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A Wrench In Your Wedding w/ Lish & Austin

Planning a wedding always involves some element of reacting to the unexpected, but what if the unexpected was so BIG, like changing your venue just months before the big day. We talk to a couple who to had to handle exactly that BIG curveball while planning their wedding.


18 Aug 2016

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Post-Wedding w/ Hosts, Kali & Ryan

The big day has finally come and gone! In the final episode of the series, your hosts reflect on what they learned about planning, compromise, managing the expectations of friends and family, and keeping an eye on what really matters.


3 Nov 2016

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An Interview w/ The Grooms

The bride is often the center of the wedding planning process, but anyone who has been through it knows that it is often a two-way street. What is the best way to approach the role of the groom? Ryan, while at his bachelor party in Montreal, talks with 3 grooms who have been through it.


13 Oct 2016

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Pre-Wedding w/ Hosts, Kali & Ryan

The big day is almost here and your hosts huddle for a final chat before guests arrive. Hear about what's worrying them, what's got them excited and that one question they keep getting asked. You may find you'll laugh at the one thing they forget.


28 Sep 2016

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Vendor Interview w/ Stems And Sprigs

How the heck do you find the right expert to guide you through the complicated world of wedding flowers? We dive deep into the industry with Kalin, the floral designer and self-described plant nerd who runs Stems & Sprigs. Hear tips on how to do it yourself as well as what you’re paying for when you decide to go big, whether it be with fruit trees or floral chandeliers.


15 Sep 2016

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