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Do you want to save and revive your marriage? Create a new life after divorce? Or perhaps help your children through divorce? This show focuses on helping executives, professionals and expats get unstuck, create change, heal their life and relationships after marriage breakdown and divorce. The show includes tips from Nicola Beer, an International Relationship & Divorce coach as well as interviews with best-selling authors, speakers, divorce lawyers and mediators.

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Surviving Infidelity - 9 Steps to Healing After an Affair - marriage counseling

Nicola is an International Relationship & Divorce Coach. She works with executives, professionals and expats across the globe to create change and emotionally heal after marriage breakdown and divorce.Programs Include Marriage Support, Deciding if the Marriage is Over, Divorce Support, Creating a New Life After Divorce, Helping Children with Divorce and Co-Parenting Support For more free resources visit www.purepeacecoaching.com


8 Apr 2015

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Dealing with Jealousy in Relationships - Marriage Counseling

As you are probably aware Jealousy in a relationship is destructive and for some couples it can be so extreme that it destroys it, it can also tear a person apart. Despite this, it can be a fairly common relationship problem to resolve.In this epsiode you will first discover the most common reasons jealousy comes up in relationships. Then learn a simple process to help deal with it. Whether it is you that is more prone to jealousy or your spouse, there are actions you can take to tackle it and create a happier, healthier relationship.Nicola Beer is an International Relationship & Divorce Coach. She works mainly with executives, professionals and expats across the globe, looking to heal and create after marriage breakdown and divorce. Programs Include Marriage Support, Deciding if the Marriage is Over, Divorce Support, Creating a New Life After Divorce, Helping Children with Divorce and Co-Parenting Support www.purepeacecoaching.com


8 Apr 2015

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Were Only Staying Together For The Children

When couples come to me saying that "we're only together for the children" I can't help but feel concerned for their future happiness and marriage and like to suggest an alternative plan. You see when couples think, say and believe that there is nothing else but their children holding them together, they destroy their connection. As it implies they have willingly agreed to a life of misery, accepting something they wish they could avoid. If you have begun to associate your spouse and the marriage, with being negative, unhappy and trapped, unfortunately that is what you are likely to experience and this will typically grow worse over time not get better unless you change something... In this episode you will learn what to do if you only believe your together for the children. From my heart to yours Nicola Nicola Beer International Relationship Coach www.purepeacecoaching.com


24 Apr 2016

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Dealing With An Angry & Difficult Ex During Divorce

Dealing With Your Ex’s Anger During DivorceWhat can you do if your Ex is angry, playing dirty, being manipulative and aggressive during divorce? In this episode I share 4 steps to dealing with an angry ex during a divorce. These steps have been proven to help those struggling with a difficult ex, de-stress and reduce financial and emotional cost of divorce.Nicola Beer, helps couples on the verge of a break up save their marriage, as well as help individuals create a new life after divorce and find love again. She also helps children through divorce in her parenting programs. Take advantage of her 3 e-books on her website “7 Secrets to Saving Your Marriage.” “10 Simple Steps You Can Take Now to Creating a New Life after Divorce” “Protect Children through Divorce – Avoid the common pitfalls most parents make” Visit www.purepeacecoaching.com


12 Sep 2015

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Combat Separation Anxiety & Divorce Fears in 3 Steps

The first conversation and thoughts about ending your marriage often results in numerous questions, doubts and fears come flooding in.If you’re unsure, you may think it’s safer to ignore and bury your feelings but this won’t help you long-term. Fears must be dealt with, addressed or put to rest, in order to gain peace of mind and move forward. Especially if you have made the decision to leave.Many clients share with me that before they booked my programs they were barely functioning, couldn’t eat, sleep their mind was constantly racing with a huge list of what if’s.Many have questions like: Will the children be ok? Will I survive financially? Will anyone ever want to be with me? How will I pay for everything? Will I regret my decision? Will I be ok on my own?Use this 3 step process to deal with separation and anxiety and divorce fears. For more free resources get my FREE e-books:7 Secrets To Save Your Marriage http://www.purepeacecoaching.com/services-4/marriagecounseling/7 Steps to Create a New Life After Breakup & Divorcehttp://www.purepeacecoaching.com/manifesting-a-new-life/Protect Children Through Divorcehttp://www.purepeacecoaching.com/help-childrenwithdivorce/Nicola Beer – International Relationship Coach www.purepeacecoaching.com#nicola_beer_dxb


3 Jan 2016

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When Will I Stop Feeling Guilty? 7 Truths to Eliminate Post Breakup & Divorce Guilt

When will I stop feeling guilty? Is a question that comes up frequently in my private online sessions. Typically it's where after much deliberation and consideration someone has decided to leave their marriage and cannot shake off the breakup and divorce guilt. Some worry about how their ex has taken the news, others are consumed with fears about the impact it will have on their children. Then there are those who feel guilty for causing pain, shame and disrespect to their parents and extended family.Often they will say to me:"I know I've done the right thing, it would be far worse for all concerned if I stayed for guilt alone... BUTWhen will I stop feeling guilty?" Here my reply and the 7 truths you need to know about Guilt to free yourself.


20 Apr 2016

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I Just Want to Know Why They Did That? Marriage Break Down & Divorce Advice

Are you fixated on wanting to why your partner or ex did or didn’t do something?Relentlessly questioning why your partner or ex does or doesn’t do something can be frustrating, draining and leaving you feeling confused, disappointed and angry…I listen to individuals in my coaching frequently saying that they just don’t understand WHY their spouse did this or they cannot get WHY their ex would behave in such a vindictive way.Being Fixated and STUCK in a spiral of never ending Why thoughts is a nightmare.I know this, because I’ve been there…In this episode you will learn some tips to help you let go of the why fixation into PEACENicola Beer International Relationship & Divorce Coachwww.purepeacecoaching.comfor more free resources visit www.purepeacecoaching.com


28 Oct 2015

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Why Do People Cheat? Infidelity, Affairs, Cheating Husband or Cheating Wife

A common question for couples after the discovery of an affair is Why did I cheat... here I cover this. If you are struggling in your marriage right now - book a free consultation at www.savemymarriageprogram.com


7 May 2017

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Avoid Awkward Conversations After Divorce and Separation - Marriage Counseling and Divorce Support

Have you ever been asked “Who wanted the Divorce?” “What Happened?” or other inappropriate, personal or awkward questions and not know how to respond? If yes this episode is for you. You will learn 5 different responses to handle difficult or inappropriate questions. As well as to guard yourself from nosy family members, co-workers and gossipers. In this episodes you will learn 5 tips to handling conflict in marriage. Nicola is an International Relationship & Divorce Coach. She works with executives, professionals and expats across the globe to create change and emotionally heal after marriage breakdown and divorce.Programs Include: Marriage Support, Deciding if the Marriage is Over, Divorce Support, Creating a New Life After Divorce, Helping Children with Divorce and Co-Parenting Support For more free resources visit www.purepeacecoaching.com


8 Apr 2015

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Regret Over Wasted Time - 5 Tips to Let Go & Move Forward

You can waste your food. You can waste your money. You can waste your clothes...But wasting time is a whole other ball game. I'm not referring to the hour you spent in traffic or 2 hours you spent watching a trashy movie. I am talking about months and years of wasted time people stay in unhappy relationships. Where they either hope things will get better over time or don't want to give up on time they have already invested.One of biggest regrets I hear time and time again is YEARS of wasted time. In this episode you will here 5 tips to really let go of regret and move forward. For more free resources get my free e-books "7 Secrets To Save Your Marriage" or "10 steps to creating a new life after Divorce" www.purepeacecoaching.com


27 May 2016

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Divorce Without Destroying Your Family - Joryn Jenkins Talks About Collaborative Divorce

Joryn Jenkins is a trial attorney with 35 years of courtroom experience, now in private practice at Open Palm in Tampa, where she concentrates on the collaborative practice of family law. She is the author of War or Peace, Avoid the Destruction of Divorce Court. In this episode you will learn about how the collaborative process works and its many benefits. You will also discover some tips to help you decide what process to follow and where to get further support.Joryn helps people divorce each other without destroying their families and their bank accounts. She is passionate about this because her parents divorced when she was seven years old and her mother packed them into the van and moved 3000 miles away. She never saw her father again.She doesn’t want to see that happen to other children, to other families. She is known for helping her clients restructure their families, not destroy them.For more information on Joryn and the wonderful work she does contact her at www.collaborativepractice.comNicola Beer is an International Relationship and Divorce Coach that supports couples, individuals and their children to heal and create change following marriage breakdown and divorce. for more free resources visit www.purepeacecoaching,com


16 Jun 2015

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Want to Change Your Life? Law of Attraction Interview with Expert Chris Spink

Do you have any specific obstacles or challenges in your life or relationship you’re ready to overcome?Are you open to learn about and acquire powerful mindset changing tools to take your life to the next level?If you answered yes to these questions check out this interview with Chris Spink, Law of Attraction Coach, International Best-Selling author, who has thousands of students enrolled in his courses from all around the world. In this episode he gives one of his courses for FREE.JUST INTERESTED IN THE FREE OFFER SCROLL TO THE END In this interview Chris cover's • The number one obstacle to achieving ultimate success and manifesting your ideal life• And how to overcome this obstacle and learn about one of the most powerful mind tools you can use to transform your life• Chris will also teach you a quick and easy tool to relax and reduce stress at any time.• Plus at the end of the call he will be making you two offers you cannot refuse, which will help you turn your life around to be able to manifest all your dreams and desires.• WANT THE FREE LAW OF ATTRACTION COURSE NOW copy this link http://bit.ly/nttnt4free - normally $47 now for a limited time FREEclick here now http://bit.ly/nttnt4free PP.S If you like these posts you may also like 7 Secrets To Save Your Marriage www.purepeacecoaching.com/services-4/marriagecounseling


21 Jun 2016

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10 Tips To Handling Conflict in Marriage - Marriage Counseling and Divorce Advice with Nicola Beer

It does not matter whether you are dating, newlyweds or been married for years’ conflicts in relationships are both normal and natural, and healthy conflicts are a sign of a healthy marriage. But the problem is many of us refuse to engage in healthy conflicts, we insist we are right and the other person wrong. We refuse to listen, this must be avoided if we want healthy, stable and positive relationships.In this episodes you will learn 10 tips to handling conflict in marriage.The six most common marriage conflicts Nicola helps individuals and couples with are financial, sex, child-raising, family commitment, family interference and work interference she will address each of these in future episodes so be sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss out. Nicola is an International Relationship & Divorce Coach. She works mainly with executives, professionals and expats across the globe to create change and emotionally heal after marriage breakdown and divorce.Programs Include Marriage Support, Deciding if the Marriage is Over, Divorce Support, Creating a New Life After Divorce, Helping Children with Divorce and Co-Parenting Support For more free resources visit www.purepeacecoaching.com


8 Apr 2015

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Marriage Advice How to Deal With I'm Not in Love with You

It's a confusing statement for sure. The good thing about it is the "I Love You" is it means care, and care is necessary for a healthy happy marriage. So what about the - Not "In Love" The majority of us falsely assume from love stories in tabloids, TV series, celebrity news and movies that once that happens that's it. We are taught that Love is something you find and that's it - The END. That is just not true. I'll address what you can do to save your marriage and prevent divorce if this is true for you. Looking for more tips to improve your marriage? Get the FREE Report - 7 Secrets to Saving Your Marriage! And learn: • The 6 Essential Keys to Keeping a Marriage Happy • How to Increase Love, Happiness and Passion in your marriage in less than 2 weeks! • How to Motivate and Inspire Your Spouse To Change • How to Overcome Past Hurt, Resentment, so You can Rebuild Respect & Trust Get the 7 Secrets Now - http://savemymarriageprogram.com/7-secrets


16 Apr 2017

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Anxiety - 5 Steps to Overcome Separation & Divorce Anxiety

Fear of an uncertain future can stop us from doing great things, keep us holding onto things that hurt us, listen to 5 Secret Steps to deal with separation and divorce anxiety that work for hundreds of my clients.Currently I am working with clients online in London, New York, Mumbai, Melbourne, Phoenix, Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as in person coaching in Dubai. Despite the differences in culture, religion, and location, fear of an uncertain future, separation and divorce anxiety is widespread.Many wonder whether they will be happy in the future, have enough money, find someone they love. Others worry about their children. How will the children be affected, will their children forgive them for leaving, the affair or divorce. Some are concerned about how family, friends, colleagues, business partners will react to their divorce. Then there are those who are still in grief, dealing with the loss and questioning whether the pain, stress, frustration, guilt, sadness or resentment will ever pass.The common theme between them is the desire to know if they will be happy again. Some anxiety over an uncertain future is natural. But constantly thinking about it is draining and damaging. If this is you work through the 5 powerful steps I am sharing with you today. If you are looking for further support contact me today. visit www.purepeacecoaching.com or email nicola@purepeacecoaching.com From my heart to yours, Nicola Divorce, marriage counseling, co-parenting, divorce support, divorce law, marriage coaching, relationship support, single parent, expats, professionals, financial services,


25 Jul 2015

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Recovering from Affairs and Multiple Marriages - Lesson 4 of 7

Since working with individuals over the years to heal from infidelity and multiple marriages, I have learnt what successful rebuilders do compared to those unsuccessful in repairing their relationships after affairs.Whilst there is no denying that affairs can destroy love, relationships and self-confidence, they don’t have to.As long as the betrayer follows some crucial steps to help their spouse heal and together the couple look at ways to improve and strengthen their marriage.in this episode I cover 6 things that are vital in recovery after affairs, my lessons from the 12 years I have been working with individuals with emotional distress and couples.I hope they are useful, from my heart to yours Nicola www.purepeacecoaching.com - Nicola Beer - International Relationship & Divorce Coach


29 Nov 2015

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When Past Hurts Affect Your Current Love Relationship

WHEN PAST HURTS AFFECTS YOUR LOVE RELATIONSHIPS Past hurts from our previous relationships or even our childhood can get in the way of our current relationship happiness. When our partner says or does something we may get triggered and over react as: • We may fear history repeating itself • We may feel like we have been here before and know the score!• We may get angry, bitter and start doubting the relationship • We may want to run It is difficult to stop our past from affecting our current relationships. Bad experiences can make us more suspicious, anxious, jealous, careful and judgmental. I know I have been there. Perhaps you have too? I've worked with countless men and women who have been hurt and become fearful and bitter as a result of their past experiences. However instead of allowing it to cause havoc in their love life, they have used it to embark on a journey of healing and change towards greater happiness. Today I am going to outline 6 steps to help you today, start freeing yourself right now. For more free resources and e-books on relationships and divorce visit www.purepeacecoaching.com


8 Jun 2016

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Co-parenting After Divorce - Child Refuses to See One Parent

Let’s face it co-parenting after divorce isn’t easy. Many children of divorce go through a roller-coaster of emotions like their parents do when the family splits. Children may isolate. Have angry outbursts. Refuse to eat. Cry. Say horrible things. Throw tantrums. But what do you do if they refuse to see you or your ex-spouse? It’s a delicate and difficult situation for all involved and one that needs to be handled carefully. What to do in this situation will be addressed in this episode Nicola Beer is an International Relationship and Divorce Coach. Helping couples save their marriage or individuals and children get through and create a new life after divorce.nicola@purepeacecoaching.com www.purepeacecoaching.com


18 May 2015

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Forgiveness - How Not Forgiving Your Ex or Partner Harms You

Are you struggling to forgive your ex or current partner?Are you still carrying a grudge, feel resentment or anger towards them?In all romantic relationships there will be times where the one you love will hurt you. It could be something small, like a comment on the way you look, not calling when they said they would or forgetting important dates. Then there are bigger issues; infidelity, insulting your family, abusive or addictive behavior. When divorce begins one or both parties can become very spiteful. When you’re hurt, how do you respond? Can you let go or do you want revenge? There is no time table on forgiveness, but if you are holding a grudge for a long period of time recognize that you are hurting you. Whether you are in a relationship, separated or divorced research shows holding frustration, bitterness and resentment within you in is bad for you and your blood pressure. It also causes stress, anxiety and can reduce your overall life expectancy. Listen and learn one step to let it go. To read this article visit www.purepeacecoaching.com/blog If you want more free resources then visit www.purepeacecoaching.com for free e-books “10 Steps You can Take now to Create a New Life after Divorce”“Protect Children Through Divorce – Avoid the 3 common pitfalls most parents make.” “7 secrets to saving your marriage” Hope these resources help, from my heart to yours Nicola


24 Jul 2015

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Help Children Thrive After Divorce - Using Universal Laws from Amazon Best Seller

From the Amazon Best Seller - I read you my chapter which is designed to inspire parents help their children through separation. We all know that marriage breakdown, separation and divorce is stressful and painful time for all involved, especially children. Despite parents best efforts to protect them children may feel confused, frustrated and scared. No parent going through or coming out of divorce needs the added stress, anxiety and worry of how their actions are negatively affecting their children. I've worked with families where children have found out about affairs, been caught up in custody battles and where the parents amicably and peacefully explain that they just don't love each other anymore. In all cases many parents struggle when it comes to knowing what to say and how to explain it. Whilst what to say depends on the circumstances, their age, gender, maturity and culture; over the years I have found it beneficial to use the universal laws to help parents minimize the damage their children experience. Wouldn't it mean the world to you to see the children in your life not only survive but thrive through any marriage problems, separation and divorce? Of course it would. This is possible through teaching them the universal laws. So much has been written about the law of attraction and abundance; rightly so, they are powerful. Yet the other laws are equally beneficial, I cover the best 5 universal laws to use when helping children and their parents through separation and divorce: #1 The Law of Growth #2 The Law of Acceptance #3 The Law of Polarity #4 The Law of Oneness #5 The Law of Relativity I also list engaging exercises for each law you can do with children to demonstrate the law's power. This is part one of two - from my heart to yours Nicola - www.purepeacecoaching.com


3 Mar 2017

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