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An anthology of original audio dramas in the vein of classic series like THE TWILIGHT ZONE and OUTER LIMITS. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror - It's All In Your Head.

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After The Haunting

We begin at the end with the house on the street that everyone pretends not to notice. The kids say it's haunted, the adults try their best not to use that word. But just last week something happened that no one could ignore - and it seemed to bring everything to a dramatic end. We begin with a return. Former resident Tony Itch, a young man with a secret of his own, has come back to Wellbrook. Tony and everyone else is about to learn that After The Haunting - the real terror begins...


26 Sep 2017

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Zero's Hour by Eric Del Carlo

It is the not too distant future. Great strides in technology and social progress have come and gone - though not without their moments of controversy. Take for example the latest tech in homicide investigation. Now, law enforcement has access to witnesses they never used to - the victims. Yes, science has bestowed the power to resurrect victims of homicide (when deemed appropriate or necessary) for a limited amount of time in hopes they can answer the question of who murdered them. People mask their discomfort and unease by nicknaming the "temporary beings" ZEROS. And the amount of time? Exactly one hour. Come now and join Detective Emile Meckleberg and the freshly born/resurrected Alfeo Jurado - the investigation does indeed have profound revelations. But not what you might expect. It's time. The countdown is on. It's ZERO'S HOUR.


9 May 2017

Rank #2

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After The Haunting Ep 2

Rather than face the dismal dead-end of his future, Tony Itch has decided to devote his time to solving a mystery better left unsolfed - what caused the impossible disappearance of the Gallows House? Recruiting his high-school friend Analucia "Bumper" Mendez, the two discover that many of the fellow townsfolk have begun experiencing events and visions of things decidedly supernatural. After The Haunting - the real terror begins. Join us for part two of Earbud Theater's five part epic!


3 Oct 2017

Rank #3

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ESCAPE! (THE END OF HUMANITY SONG) by Nicholas Thurkettle

Garland and Perla are brother and sister, two very different people with only one overlapping skill set - they both have blackbelts in sibling rivalry. The wedge that kept them apart for years can be traced back to one individual - their father. How appropriate, then, that the two are mysteriously reunited when they're summoned to a lawyer's office to hear their father's final request - and it's a doozy. Starring Jim Van Over, Tosca Minotto and Matthew Henerson, with Austin Rogers and Jill Cary Martin - please enjoy Earbud Theater's presentation of Escape! (The End of Humanity Song).


5 Sep 2014

Rank #4

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From WZMB, Monroeville, it's This Monstrous Life with your host Ira Slash. The intrepid reporters of This Monstrous Life travel far and wide to investigate the peculiar human oddity known as 'The Holiday Season.' From the North Pole to a parallel dimension, Ira, Sara Disembowel and Jonathan Moldstein put their reporting (and killing) skills to use as only they know how. See what they unearthed right here on This Monstrous Life.


14 Dec 2014

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Erika Lebeaux is not a big fan of Halloween. It has conjured up some pretty bad memories for her pretty much her whole life. So, it comes as a bit of a curiosity that she would be interviewing the man who made the film that's pretty much the definitive icon of the holiday. A man who is an infamously tough interview who, in success, seems to have created his own monster. A man who is totally, definitively and completely... Over Halloween. Daheli Hall and Jared Rivet star in Earbud Theater's latest foray into the dark and depraved - Over Halloween.


16 Oct 2014

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Cushing Von Heffernan by Nicholas Thurkettle

If you've got an injury the medical textbooks can't explain, the person you need is the one who studies all the forbidden textbooks - the famous Professor Cushing Von Heffernan! As brilliant as he is unnecessarily jerky, he lives for the challenge of new and novel wounds and illnesses from the realm of the supernatural. With his partner and closest friend, the 230-year-old Maranda Grosz, and their eager teenage sidekick Rickey, The Professor takes on the puzzling case of a Miss Lonelyhearts with an unusual mark on her arm, and a seductive vampire who swears he never bites without consent. Matthew Henerson, Tosca Minotto, Morgan Lauff, Victoria Martinez, MacLeod Andrews, and Nicholas Thurkettle invite you into the drawing room for a demonstration of the Professor's unsurpassed genius and completely awful manners, in Cushing Von Heffernan: Bite Investigator!


10 Apr 2017

Rank #7

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Tales from the Dead of Night

Earbud Theater presents its first ever horror anthology! Tales from the Dead of Night features three twisted tales of terror from the warped mind of Jared Rivet. Join your host Nocturna for a journey into the desperate, the depraved, and the deadly! Turn out the lights, put on those headphones, and see if you can withstand Tales from the Dead of Night!

1hr 6mins

16 Oct 2018

Rank #8

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THE 2038 STATE OF THE UNION by Nicholas Thurkettle

America has endured! And will continue to endure! Well, there was the Great Sundering, but we got over that. We’ve also had economic disagreements. And Centurian invasions. But the President is optimistic, and he’s here to tell you that freedom is still the best, and all those rumors about him are absolutely false. You know the rumors we mean. Wink wink…nudge nudge…robot robot…golden-voiced Earbud newcomer Gene Godwin takes the Oath of Future Office, lays out his agenda, and winds all our stems in The 2038 State of the Union.


20 Jan 2015

Rank #9

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Trails by Jared Rivet

TJ's got a new girlfriend, Shannon. Shannon is beautiful, smart, athletic, and - well - a lot younger than him. So to impress her, he's found something he knows she'll love - an amazing hike to a remote site that is rumored to contain something truly stunning at the end of it. And it does. Unfortunately for TJ and Shannon, these trails ... are a little treacherous. Clarke Wolfe, Morgan Peter Brown, Tracy Clifton, and Zena Grey bring Earbud Theater's latest podplay to life. Lace up your hiking boots, get your water, put on your backpack and get ready to hit the TRAILS.


15 Jun 2017

Rank #10

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The Mektalos Caper by Nicholas Thurkettle

The human race sure got lucky the day Mektalos Superior arrived. Not only did the giant alien robot fail in his mission to annihilate and conquer us, but his collapsed remains now house one of the most popular tourist attractions on the planet. See real scientists researching his innards! Visit the solemn memorial to the small town his 700-foot-tall body crushed! Get a penny stamped at the penny-stamp-y thing in the gift shop! Or, if you’re like husband-and-wife thieves Robbie and Maria Isaac – slip away from your tour group and try to pull off the heist of the millennium! It’s a tricky job; but they’ve got someone on the inside ready to help. Join Alyssa Elder, Donathan Walters, Patrick Peterson, Ashley Nelson, Victoria Martinez, Deva Marie Gregory, Nicholas Thurkettle, Barney Crow, and one very special (and very tall) guest star on a treasure hunt literally inside a robot world – The Mektalos Caper.


21 Jul 2017

Rank #11

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THE SOUNDS BELOW by Nicholas Thurkettle

Christopher Addis walked away from the accident that took the life of his brother Paul; but he wasn’t unscathed. Plagued by panic attacks that neither a supportive girlfriend nor a probing therapist can relieve, Chris will go anywhere for answers, do anything to be free of them. This makes him a prime customer for a strange little shop he finds down a darkened street, one that promises to take all his fears away...MacLeod Andrews, Jill Cary Martin, Christine Weatherup, Nicholas Thurkettle, and Jackson Tobiska urge you to hold onto your souls and listen to The Sounds Below.


28 Oct 2014

Rank #12

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BUBBLES by Nicholas Thurkettle

You're sitting on a porch. A gentle breeze is blowing. A friendly neighbor talks your ear off about this neighborhood you've just moved into. It's a sweet place. They bake fresh pies here, and children still go to play in the park. There's also that government lab...ever since they started up, there have been some side effects in town that you oughtta know about. The magnificent John Walcutt spins us a little yarn about coffee, the Universe, time, and his dear ol' Dad in Bubbles.


5 Jan 2015

Rank #13

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The Unclaimed

This city morgue sees more unidentified John and Jane Doe corpses per capita than anywhere else. What could be drawing all these lost souls to come to one place? Is it the same force that is luring in the new interim coroner, Dr. Emerald Morgan, whose job it will be to tend to all those anonymous dead? Writer Kristin O. Bobst and director Amanda Zarr are here to make the incision and reveal to you the strange, surprising secret of The Unclaimed.


8 Aug 2018

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The Current

Deputy Carly Jenson messed up big time, and now here she is, stuck on a fishing boat at nightfall, bored out of her mind as divers troll the bottom of a dying lake for evidence of a petty small-town crime. Carly's not winning any commendations. Until the divers report in, that is. They found something at the bottom of the lake. Something that sholdn't be there. Something they can't explain. Something that will turn Carly Jenson's boring night into a horrifying ordeal of chaos and sheer terror.


10 Jul 2018

Rank #15

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LIVE! From The Zombie Apocalypse

Zevo is possibly the last surviving human on planet earth, which is now ravaged by the Undead. He has thoughts, he has stories to tell of breakfast burritos, lifeguards, and the Three Little Pigs. He has a collection of old 78s, a shotgun, and a radio transmitter. Tune in ladies and gentlefolk, we are Live! From the Zombie Apocalypse!


5 Jun 2018

Rank #16

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Family Line

The end of a passionate two-week getaway has brought Clint and Lihua to one of the most remote spots on Earth. As they contemplate the fate of their relationship we realize there's more going on here than we think. The truth is that Clint and Lihua are awaiting a verdict half a world away the will impact their future - as well as everyone on Planet Earth! Please enjoy Family Line.


3 May 2018

Rank #17

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Stranger in the Storm

You shouldn't pick up hitchhikers. But Philip has got a lot on his mind as he drives through this relentless night storm, so he opens his door to a woman on the roadside. She calls herself a collector, and she carries a little, clinking bag. But what is she collecting on a night like this? Will Philip make it to his destination, or does he even know where this dark road is leading him? One thing's for sure - picking up The Stranger in the Storm is going to change everything. Listen in on Nicholas Thurkettle and Jill Cary martin, supported by the audio wizardry of Craig Good and the hypnotic music of J. Van Auken.


3 Apr 2018

Rank #18

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Enter The Dark

It's Damon's birthday today! And his friends have decided not to go with some boring standard gift. The good friends they are, they're going to give Damon the best gift of all - an experience. Something he'll never forget. One thing is guaranteed, none of them will ever see anything like this again. Earbud Theater invites you to 'Enter The Dark!'


6 Mar 2018

Rank #19

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Earbud Roundtable

Welcome to Earbud Theater's first roundtable. In this non-episode you can hang with some of the creatives, hear what we have in store for your in 2018, and find out what everyone is up to outside of the Earbud lair. Featuring Jared Rivet, Nicholas Thurkettle, Jeff Dixon, and Casey Wolfe


4 Mar 2018

Rank #20