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Why banks need to become open marketplaces

Just as Amazon provides a marketplace where other retailers provide products, banks need to curate and bring many financial services to their customers, says Chris Skinner, author of Digital Human.


17 May 2018

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What banks can expect from the next Fed chairman

President Trump’s nominee for Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, has served on the Fed board since 2012 and been in the public eye for decades. But what he would actually do with the job is something of a mystery. American Banker reporter John Heltman provides an inside-the-beltway view of the likely new Fed head.


10 Nov 2017

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Breaking Banks: Fintechs address the over-50 set

Financial startups are meeting the needs of an aging population. Jason Henrichs hosts Theodora Lau and Brad Leimer of Unconventional Ventures, who discuss fintech designed to help the pre-digital-native generations. They’re then joined by entrepreneurs Heather Holmes of Genivity and Marci Lobel-Esrig of SilverBills.


21 Aug 2018

Rank #3

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Breaking Banks: Is Bitcoin a bubble or just beginning?

Bitcoin has passed $13,000 in value, and is now acting as a digital asset. But with the spike in value, many people are wondering if this is a bubble or just the beginning. Brett King hosts four guests: Brian Roemmele, founder of PayFinders.com; Bailey Reutzel, U.S. editor of Coindesk; Gabe Sukenik, founder of Morph Token; and Suleman Din, technology editor at American Banker and Financial Planning.


6 Dec 2017

Rank #4

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Where virtual reality makes sense in banking

Banks have started dabbling in virtual reality, such as BNP Paribas' letting French customers tour homes and apartments through VR headsets, says Raja Bose, global retail banking consulting leader at Genpact. Some of the strongest use cases for banks, he says, are in wealth management, trading and mortgages.


28 Aug 2017

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Forget millennials: baby boomers need app innovation too

Forget millennials (for a minute). Theodora Lau, director of market innovation at AARP, shares why financial companies and fintechs should pay more attention to the over-50 crowd in their app designs and how a few fintech startups address this market.


22 Sep 2017

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'Sadly, there still is a tendency to discriminate'

Former Comptroller of the Currency Eugene Ludwig shares stories from his days as a top regulator during the Clinton Administration, the reasons why bank rules should be reviewed and maybe rewritten, and why he thinks the revolving door between Washington and the private sector is ok.


25 Jul 2017

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Breaking Banks: Will the future AI creates be dystopian or OK?

"Uber Influencer" and venture capitalist Spiros Margaris discusses which economies and regions are leading adaptation to fintech and AI. Then, author Byron Reese, CEO of GigaOm, talks his new book, “The Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers and the Future of Humanity.”


4 Sep 2018

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A realist's view about compliance merits of AI

Ellen Zimiles, global head of investigations and compliance at Navigant Consulting, shares what she's learned about testing and implementing AI in compliance departments, filing defensive SARs, and hiring the right people to maintain an AI system.


13 Jun 2018

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‘I struggle with why one would want to wait’ on virtual assistants

Dek: Zach Gipson, chief innovation officer at USAA, acknowledges that chatbot technology today lacks the intelligence to have natural conversations about money. But he doesn’t understand some companies’ hesitancy to try the technology. “Why would you want to wait to start learning from your customers?” he said.


23 Jun 2018

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What does it take to get consumers to switch banks?

Only 4% of consumers changed banks last year, according to J.D. Power. Behavioral psychologist Wei Ke explains why consumers are so reluctant to move their accounts and what other banks can do to convince them to switch.


20 May 2019

Rank #11

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Breaking Banks: Regtech hits its stride

Many people had “this crazy idea that regulation is really boring and as a result, it’s been passed over by a lot of the innovation in fintech,” says Jo Ann Barefoot in this week’s episode. Consultants Barefoot and Henri Arslanian share with hosts Brett King and JP Nichols why they think that’s changing.


17 Jul 2018

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'Stop hiring people with banking experience'

To be future-proof, banks need data scientists, behavioral psychologists, experienced designers, and community advocates, King says.


6 Jun 2018

Rank #13

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Which fintechs have been the most disruptive?

Brad Leimer, venture capitalist and former head of innovation at Santander and Mechanics Bank, shares his top picks in online lending, wealth management and other categories.


18 Jul 2018

Rank #14

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Top LendingClub exec details plan forward

The online lender’s president, Steve Alloca, shares how the company weathered scandal and how it plans to grow its product set.


8 Aug 2018

Rank #15

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What embracing agile methods has done for U.S. Bank

Werner Loots, the bank’s first head of transformation, is helping the bank redesign how work is done, then streamlining and digitizing as much as possible. 


7 Jan 2020

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'We're probably in a crisis already': Retirement in America

There are a number of alarming statistics in a new study about the financial health of Americans over 50 with low to moderate income. The Center for Financial Services Innovation's Karen Andres talks about how banks can help.


15 Apr 2019

Rank #17

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Cash-flow data shows promise as predictor of credit risk

Melissa Koide, co-founder and CEO of FinRegLab, analyzed loan data from six lenders that use cash-flow data in their underwriting. She shares what she found.


17 Sep 2019

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Is it time to start worrying about consumer credit?

Household debt is higher than ever, and delinquencies in credit cards and unsecured personal loans are edgingupward. Bruce Van Saun, chairman and CEO of Citizens Financial, shares his views on the market and the business opportunities there.


10 May 2018

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The gaping security holes plaguing real-time payments

Stephen Lange Ranzini, CEO of University Bank in Ann Arbor, Mich., says The Clearing House's RTP and Early Warning's Zelle fail to meet basic requirements for enrollment, encryption of data in transit, and authentication.


2 Dec 2019

Rank #20