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Live like a Financial Rock Star. Scott has made the money moron mistakes so you don’t have to. He teaches you how to think differently about money, so you can get out of debt, get started investing, and generate passive income with real estate. Scott lived the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, but by age 35, he turned it all around and became a self-made millionaire and is now on a mission to help you. If you’re stressed out or worried about money, the Scott Alan Turner podcast will help. Foolproof finances with unbiased advice (no sponsors, no advertisers). Life change, guaranteed. Practical money advice with a healthy dose of entertainment, rock-n-roll, and sarcasm.

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Reinventing Yourself 2020 (PINBALL WIZARD)

'the Netflix of Personal Finance': Try it FREE - http://bit.ly/best789 - What does it mean to 'reinvent yourself' in the 'new normal' and how can you earn more income from that? - Jobs you can do right now that will set you apart from others - What do you think about if it's a bad idea to pay off your mortgage early (Robert) - What's wicked awesome about you - RED ALERT - Watch out for this latest phone scam


22 Apr 2020

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