ti, co-host Tawny Newsome, and their guests answer questions from fan-submitted voicemails and emails about whether or not something is, in fact, racist.

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Native Fetish (w/ Kaitlyn Jeffers)

On this week's very special episode, Andrew and Tawny welcome comedian Kaitlyn Jeffers to answer wild listener voicemails about the fetishization of minorities, racist Thanksgiving dinner themes and racially-tinged interactions with Costco managers. Correspondent Joey Clift drops by to discuss his experience on How Did This Get Played? and the many conundrums associated with tokenization. Did you experience something racist? Tell us about it: 323-389-RACE.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 5mins

27 Nov 2019

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White Devil Christmas (w/ Hayes Davenport)

Merry Christmas from Andrew, Tawny and the rest of us here at Yo! Andrew and Producer Zig talk LA politics with everyone's favorite Hayes Davenport and then answer listener questions about how and when to argue with POC when they're wrong, the use of old-timey racist words and whether or not white people are allowed to enjoy soup. We hope your Holidays aren't too racist, but if they are: (323) 389-RACE.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


25 Dec 2019

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Weaponized Catholicism (w/ Lorraine DeGraffenreidt)

Andrew and Tawny review the state of racism in American sports before Tawny and guest co-host Dani Fernandez (Nerdificent) sit down with writer/comedian Lorraine DeGraffenreidt (UCB, Tuca & Bertie) to answer listener voicemails about the availability of quality produce, whitesplaining HBCUs to black students and how to get your non-black family to stop using the N-word. The Holidays are rife with racism, so let us know if we can help with any of it: (323) 389-RACESee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 4mins

18 Dec 2019

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Happy New Year, Nerds! (w/ Edgar Momplaisir)

New Year, same pod. Andrew and Tawny welcome back Edgar Momplaisir (Culture Kings) to help ring in the New Year by helping listeners out with their questions. Topics include: people not knowing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is black, the complexities of criticizing the black church and problematic fantasy gaming characters. Still dealing with racism in 2020? Hit us up at (323) 389-RACE.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


1 Jan 2020

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Yo, Is This Seattle? (LIVE w/ Hari Kondabolu)

Happy New Year! To kick off 2020, we are blessing you with a special live episode recorded at Seattle's Fremont Abbey Arts Center last fall. Andrew, Tawny and Seattle's best, Hari Konabolu (The Problem with Apu) talk high school racism, "America, fuck yeah!" parties, whether whiteface is anything, and much more. Don't forget to hit us up on the racism hotline: 323-389-RACE.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 25mins

8 Jan 2020

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To Catch A Racist (w/ Usman Ally)

It's Super Wednesday! Did you vote? Andrew and Tawny welcome Usman Ally (On Becoming a God in Central Florida, Veep) to the studio to help with a fresh batch of listener voicemails. How can you tell if a student is being racist? What should you do if someone starts speaking Spanish to you for no reason? How to best navigate the complexities of calling out an immigrant for their racism? Let us help you with your racism questions! 323-389-RACE.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 3mins

4 Mar 2020

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Orientalism (w/ Jane Kim)

Andrew, Tawny and Producer Emeritus Zig speak with comedian Jane Kim (UCB) about the racist state of Hollywood and answer listener voicemails about well-meaning white people who accidentally fuck up, Dads trying to speak Spanish to restaurant staff and how to tell if you're being an "ignorant white dumbass". Hit us up with your racism-related questions: 323-389-RACE.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


11 Dec 2019

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Snacks And Lotion (w/ Christian A. Pierce)

Andrew and Tawny celebrate this year's Oscar winners. Then, Andrew talks with actor Christian A. Pierce (The Real Bros of Simi Valley) to answer listener questions about the woke argument against color-blind casting, the Billie Eilish cultural appropriation controversy and ways non-black people can stay in their lane when relating to their black family members. Got a racism question burning a hole in your soul? Leave us a message: 323-389-RACE.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


12 Feb 2020

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Nothing Is My Problem (w/ Tymberlee Hill)

Andrew and Tawny sit down with actor and vocalist Tymberlee Hill (Perfect Harmony, Search Party) to discuss therapy and racially-sensitive catering before answering listener voicemails about over-eager security guards, dealing with stupid family members and racist buffet franchises. Got a question about racism burning you up inside? Call us: 323-389-RACE.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


4 Dec 2019

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Don't Call it the China Virus (w/ Rep. Mark Takano)

Welcome to this week's very special episode! Andrew and Tawny speak with the first-ever "Gaysian" elected to congress, Rep. Mark Takano of California's 41st district. We talk about the Coronavirus, racism, what it's like to work for Nancy Pelosi, and much more! Plus, we bid farewell to Producer Alex. The racism tip line is still open for business: 323-389-RACE.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 10mins

25 Mar 2020

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