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In the complex world of education, the Harvard EdCast keeps the focus simple: what makes a difference for learners, educators, parents, and our communities. The EdCast is a weekly podcast about the ideas that shape education, from early learning through college and career. We talk to teachers, researchers, policymakers, and leaders of schools and systems in the US and around the world — looking for positive approaches to the challenges and inequities in education. Through authentic conversation, we work to lower the barriers of education’s complexities so that everyone can understand.The Harvard EdCast is produced by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and hosted by Jill Anderson. The opinions expressed are those of the guest alone, and not the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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Learning for Careers

Bob Schwartz and Nancy Hoffman, co-founders of the Pathways to Prosperity network and HGSE faculty, discuss what they’ve learned about preparing students for the workplace.


25 Apr 2018

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What Is Equity in Education?

Robert Smith, co-author of the book "Striving for Equity" examines making progress toward narrowing opportunity and achievement gaps in traditional school districts with diverse populations and multiple, competing agendas.


7 Sep 2016

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Questioning the Truth in History

Activist Minnijean Brown-Trickey discusses the Little Rock Nine and the importance of uncovering and understanding the truth in America.


20 Jun 2018

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Cornel West: Love, Hope, and Education

Cornel West: Love, Hope, and Education by Harvard Graduate School of Education


25 Jan 2018

Rank #4

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Helping Children Succeed

Paul Tough, NYTimes best selling author, examines how to make kids more motivated, engaged, and productive in the classroom.


19 May 2016

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Kids Need a Break

Stanford University's Denise Pope, also co-founder of Challenge Success, shares what we need to think about when it comes to choosing summer enrichment programs for our children, and offers some alternatives to children's rigid academic programs in the summer.


13 Jun 2018

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Lifelong Kindergarten

MIT Professor Mitch Resnick, author of “Lifelong Kindergarten: Cultivating Creativity through Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play”, talks about creativity in learning and explains why kindergarten is the greatest invention of the last millennium.


14 Dec 2017

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Who Goes to Private School?

Stanford Professor Sean Reardon talks about the downward trend in private school enrollments, what this tells us about the middle class in America, and why it’s important for everyone to pay attention to who goes to private school.


3 Oct 2018

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The Quest for Deeper Learning in High Schools

Harvard researchers Jal Mehta and Sarah Fine talk about what they discovered while studying nontraditional, innovative high schools, and what we can learn from the pockets of great work happening around the country.


1 May 2019

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The Case For Homework

Harris M. Cooper, professor at Duke University, explains the reasons why all children should be doing homework.


28 Sep 2016

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The Mythology of the Millennial

Sam Wineburg, Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, examines how youth determine whether information is real or fake on the Internet — and what can be done to help them make those decisions.


11 Jan 2017

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The Troublemakers at School

Researcher and Author Carla Shalaby shares what she discovered from following four "troublemakers" as they made their way at school.


16 Jan 2018

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Overparented, Underprepared

Julie Lythcott-Haims, the former dean of freshmen at Stanford University, talks about the dangers of overparenting and how it can make or break a child's success at college.


6 Mar 2019

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Guiding Children in Uncertain Times

Guiding Children in Uncertain Times by Harvard Graduate School of Education


2 Dec 2016

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Education As a Matter of Survival

Jeffrey Sachs, economist and director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, shares his thoughts on the importance of strengthening education in an increasingly crowded, globalized world.


14 Aug 2013

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Stuck In Place: Racial Inequality in America

Patrick Sharkey, associate professor at New York University, discusses urban neighborhoods and the persistence of racial inequality --analyzed through the lens of his new book "Stuck in Place" and the upcoming Askwith Forum.


28 Apr 2014

Rank #16

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Leading Disruptive Change in Education

Rick Hess, co-editor of the book 'Educational Entrepreneurship Today,' reflects on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in education.


20 Jul 2016

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Astronaut School

Stephanie Wilson, NASA astronaut, speaks with 9-year old guest co-host Grace Laplante about the importance of female role models in STEM careers, her adventures in space, and shares lesser known facts about astronaut ice cream.


20 Feb 2015

Rank #18

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How Personalized Learning Can Lead to Success

Lecturer Todd Rose discusses the importance of personalized learning in the quest for success, and how success will look different in the future.


28 Nov 2018

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Addicted to Reform

John Merrow, former education correspondent for the PBS NewsHour, shares insights from his new book "Addicted to Reform: A 12-Step Program to Rescue Public Education."


16 Aug 2017

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