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All too often we talk about fake news and alternative facts as if they are new concepts. In reality history itself is constructed, and thus constrained by its authors, we have as a society taken this as truth and unfortunately there is more to history that just the past.

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The Anarchaeologist Speaks - Episode 17

**WARNING CONTAINS ARCHAEOLOGICAL BLACK METAL** HARK! The trowels no longer shuffle in the dirt and the test pits have been dug. This week's episode settles down with Tristan aka The Anarchaeologist, as he goes on a tirade about news stories almost a month old. Fear not, dear listener, despite lacking topicality, Tristan assures me that his tone is witty, relentless and slightly over the top.  If you had ideas about ISIS or The Temple of the Monkey, prepare to be amazed at even more questions and pondering as well as some food for thought. The Anarchaeologist will return to normal programming with the next episode, in the meantime I leave you in the capable hands and warm tones of Tristan Boyle 


1 Apr 2015

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Episode 3: Insurgent Empire and the Lost Voices in Colonialism with Dr. Priyamvada Gopal

n this episode of Modern Myth, we begin to unravel the lesser known history of colony and the nuacned ways  in which people occupied the British Imperial space. Talking with Cambridge Reader, Dr. Priyamvada Gopal about her new book Insurgent Empire, Tristan asks what voices are unaccounted for in traditional retellings of the British Empire and why does that have an effect on the modern narrative. The many modern myths of colony are outlined and discussed as well as what the future holds in terms of solidarity with the world. Links Insurgent Empire - Verso BooksTwitter : @priyamvadagopal@anarchaeologist 


4 Jul 2019

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Low Energy Plasmas - Episode 39

Hello Everyone - a new episode with just myself talking this time - I am talking plasmas, science and how this may be a glimpse of the future of archaeology!  Links Wiki on Induction PlasmaAlbuquerque Journal article Social Media@Anarchaeologist


6 Jul 2016

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He's not Dead, he was only busy - Anarchaeologist - Episode 34

Guess who’s back with a brand new track, Tristan opens his first line of attack; pointing out his inability to hold to his own schedule. In this episode the Anarchaeologists meanders through the last few months including talking about the Hidden Heritage Conference in Dorchester and the CIfA conference in Leicester, mentioning people he’s met and things he has picked up. Sorry about the delay in releases, I will catch up very quickly, there is a lot of people on my pod list right now. LinksScarf http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/ADS http://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/Internet Archaeology http://intarch.ac.uk/ Social Media@Anarchaeologist Twitter/IGTalllankyteapot SnapCha 


1 May 2016

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Genetics, Archaeology & The Far Right with Dr. Susanne Hakenbeck - Episode 4 - Modern Myth

This episode is about the Modern Myth of genetics, race and archaeology that permeates through far right online spaces. Discussions over one’s personal ancestry from DNA testing kits, the fall of Rome and modern migration into Europe. Dr. Susanne Hakenbeck is a senior lecturer in historical archaeology at the University of Cambridge and her recent paper, Genetics, archaeology and the far right: an unholy Trinity identifies the ways in which extremist online spaces foster racist ideas about the past. However it is in many ways the genetic research uses unclear terms and casually equates genetic population and ethnic groups that allow the data to be easily co-opted by the right. LinksGenetics, archaeology and the far right: an unholy TrinitySusanne Hakebeck on Twitter@anarchaeologist @archpodnetCredit Music - Modern Myth & Alone at a Bar at 3 am - Danny Boyle


30 Jul 2019

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Repatriation - Episode 40

Today, Tristan rants about repatriation and rails against the British Museum! It's an exciting show that covers some serious topics in the news today.


27 Jul 2016

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Episode 15 : Shamanism in The UK

Sporting a headdress of red deer bones and antlers, Masters student of Archaelogy James Dilley brings a flavour of Shamanism to the Anarchaeologist Podcast. We discuss the reality of Shaman practises in the UK (which I can’t pronounce properly the entire episode), and what life was like for bronze age wizards. We also discuss modern pagan groups and what inspired James to enter the Spirit World, and talks us through many important finds of Shamanistic burial sites, which ultimately influenced his Shaman kit.I ask whether it fits my Neanderthal frame. We discuss modern pagan groups and James’ own attraction to Shamanism and what inspired him to enter the world of the spirits. Check out his website Ancient Craft UK and his Twitter handle @ancientcraftuk If you are interested in supporting the network click here; have a show idea or want to appear in an episode get in touch and finally remember to check out this show on twitter @anarchaeologist


4 Mar 2015

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We Will Be the Decay - Episode 41

Today's episode is an attempt to take on the #Archmanifesto "The Archaeologist's Manifesto" - a political slice of archaeology. In this episode, Tristan talks the new Stonehenge tunnel, why the past is important and why the discussion about what we support in history through the allocation of resources. Shout out to Evelyn on twitter who answered the hashtag #archmedia (@dingledodie77) 


18 Jan 2017

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Farewell Persephone - Episode 47

Today Tristan discusses and ruminates on death, funerary practices, and where archaeology fits into all of it.


1 Mar 2018

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Episode 1 : The Modern Myth of Brexit with Kenny Brophy

Brexit, it's a word we hear all too often, no doubt we are fatigued by it. But in the cusp of its realization perhaps we should look how we got here. What helped create the narrative and  what information was drawn upon in order to make it seem that leaving the EU was the decision to vote for, at least for three majority of people. I speak to Kenny Brophy from the University of Glasgow about his paper Brexit And Prehistory about the ways in which narratives were created and how people use symbols of the past to create their own narratives, and in some cases their own cairns.This show is supported by our Members, Join UsReferencesThe Brexit Hypothesis and Prehistory - Kenny Brophyhttps://doi.org/10.15184/aqy.2018.160Response to ‘Brexit, Archaeology and Heritage: Reflections and Agendas’ - Lorna Richardson & Thomas Boothhttp://doi.org/10.5334/pia-545 Credit:Music - Danny BoyleModern MythAlone at a Bar at 3amTwitter/Instagram:@Anarchaeologist


9 Feb 2019

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17 Dec 2017

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We Are The Decay - Episode 46

Launching what he calls “The Archaeologist’s Manifesto” Tristan is back again (after another hiatus) and will be bringing a propaganda fuelled monthly podcast to your ears. Todays episode focuses on Decay and what that means in modern society – looking at how histories are treated and whether forgetting a history is as bad as damaging it for other ideological reasons. 


23 Jan 2018

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End of Anarchaeologist - Episode 45

Hello Everyone, this has been a long time coming - I have decided to retire for the moment this show. It won't mean the end of my work here at the network, in fact I will be more involved behind the scenes. I have things change in my life which means I don't have the same kind of time to record.  I will still be on Twitter and be available by email, so don't hesitate to contact me. Music by D. Boyle


11 Jun 2017

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Supremacist Cheeseboard - Episode 48

Content Warning - Racism, Far Right WingCheddar Man was only meant to be one data point within a wider data-set about prehistoric migrations into Britain. Instead the representation of Cheddar Man with dark skin sent the right wing blog-o-sphere into a media furore claiming conspiracy and bad science. And although its fun to laugh at white supremacists who make such a huge point of having direct lineage have to come to terms with a "black ancestor" - is this really the conversation we need to have? Surely there must be more to talk about when it comes to race, genetics and the representation of the past.  Bibliography:Richardson, L-J. (2014). Understanding Archaeological Authority in a Digital Context, Internet Archaeology 38. http://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/cheddar-man-mesolithic-britain-blue-eyed-boy.htmlhttps://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/feb/07/first-modern-britons-dark-black-skin-cheddar-man-dna-analysis-revealshttps://www.newscientist.com/article/2161867-ancient-dark-skinned-briton-cheddar-man-find-may-not-be-true/ Kevin Logan - (Voice) Person 1 + Customerhttps://www.youtube.com/user/ploppy111Michael Rowlands - (Voice) Narrator https://www.youtube.com/user/MrTheMusicManMichael------------------------------------------------------Join the Conversation OnlineFacebook - Like Us!Twitter - Follow Us!Instagram  - Heart Us!Visit our Shop or Become a Member and support the network 

1hr 3mins

16 Apr 2018

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The Anarchaeologist Speaks - Cannibalism, Picts and Online Resources

Hello everyone, apologies for last week's no show - this week I'll bring an extra  special The Anarchaeologist Speaks - which it seems is becoming a more regular feature, especially for those who like me talking for around 15 minutesArchaeotech LiveStories:Cannibalism in Gough's Cave - http://www.nhm.ac.uk/nature-online/life/human-origins/humans-in-britain/goughs-cave-cannibalism/index.htmlPictish Fort in North East Scotland - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-32325310 Roman Burial Online resource - http://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/archives/view/romangl/ Twitter - Podcasts@Davidmaier7 - Podcast without Borders@StrangerCons - Stranger Conversations@Musingsofashibe -  Musings Of a Shibe @wiretechgirl @AngelsFreak7 - Dark Angels Pretty Freaks@liarcitypodcast _ liar City Podcast@poddigest - Podcast Digest


22 Apr 2015

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Soup and Sandwich Meal Deal 1

Today's view special episode of the Anarchaeologist podcast is a lively news commentary on the latest archaeological news hitting the headlines. I am joined by Mr. Soup of Archaeosoup Productions to dissect and examine stories on cannibals, cognition and champagne. we go head to head in the worst archaeology jokes we can think of and I am corrected on pronunciation several times.  Stay tuned for this week's normal episode on Wednesday on the topic of ArchaeoDeath, in the meantime, head on over to the Archaeology Podcast Network to hear the other shows! Mr SoupTwitterWebsiteYoutube


27 Apr 2015

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Episode 18 : Archaeodeath : Discussing the Pestiferous

Today we go into the depths of death; to the bottom of the pit to discover the man behind the blog Archaeodeath. Today's guest is Proffessor Howard Williams of the University of Chester, England. Here we discuss the meaning of death in archaeology and the role of Mortuary Archaeology as a specialisation. Despite this morbid topic, we have a wonderful chat about comedy, humour and not being super serious all the time (in fact sometimes it pays to be funny). Professor Williams explains the story behind his recent blog post on studying cemeteries. We also talk about who can speak out and what it means to be offensive  as a Professor in a University or as a young career archaeologist.I discuss how metal and archaeology can come together and what the best rap battle between archaeologists could be.If you want to check out Professor Williams' Blog you can find it here, and if you want to follow him on Twitter click here Head on over to the Archaeology Podcast Network for more great shows!If you want to contact me : admin@anarchaeologist.co.uk or tristan@archaeologypodcastnetwork.com

1hr 10mins

29 Apr 2015

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You Can Do it - Episode 43 - Anarchaeologist

Today’s episode trials a new format of the Anarchaeologist podcast, now on a monthly release schedule (adhering to anything wouldn't be very anarchistic would it?).  Tristan talks about getting involved with projects and taking part in the world, and more importantly why everyone should feel at least they have some chance to do something worthwhile. A special recording is provided by Dr. Chloe Duckworth a.k.a. ArchaeoDuck. And for the first time on the network we hear from the 5YR Leader and his opinions on archaeology.


22 Mar 2017

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ArchWorld I : Virtualistation For the Masses - Episode 49

Bring yourself online..... The HBO drama Westworld has entered its second season, dealing with a robot revolt and what it means to be Artificial Intelligence and by extension, human. All against a backdrop of America's favourite cultural setting, the Wild West. Tristan uses Westworld to introduce his multi episode series on virtual archaeology and the importance of thinking about representation of archaeology; do we want a fun and engaging history that allows people to explore or should we let people "peek behind the curtain" in order to be more honest.Credit:Music - Danny BoyleHolographic OvertureAlone at a Bar at 3amTwitter/Instagram:@Anarchaeologist------------------------------------------Join the Conversation OnlineFacebook - Like Us!Twitter - Follow Us!Instagram  - Heart Us!Visit our Shop or Become a Member and support the network 


4 Jul 2018

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I Agree with Graham Hancock!? -Modern Myth Moment - I

Ok, before you type your strongly worded tweet or you decide to #cancel me please give me a moment to explain. As has been highlighted recently, archaeology has a problem with impact with getting the information out there. Perhaps there’s nothing wrong with the food, its just the service isn’t what you want. With his new book released graham hancock appeared on the Joe Rogan show and obviously talked at length about his book, he made some salient points and importantly he tied himself to those ideas and that’s where I think we can learn something about outreach.If you want to argue, tweet at me or send me an email:Links Twitter/IG - @anarchaeologistSupport the network by becoming a memberShare this on social media


30 Apr 2019

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