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PharmaTalkRadio is an internet radio podcast platform organized and supported by the Conference Forum to give easy and free access to industry professionals, patient advocacy and students in medicine development. PharmaTalkRadio features industry insiders on the latest strategies, business models, and new innovations to advance clinical research with emphasis on clinical trials, patient- centricity, drug delivery, Immuno-oncology, digital, mobile and other technologies as well as leadership topics and emerging biotech challenges. Also featured on PharmaTalkRadio are podcasts covering a wide range of topics from Conference Forum events.

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Immuno-Oncology 360°: Business Models for Complex Science by Dr Axel Hoos of GSK

Originally presented during the business aspects plenary session at Immuno-Oncology 360° 2017, Dr Axel Hoos of GSK discusses business models for complex science. Save the date for the 4th annual IO360° conference, taking place February 7-9, 2018 in New York City. Dr Hoos returns as lead advisor, as well as moderating a talk called, "Investor Roundtable: The Role of IO within Large Pharma - Where Does it Stand?" with panelists from Citi, Atlas Venture, New Enterprise Associates, and SR One Ltd.


21 Jun 2017

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Keytruda in Combo with Chemo in NSCLC

Originally recorded at the 4th annual Immuno-Oncology 360° 2018 event, Dr Corey Langer, Director, Thoracic Oncology and Professor of Medicine for the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, discusses data on Keytruda in combination with chemotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer.This year, the University of Pennsylvania will be represented by Dr Marco Ruella, Assistant Professor and Scientific Director Lymphoma Program, Division of Hematology and Oncology, Department of Medicine and Center for Cellular Immunotherapies. Dr Ruella will be discussing the next steps for CAR-T therapy for cancer on day three during the Next Generation Cell Therapy PlenaryTo join in on the discussion at the 5th annual IO360 conference taking place February 6-8, 2019 in New York, NY!


11 Dec 2018

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Reimagining Clinical Trials with Entrepreneur, Dr Ben Liu, CEO, Trialspark

During his graduate work, Dr Benjamine Liu observed the many bottlenecks that get in the way of clinical trials slowing the development of new treatments for patients. This challenge inspired him to launch Trialspark.Trialspark partners with doctors to create FDA compliant trial sites within their existing practices (like Airbnb), unlocking the 98% of patients and doctors not involved in trials today and democratizing access to research treatments.  In this podcast discussion with Ben, we discuss how to reimagine clinical trials, entrepreneurism, the rise of Trialspark and reducing the barriers for patients and investigators. Ben will be speaking at DPharm on September 26th in Boston with Dr Ulo Palm, SVP Global Drug Development Operations, Allergan on a case study to scale more efficient clinical trials.For more information about Trialspark, visit www.trialspark.comFor more information about DPharm visit www.theconferenceforum.orgProducer: Valerie Bowling, Executive Director, Pharma Talk Radio and DPharm


17 Aug 2018

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CAR-T Therapy: Optimization Through Engineering T-cells or Combinations

Dr Marco Ruella, Assistant Professor and Scientific Director Lymphoma Program, Division of Hematology and Oncology, Department of Medicine and Center for Cellular Immunotherapies (CCI), Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania focuses on the next steps for CAR-T therapy for cancer, discussing the novel approaches that are being developing in Dr Carl June’s lab including CAR-T combinations with small molecules and gene-editing.Save the date for IO Combinations 360° happening June 20-21, 2019 at the Wyndham Historic District Hotel, Philadelphia, PA and for IO360° happening February 26-28, 2020 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square in New York City.


2 May 2019

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Partnering with Patients on Clinical Development Protocols

Linda Kollmar, Executive Director, Scientific Medical Patient Perspective - Oncology, Merck, shares with the audience at the 6th annual Patients as Partners US conference, Merck's strategy for bringing on a patient, as an equal stakeholder of their clinical development team, to provide patient input in protocol development and trial design. Ms Kollmar walks the audience through how this was done, the role of the patient employee and the impact it has to date on the clinical development initiatives.To learn more about the 7th annual Patients as Partners US conference taking place June 29-30, 2020 in Philadelphia, PA please visit theconferenceforum.org


20 Dec 2019

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Cell & Gene Therapy Day Overview in 4 minutes

In this podcast, Kate Woda, Conference Director provides an overview of Cell & Gene Therapy Day in less than 4 minutes. Cell & Gene Therapy Day takes place on February 27, 2020 in New York City and convenes stakeholders spanning the science and business communities to report on the latest cell and gene therapy progress to fight a wider range of cancers beyond hematologic malignancies.Key Topic Areas: Landscape and Evolution to Marketplace: ProgressNew Scientific Frontiers in Cell Therapies for Solid TumorsCell Therapy Pivotal Developments for Solid TumorsCurrent and Future Innovations Toward GMP Manufacturing of CAR and TCR Engineered T CellsFDA Led Session on the Evolution of Regulatory Policy for Cell & Gene TherapyCell & Gene Therapy Day is available as an independent one day program with a luncheon and networking reception, to learn more please visit theconferenceforum.orgAlternatively, attendees can register for the three day IO360° program, which includes Cell & Gene Therapy Day. For more information on IO360°, please visit www.io360summit.com


4 Dec 2019

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Mobile Technology in Clinical Trials: Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative

Les Jordan, Working Group Member and Cindy Geoghegan, Team Lead for CTTI, the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative, share findings from a multi-stakeholder project undertaken by the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative to better understand patient perspectives on mobile technologies in clinical trials.The survey, conducted amongst 100 patients across multiple therapeutic areas, evaluated the ways patients would be willing to use mobile technologies and the impact on their participation in clinical trials. Additional focus areas included:• Potential impacts of mobile on participant experiences in clinical trials• Patient willingness to share personal health data• Important attributes for designing trials that address patient preferences and expectations• Implications for the research enterpriseCTTI will also be joining the 6th annual Patients as Partners US program on March 11-12 at the Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District Hotel in Philadelphia where they will share newly-released recommendations and actionable tools, understand unique considerations for participants in mobile trials, and opportunities to effectively engage patients during trial planning.For more information on the 6th annual event, visit www.theconferenceforum.org.


15 Jan 2019

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Key Trends in Drug Delivery: Expert Perspective

Opening talk at Drug Delivery West, 2018Key Trends in Drug Delivery: Expert Perspective Randall Mrsny, PhD Professor's Chair, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, University of Bath


23 Jun 2018

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Improving T Cell Therapies via Next Generation Technologies

The pipeline of adoptive T-cell therapies and other cell based immuno-oncology programs continues to expand with a number of modifications and improvements to the first generation programs. These platforms include improved spcificty and delivery - including non-viral platforms, targeting of multiple antigens, editing constructs, and a variety of strategies to address toxicity and the tumor microenvironment. This panel of experts, moderated by Dr Gbola Amusa, Chardan and recorded at the 5th annual Immuno-Oncology 360° Summit, will consider the major technical and clinical improvements to cell based IO therapeutics that will lead to more durable therapies and the ability to treat both liquid and solid tumors.Panelists include:Dr Robert Ang, Neon TherapeuticsDr Usman "Oz" Azam, TmunityMichael Dombeck, Precision BioSciencesDr Aiman Shalabi, GSKSave the date for the 6th annual IO360° Summit on February 26-28, 2020 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square in New York City. Learn more at www.io360summit.com


17 Oct 2019

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How Can We Work with Medical Practices to Offer Patients Clinical Trials?

In this discussion, stakeholders from medical practices, hospitals, service providers, and patient advocacy discuss how medical practices can offer clinical trials to patients. Including:Infrastructure and supportHow to establish physician championsHow to influence leadership supportContacting patientsModerated by: Jennifer Byrne, Founder, Greater Gift InitativePanelists:Judy Hung, MD, Director Trial Innovation Unit, Division of Clinical Research, Massachusetts General HospitalJeff James, CEO, Wilmington HealthGreg Sweatt, Senior EVP Value Based Crae, Co-Founder, ePatient FinderKurt Waldhuetter, VP Research Innovation & Business, Aurora Research InstituteThis panel was presented at the Clinical Research as a Care Option (CRAACO) meeting on April 11, 2018 in Cambridge, MA.The 2019 CRAACO conference will take place April 29-30, 2019 in Raleigh-Durham, NC. Find out more here.


5 Feb 2019

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How do Patients Become Partners in the Sharing of Data to Advance Science?

In this podcast, hear a session from the 2019 Patients as Partners EU conference on How do Patients Become Partners in the Sharing of Data to Advance Science?How to encourage the sharing of suitably anonymized data to further medicines development for the benefit of patients?What are the barriers/issues? Public mistrust of pharma? Language, medical records versus coded data?Speakers:Natalie Banner, PhD, Understanding Patient Data Lead, Wellcome TrustRichard Stephens, Patient/Consumer Lead, Chair Consumer Forum, NCRIThe 4th annual Patients as Partners EU conference will take place on January 27-28, 2020 in London, UK.To learn more about the program and patient centricity in R&D, visit theconferenceforum.org.


6 Nov 2019

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What are the Regulatory and Ethical Concerns of Integrating Care and Research?

In this discussion, CRAACO co-chair, Katherine Vandebelt, Chief Ecosystem Officer, Reify Health, Inc, and Alison Bateman-House, PhD, MPH, MA, Assistant Professor Division of Medical Ethics, NYU Langone Health, consider what lines are being drawn in the integration of clinical care and clinical research. More specifically:Research and care or treatment are separate spheres in the regulatory and ethical worlds. What happens when they are brought together?Are there ethical barriers that need to be overcome to allow clinical research to be offered as an option as part of clinical care?What are the ethical issues that surround offering a patient the opportunity to consider enrolling in a clinical trial?What current efforts are underway to address these issues?This session was presented at the Clinical Research as a Care Option (CRAACO) meeting in April 2018 in Cambridge, MA.The 2019 CRAACO conference will take place April 29-30, 2019 in Raleigh-Durham, NA. Learn more here.


6 Feb 2019

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Patients as Partners in Clinical Research EU 5 Min Upcoming Conf Summary

This 5 minute podcast summary helps prepare listeners on what they can expect at the4th Annual Patients as Partners Europe event, taking place January 27th and 28th in London. The venue is the Millennium Gloucester Hotel.In a nutshell, Patient as Partners is the first conference in Europe dedicated to understanding how working with patients can drive greater clinical trial efficiencies throughout the entire medicines development process. It is ultimately about how to reduce risk in the development of hugely, costly clinical trials through working with patients. It is a wonderful opportunity for pharma and biotech and patient disease advocacy groups to come together and learn from each other. The 2020 Summit is chaired by Claire Nolan, of Charities Research Involvement Group, GSK’s Andrew Garvey and Parexel’s Rosamund Round. Our patient keynote guest is Lesley Gosden. Lesley is a Parkinson’s patient and advocate who participated in the GDNF clinical trial, which was featured on the BBC. For more information, visit the conferenceforum.org.


6 Jan 2020

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Organizational and Digital Restructuring to Scale Mobile Clinical Trials

In this podcast from the 2018 Mobile in Clinical Trials conference, Mohammad Ali, Global Head Digital Trials- Global Clinical Operations, Boehringer-Ingelhiem and Joe Dustin, Principal, Mobile Health, Medidata Solutions discussed the internal infrastructure that is required for the successful scaling of mobile/digital tools in clinical trials.The discussion focuses on how to come to terms with the demand of data, understanding the skill set required to purposefully use the data and implementing an internal system to allow for efficient scaling of mobile trials.?Mohammad Ali is returning to Mobile 2019 to lead an interactive group activity on creating a pathway for brainstorming the digital biomarker process.Speakers: Mohammad Ali, Global Head Digital Trials- Global Clinical Operations, Boehringer-Ingelhiem                  Joe Dustin, Principal, Mobile Health, Medidata Solutions


23 Aug 2019

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How to Innovate like Amazon to Modernize Clinical Trials

This session was presented at the 8th annual DPharm conference in September 2018.When Amazon announced that the creation of a new healthcare company with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase, the move signaled how the company is stepping into the healthcare industry. However, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been working directly with the healthcare and life science industries for quite some time. Life Science Director, Mark Johnston, shares how AWS thinks about innovation, in particular for the life science industry, including clinical trials.More specifically:How AWS looks at problems and transforms processes through new technologiesHow to think about going faster to be more effective in solving problems without the worries of infrastructureHow to imagine what to do next if you were un-trapped by historical baggage and preceived limitationsOpportunities to considerExamplesSpeaker: Mark Johnston, Director of Global Business Development for Health Care, Life Sciences, and Agricultural Technology, Amazon Web ServicesThe 9th annual DPharm will take place on September 17-18 in Boston, MA. Click here for more information.


11 Jul 2019

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Fireside Chat with an R&D Veteran

Dr Jeffrey Chodakewitz, former EVP, Clinical Medicine and External Innovation, CMO at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, joins the Chief Medical Officer Summit for the first time to discuss his incredible journey as a CMO. Recorded at the 7th annual Chief Medical Officer Summit, Dr Chodakewitz sits down with Dr Julie Krop, AMAG Pharmaceuticals to discuss the following:The journeyPrioritizing resourcesSuccesses and failuresOvercoming hurdlesCareer decisionsTransitioning from large pharma to small biotechConsiderations for building your team in large and small companiesLearn more at theconferenceforum.org


3 Dec 2019

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Clinical update on AMG 420, an anti-BCMA BiTE®

In this talk, recorded at the 5th annual IO360° Summit, Dr Alex Minella, Amgen, provides a clinical update on AMG 420, an anti-BCMA BiTE®This talk addresses the:Summary of IND enabling preclinical studiesFirst-in-human trial designFirst-in-human trial data (safety, efficacy)Save the date for the 6th annual Immuno-Oncology 360° Summit on February 26-28, 2020 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square in New York City. Learn more at www.io360summit.com


1 Nov 2019

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Leveraging the Tumor Microenvironment for IO Therapy

First recorded at the 4th annual IO Combinations 360° conference, this talk provided by Dr Kenneth Hance, GSK addresses agonistic strategies, T and NK cell redirection and the use of genetic/phenotypic assocations to identify novel target space in IO.To learn more about the upcoming IO Combinations 360° conference please visit, www.iocombinations360.com


8 Mar 2020

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How to Innovate in the Drug Delivery Space

How to Innovate in the Drug Delivery SpaceWhat does the innovation process look likeThe barrier to the innovation process and how to overcomethemSummary of disease spaceGood design and engineering practicesHow to salvage something that goes wrong?How do you find the unknown unknowns?Does it feel right?Uri BaruchHead of Drug Delivery, Cambridge Design PartnershipThis talk was given at the 2018 Drug Delivery West Meeting.


23 Jun 2018

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Insights from Deal Trends: Betting on Tumor Immunology

In this podcast from the 2019 Immuno-Oncology 360° conference, Cello Health BioConsulting's EVP, Oncology Practice Head, Dr Jeff Bockman discusses deal-making and investments in the I-O space to see what can be learned about the expanding and shifting landscape of BioPharma and investor interest by examining who is placing what kinds of bets on which targets and modalities, at what stage and with what terms.Additional topics include:Where are the next big paradigm shifts going to be?Where is the next great target that will supersize foundational checkpoint therapy?Join us for the 6th annual IO360° conference on February 26-28, 2020 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square hotel in New York City.To learn more about the event, please visit IO360 2020.


29 Aug 2019

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