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Fully Booked Without Burnout - The Business Of Massage And Wellness

It's not always easy running a massage business when you need to balance client time against "on the business" needs.In this podcast you'll hear stories from successful massage therapists that have been there before you... and a bunch of free tips and tactics for marketing, advertising, systems, mindset and growth of your massage practice so you can really thrive!

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Ep47: Nadine Champion shares her INSPIRING journey on martial arts and mindset

Sometimes, we need to look INWARDLY to find the source of STRENGTH, RESILIENCE, and COMPASSION for ourselves; to REALLY unearth that HIDDEN POWER that drives us. Nadine Champion – champion in NAME and LIFE – is a professional speaker, high performance mindset coach, and martial arts expert who has WORKED HARD both PHYSCIALLY and MENTALLY to get to a space of success. RIGHT from her childhood, Nadine was DRAWN to martial arts, and as she delved FURTHER into the discipline, she discovered how MUCH MORE there was to learn in the intensity, physicality, beauty, and SELF-REFLECTION it offered. Nadine has been through some INCREDIBLY challenging things from losing her brother to lung cancer, then going through cancer HERSELF. Through these experiences, she learnt to be KIND to herself, stay GROUNDED in reality, and that life is a CONSTANT opportunity to LEARN and GROW. Nadine’s story focuses on the importance of MENTORS, the POWER of self-reflection, and the RIGHT MINDSET to achieve and get through ANYTHING. 


27 Aug 2019

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EP07: Proactive mindset and how to overcome procrastination and perfectionism

Having a mindset that empowers you to proactively take action when you need to is an incredible advantage when it comes to building your massage business. Discover two specific tools to overcome procrastination and James and Elicia explore mindset, deadly sins, and the power of gratitude.


31 Aug 2017

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EP32:How words can create health, with Joanne Clark

Joanne Clark is an NLP trainer who works with language structures and self beliefs to influence health outcomes. In this interview Joanne explains how she uses language and behavioural patterns to impact the health of her clients, and how the body-mind connection works both ways. Not only does your body impact your mind, but your thought patterns also influence your physical health. With a background in psychology and corporate business experience, Joanne is now a small business owner herself who works with health professionals (and others) to help them enjoy a better experience of life and overcome limitations that may be holding them back.


6 Dec 2018

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EP09: Employee VS Subcontractor - Get clarity on hiring, from employee expert Natasha Hawker

Are you an employee or a subcontractor? Do you know the difference? Did you know it’s NOT A CHOICE?! This is an area of confusion and concern in our industry at the moment as our associations, the ATO and even ASIC are weighing in with to tell us that following the rules is important. You may have heard of the fines and other risks that result from getting it wrong. But… there is not a lot of clarity around what the actually rules mean, and how to follow them. This interview gives you that clarity. Natasha Hawker is an employment expert for small businesses, director of Employee Matters and author of “From Hire To Fire”. In this interview Natasha shares with us how massage therapists can tell what sort of agreement they should be under, and what to do if it looks like you are working with a “sham contract” as a therapist or employer.


14 Sep 2017

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EP04: How to get truckloads of new bookings at times of rapid growth

Listen in as Elicia and James share about a time in their massage clinic when they needed to grow quickly to fill bookings, and the steps they took to make that happen. In this episode we focus in on marketing, how to test and measure, word of mouth, and the correlation between marketing steps and success. Discover the FOUR THINGS that will supercharge your marketing and grow your client base.


11 Aug 2017

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EP30: The difference of Bowen therapy with Chris Reed

What IS Bowen therapy and how is it different from massage therapy? This is a question Chris Reed comes across A LOT in his work. A specialised Bowen therapist for over 15 years, Chris has been spreading the word about the different treatment style and benefits Bowen therapy has to offer. Bowen therapy for many years had a low profile in the MASSIVE world of body therapies, but Chris is determined to change that and runs a Bowen therapy clinic in Geelong, the original hometown of the therapy’s founder, Thomas Bowen. Chris’s story began with what he describes as his ‘early midlife crisis’ at 35 years of age when he decided he wanted to be in an industry that was dedicated to the health and wellbeing of others. When his wife insisted there could only be ONE nurse in the family, Chris took the opportunity to shadow a Bowen therapist for a few days and he was BLOWN AWAY at the versatility of the therapy in treating such a HUGE range of people with different ailments and illnesses. Listen to Chris’s journey from travelling chef in his mid-30s to the successful Bowen therapist and advocate we’re speaking with today. 


18 Oct 2018

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Ep46: Lorin Nicholson on being legally blind and KILLING it in the massage industry for 30 years

We often take our senses for granted. Our touch, smell, hearing, SIGHT… all working together to form our EXPERIENCE in everyday life and business. How would you run a successful business WITHOUT one of those KEY senses? Lorin Nicholson runs Advanced Remedial Therapy in Brisbane and has enjoyed 30 years of INCREDIBLE success, all while being LEGALLY BLIND from birth. Lorin has 90% vision loss but has NEVER let that stop him from achieving his DREAMS. IN-FACT, he says it’s an ADVANTAGE, with his vision loss AMPLIFYING his other senses and giving him the ability to FEEL the human body’s functionality in a UNIQUE way. Being legally blind and starting out in the massage industry 30 years ago DEFINITELY came with its challenges. Lorin talks about the difficulties of studying, making the SCARY LEAP from a full-time safety net job to running his OWN business, and changing the PERCEPTIONS of massage therapy in the 1980s and 90s. His mindset has been the DRIVING FORCE behind a 30-year successful career in massage, and you CAN’T HELP but be INSPIRED by his story. 


16 Aug 2019

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EP03: Dr Leandra Brady-Walker, the "Cosmopolitan Hippy" ... and chiropractor

Dr Leandra Brady-Walker is the "Cosmopolitan Hippy" ... and also a chiropractor, author and podcaster who has created more than one successful clinic Living a “chiropractic lifestyle” goes beyond the treatment room and Leandra now challenges the way people think about health and living with her book and podcast, and helps her clients through workshops and retreats. Listen in as Leandra shares how she grows her clinic by marketing with heart and presenting herself in front of the people she wants to attract. Then discover how the challenges and changes on the journey of life have spurred Leandra to create amazing outcomes in her own life and for her clients.


4 Aug 2017

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EP10: How Tim King created his online Myotherapy training

Tim King is a Myotherapist who has run a successful clinic in Geelong, Australia for 20 years ... and has recently moved overseas to Mauritius with his family to do humanitarian work. To fund their trip Tim has created an online training program where he teaches other Myotherapists the advanced techniques he has developed. An online program like this takes a lot of work to set up but once it’s complete it can be delivered across the world. Listen in and be inspired as Tim shares his journey of learning and creation as he transitioned from a purely in-person business to creating an opportunity for himself and his family to travel.


21 Sep 2017

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EP11: Kristie Melling – Massage Therapist, Podcaster and Community Leader

Kristie Melling is known for her massage industry podcast "Rubbed The Wrong Way" and as a community leader with massage in Australia. Kristie started massaging clients from a room in a chiropractic clinic over 16 years ago, and learnt how to build a loyal client base as she worked alongside other therapists at various clinics and in different situations. Hear how Kristie was mentored and what it was like when she discovered how to connect with different kinds of people, and how social media has changed the game. Kristie’s personal ideas on how to use Facebook may surprise you. Kristie also shares how she ran her own studio at one point and as she hired staff she discovered a fantastic system to get quick clients in bulk. A great technique that you can try as well! AND you’ll hear about Misfit Massage, a grass-roots community designed to empower therapists as a group.


28 Sep 2017

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EP13: How Pat Reardon lives the "ultimate lifestyle" running Bali Health Retreats

Pat and Kate Reardon started running health retreats in Bali six years ago, using Kate’s expertise as a naturopath and Pat’s experience with business. Hear their story of how they started their first retreat with only $70 in the bank and over time have grown to run a 10-bedroom retreat centre with a committed team that focusses on empowering clients to live more healthy lives. See how they have recently added the “Health and Healing Hub” as an online followup that extends the experience of each retreat and maintains ongoing change within the lives of their clients.


12 Oct 2017

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EP12: Ben Carvosso on how to handle Life Change to create Business Success

The power of a single chiropractic adjustment changed the course of Ben’s life and put him on the path to become a chiropractor himself. Listen in to his passion for health and how he became totally committed to learning the skills and strategy of business. Ben chose specific mentors to learn how to run a successful chiropractic business while he was still studying, and bought his first practice in the final weeks of becoming registered. Then another defining moment came in the form of a sudden health challenge, but Ben turned that around as he built and ran four new businesses: installing equipment, hiring staff and staying true to his calling. Now he’s continuing the journey by extending into a new pivot with his next steps as he coaches men who are transitioning in life. Listen in for all the highs and lows!


5 Oct 2017

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EP31: From garage to giant, Timely CEO, Ryan Baker’s business journey

You’re probably familiar with the INCREDIBLE booking and time management software, Timely. But how did this business go from ‘garage’ phase to one of the TOP THREE booking software companies across the health and wellness industries in just SIX years?   Ryan Baker, Timely CEO and co-founder takes us through the biggest CHALLENGES and biggest WINS of turning a dream into a hugely successful global solution. Starting out as three programmers living across New Zealand and Malta, the list of challenges they faced in the early days was LONG. The BIGGEST hurdle for Timely was not only developing their NAME in the software space, but also establishing CREDIBILITY amongst a sea of massage therapists and other health businesses that had been BURNT by other tech companies promising solutions and not delivering. Ryan’s story of Timely starts as ALL small businesses do, but quickly explains the strategies and constant self-evaluation and strive to improve that sees them with a growing 10,000 business customer base across 80 different countries! Listen in and discover how Timely went from garage dream to tech GIANT! 


22 Nov 2018

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EP29: Growing and selling 20 businesses with Dr T

Growing even one successful business is a HUGE accomplishment that takes time, effort and dedication. Imagine what it would be like to grow TWENTY! Even with one business... it seems like you’re CONSTANTLY looking around for great ideas and opportunities, all while peddling away at building your dream and juggling everything in between. BUT, we all know that life sometimes likes to throw curve balls at your motivation, patience, and sometimes EVEN at your health, taking you from 100 to ZERO in the blink of an eye. Podiatrist, author, podcaster and businessman extraordinaire, Dr Tyson E Franklin knows ALL about the windy journey of growing a business, spending the last 30 years building and selling 20 different successful podiatry practices!   Dr T’s success is NOT without its challenges though! In-fact, his FIRST major challenge in dealing with a devastating blow to his health would be the catalyst for the MASSIVE pivot he had to make to survive in the business world. Listen in to his incredible story on how he learnt to systemise, compromise, and think DIFFERENTLY about his approach to business! 


11 Oct 2018

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EP28: James and Elicia on mixing relationships and business

There’s an age-old saying about relationships and business - “THEY DON’T MIX!!!” You’ve probably been warned that it ALWAYS ends badly with one person getting duped by the other and the relationship ending as fast as the idea was had! Relationships can be tricky but rewarding, testing but exciting, turbulent but INCREDIBLE - and they are also one of the most AMAZING things you can have in your life. Whether it’s your partner in marriage, family, or a close friend, you have a bond that can be STRENGTHENED by going into business together! James and Elicia Crook are CHALLENGING the relationship-business DISASTER stereotype by sharing their bag of tricks for successfully working alongside each other in marriage for 18 years, and in their business for 2 years. They explore how having great communication, standards, expectations and boundaries can actually ENHANCE your connection AND your business! They will take you through the ups and downs of their experience and their BEST advice for navigating the challenging waters of relationships and business. 


4 Oct 2018

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EP27: How myotherapy and massage took Rotana Cheng to Cambodia

Owning a business in massage and myotherapy can be a pretty WILD and EXCITING ride! We can sometimes be guilty of taking for granted how LUCKY we are to live in areas where education and opportunities to work in our amazing industry are SO accessible! Rotana Cheng’s first-hand experience in working with underprivileged people in Cambodia gives him that perspective and DRIVE to help others using his experience and knowledge of massage and myotherapy. Rotana co-runs his Melbourne business The Clinical Myotherapy Group while living in Cambodia where he ALSO runs his own volunteer organisation dedicated to delivering hands-on training and therapy to underprivileged people. In an INCREDIBLE story with ups, downs, challenges and life-changing decisions, Rotana takes us through how he reconnected with his Cambodian heritage and dedicates his time to helping and teaching in both Cambodia and India. He even has CURRENT opportunities for massage therapists and myotherapists to join him in Cambodia and help make a difference to so many lives through teaching and delivering body therapies, so LISTEN IN! 


27 Sep 2018

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Digital marketing made easy – Alec Gorjestani with the best tips for marketing online

When it comes to digital marketing, let’s face it – MOST of us look at it like it’s in a foreign language. With STACKS of different software performing different functions and advice coming out your EARS on what the BEST and EASIEST approaches are, it can feel like someone trying to explain how to diffuse a BOMB. What if it didn’t HAVE to be rocket science? What if EVERYTHING you needed to know was all rolled into ONE handy bit of tech? Alec Gorjestani from OfferingTree heard the pleas from health professionals to deliver a service that pretty much does EVERYTHING five or six different programs do on ONE platform. Alec talks tech in SIMPLE terms and maps out the BEST and EASIEST ways you can make the MOST of your website to attract clients and get those BOOKINGS!


8 Aug 2019

Rank #17

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EP06: Jenny Richards from Rumbles Lifestyle Hub (and baker of Paleo cookies!)

Discover how this “accidental entrepreneur” grew her Australia-wide paleo business and is launching into online health training. Jenny Richards left her teaching career to begin baking paleo cookies, starting from a 2-shelf oven in her mother’s kitchen before opening her own cookie factory and partnering with Pete Evans. Rumbles Paleo cookies are now available across Australia and Jenny is taking her business to the next level by launching an online Paleo cooking school. Hear Jenny share how she identified what it was her existing customers needed and how she then created her online program to connect with them in a more impacting way.


24 Aug 2017

Rank #18

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EP05: Dympna Kennedy, remedial massage therapist and expert on creating balance for new parents

Dympna Kennedy from Creating Balance works with new mums and dads to help them transition into their new life as parents, and she achieves this through workshops, training and presenting at conferences. Starting as a remedial massage therapist, Dympna discovered the power of infant massage when she had her own kids. The journey progressed from there into early childhood education, baby yoga, and other ways to help new parents interact with their babies. Listen in as Dympna shares her journey of massage through to creating workshops and training childcare workers. There’s challenges along the way as we discuss pricing, marketing and building yourself up as an expert.


17 Aug 2017

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EP08: Sandra Allars, Gov Funded Massage for the Elderly at Soothe Mobile Massage

Sandra Allars runs a mobile massage business employing 30 therapists all over Melbourne, and now has 3 franchisees who each have their own team as well. She began working by herself 15 years ago when she had children, and although her first goal was simply to be able to work during school hours, she soon caught the bug of business, got the training and support she needed, and continued on a growth journey. Soothe focusses specifically on elderly and aged massage, working with people who are funded for home care or in nursing homes. This has had massive challenges and rewards as Sandra has dealt with government funding, corporate contracts and a unique niche! Hear how Sandra trains her staff to work with the elderly and how they fit in with the other medical professionals that are also treating their clients. You’ll also experience Sandra’s heart for her clients, her team, connecting with the elderly, the benefits of massage, and growing a powerful franchise business.


7 Sep 2017

Rank #20