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Behind the scenes look at the real estate lifestyle: Chris Haddon and Jason Balin, co-founders of HardMoneyBankers.com and REI360.net explore real estate investing, marketing, tech, entrepreneurship, and more.You are what you read (or listen to)! Subscribe now to get the best lessons for a real estate entrepreneur and keep your brain filled with the info that's going to push your business and life in the right direction.About the podcasters (and authors of The Whiteboard book):Jason Balin is a real estate entrepreneur based in Columbia, Maryland. He concentrates the majority of his time as a partner of Hard Money Bankers and the co-founder of REI360.net. Jason started investing in real estate in 2004, a few years after graduating with a B.S. in Management from the University of Delaware. Jason has been featured as a speaker on many radio and internet outlets as well as real estate investment groups. He is recognized in the national real estate industry as a thought leader, expert underwriter, marketer, and true entrepreneur.Chris Haddon is an entrepreneur based in the Washington, DC Metro area operating real estate and internet businesses. Hard Money Bankers, LLC is a commercial lending company he co-founded, with Jason Balin, in 2007 and quickly grew to 25mm in loan volume and 7 figure revenues. This launch required him to: 1) raise 25mm in investor capital when he was in his 20s AND 2) become an expert in web marketing to quickly disrupt a market previously dominated by old school "mom and pop" operations.

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Case Study with Aaron Foster and His Recent 2-Unit Property Acquisition

We dive in with Aaron Foster to discuss how he found this 2-unit opportunity, how he financed it, behind the scenes during his renovation process, how he leased it up, and the current status of the project.

1hr 4mins

21 May 2020

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Would you rather buy a fixer upper or move in ready primary residence #183

Everything you need to think about when making the decision to purchase a primary residence.


20 Oct 2017

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Are You A Business Owner Or Investor? Work On Being Both.... | Private Money Minute #188

Do you ever feel like you're grinding day in and day out on every real estate transaction you're doing? Making good money but never feel like you're getting ahead? You need to change your mindset...here's why.


20 Oct 2017

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Book Review - Am I Being Too Subtle By Sam Zell - Real Estate Mogul

If you're going to succeed in the real estate business, or any business really, then you're going to have to study. Hear our review of Sam Zell's book "Am I Being Too Subtle?" to learn more about real estate!


22 May 2020

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194 - Rental Properties - Equity vs Cashflow + Appreciation

Why do you own rental properties? There are many reason but you need to know why and of course the numbers!


1 Dec 2017

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Do You Use Private Money or Hard Money? | Private Money Minute #103

Jason is talking about the differences between private lenders and hard money lenders and the pros and cons of each. Please comment with which one you prefer and what you like about it!


13 Mar 2017

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Top Tips for Finding Good Real Estate Deals

Looking for a good real estate deal? It may not be as difficult as you think! Jason and Josh Weidman help you navigate finding the best deal in this week's HMB Podcast.


30 Apr 2018

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How To Self - Manage Your Rentals For Max Profitability

Ian Walsh- How to self-manage your rentals for max profitability.


20 Jul 2018

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Be the Best at Business in a Competitive Market | HMB Podcast #100

What are you doing to be competitive in your industry?Chris and Jason are discussing the best practices for doing business in a competitive market. Among their recommendations are to always be marketing and growing, be proactive and creative, and of course, be focused on the bottom line.


19 Oct 2017

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Do You Invest in Your Clients? | HMB Podcast #101

What are you doing to invest in your current clients? Did you know that it costs more money to acquire a new client than it does to retain a current client?


19 Oct 2017

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HMB LIVE #13 - Has The Real Estate Market Taken Any Hits Yet Or Do You Think It Will Long Term

Has the real estate market taken any hits due to the Coronavirus and the resulting shutdowns? We discuss how the pandemic could impact real estate in today's HMB Live!


9 Apr 2020

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5 Tips to Ensure Your Marketing Gets Done | The HMB Podcast Episode #80

Chris and Jason are passionate about marketing. Anyone who has seen any of our content knows that. Today they are giving tips on how to simplify the process and make sure it actually gets done. Watch to find out what they are and then please comment if you have more hacks or if you need more ideas for your own business!


12 Apr 2017

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How To Buy More Properties Without Having To Come Up With More Money

Learn how to leverage your funds to buy more properties without spending more out of pocket. In this HMB Podcast, Jason explains why it is a good idea to get funding through hard money or other lenders.


8 Oct 2018

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189 - Why we stopped buying rental properties

Why Jason and Chris have shifted their real estate buying.


1 Dec 2017

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Success Based on Partnership | Private Money Minute #172

Jason tells a quick success story and explains the deal wasn't successful because of the deal, but because of the partnership.


19 Oct 2017

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Real Estate Deals Must Happen Quickly | Private Money Minute #170

Jason anecdotally explains why you should always do real estate transactions with speed.


19 Oct 2017

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HMB LIVE #9 - What Is The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)?

Learn about the Paycheck Protection Program and its benefits in this HMB Live!


7 Apr 2020

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How To Break Down Your Numbers On A 65% Property Purchase

Know your numbers before investing so you get the best deal with the most profit possible. Watch the video to see how Jason breaks down the costs of a 65% property investment.


25 Mar 2019

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Facebook Advertising and Business Page Updates | Private Money Minute #104

Jason is giving a crash course in how Facebook advertising works and discussing the new format for business pages. Please share how you're using Facebook for your business!


17 Mar 2017

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Internet Marketing, SEO & Reputation Management with Nick Cuttonaro

We're sitting down with Nick Cuttonaro, CEO of The Linkbuilders. He's an Internet Marketing professional specializing in search engine optimization, lead generation, and online reputation management. See how Nick went from dabbling around on the internet in his basement at a young age (and before we really all knew what the internet was capable of) to starting and running several successful internet companies. Check out what we learned!


4 Dec 2017

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