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A better life starts with a better you! Learn the tools you need to show up stronger in your life, for your family and in your work. Rediscover your confidence, get motivated and get ready to achieve goals you didn’t realize were possible as Tonya guides you on a journey of mindset work and personal, professional and spiritual development to embrace the version of yourself that is capable of achieving anything—and does!

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062 - Where Passion Meets Impact with Nathalie Lussier

Today's guest, Nathalie Lussier, is passionate about helping others find their passion and make an impact in the world. She has made some big goals to help others and is talking about them today. Nathalie has helped many companies generate millions of dollars on a national and international scale by promoting a change in mentality within team management and teaching techniques to do the right things at the right time efficiently and thus achieve goals. Nathalie was very successful in the corporate world, though something was missing.  Like many other people she wasn’t feeling fulfilled. She decided to leave the corporate world and with a career objective of being able to help people maximize their skills.  By combining all the elements of the tools and knowledge she has acquired during her career she can put it to use on a larger scale. Entrepreneur and founder of Nathalie Lussier Impact, Nathalie offers people from anywhere in the world the ability to awaken their passions for them to live the life they have dreamed of and to stay completely connected. She also works with other conscious entrepreneurs who have a deep desire to live their passions as well as having a positive social impact, all while generating an income they have set without sacrificing their relationships and free time.  To help these heart centered entrepreneur to spread their message to the world, she created a very successful program Connect, Serve & Make Money. IN THIS EPISODE 3:35 Nathalie worked for many years in corporate business and ended up getting burned out. While she was working with people in corporate business on their separate passion projects, she saw that they loved the independent projects. This led her to want to encourage that love and that's when her entrepreneurship journey started. Her goal is to inspire 10,000 people which is what led her to start the Do What You Really Love! summit. 6:59 She says everyone has a passion. You can find your passion. To Nathalie, the definition of the word passion is if you're passionate about something, it means to build a life that you want. You will have a bunch of elements in life and you can follow those to find the true path to purpose. 10:06 Your passions will change throughout life. Think about all the proponents that create your life and write down what you're passionate about. Think about it as "when my life is ideal, I am having ____." You don't want to create something you don't want to live out. 11:30 Intention, attention and no tension. The power of intention and being clear about what you want. Once you find your passion, set the intention and become clear about what you want. Attention - take actions to getting to where you want. No tension - there is a force that will help you get where you want to be. Nathalie says her way of living is to set her attention for what she wants or something better. 16:25 You need to focus on what you really want in life because there is so many distractions in life. Nathalie ranks her passions and uses her top 5 passions which guide her. She uses her passions to filter her life. If choices don't match up with her passions, she won't do things. 19:10 If you have a passion, it's because there's something there that you can build a business around. There is a niche or a market for it. By telling yourself that there is business, you need to not tell yourself that, but go back and set an intention around that business idea. You create what you want to create in your life. 21:42 The Do What You Really Love! has a lot of great people joining Nathalie on her summit. Her criteria for her contributors have gone through very painful things and who have come through them and overcome those to live the dream they want. With their stories, they've built what they want to have. 25:31 We are in the world to make an impact, don't let go of the dream to make an impact. Ask for help. Because we need to be together. The power and energy we have right now on the planet are about co-creation and if we are together, we can move mountains. [bctt tweet="Passion is like bread crumbs that guide you to your true purpose." username="tonyarineer"] KEY TAKEAWAYS Nathalie's goal is to inspire 10,000 people which is what led her to start the Do What You Really Love! summit. Passion is like bread crumbs that guide you to your true purpose. She says everyone has a passion. Intention, attention and no tension You need to focus on what you really want in life because there is so many distractions in life. EPISODE RESOURCES Episode 004: Why you need a Do Not List Do What You Really Love! Summit *affiliate link Free Money Mindset Training- just in case you're ready to take your profit power to the next level! Hang out with us inside our free Facebook Community- where every day is a party! CONTINUE THE PARTY WITH NATHALIE Nathalie Lussier Impact Facebook page 

1 Aug 2017

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088 - 4 Money Mindset Tips to Pay Off Your Debt

IN THIS EPISODE You want to be in a money mindset that is in line with your values, beliefs,  and alignment with current reality.  This is going to be the big shift.  When you have the "put it on a credit card mentality," and spending more than you are bringing in, you are creating a deficit and, even, manifesting debt. Instead, you want to get into the driver's seat and tell your money what to do instead of allowing your money to manipulate your emotions. Here's how to do that. Create a Splurge Fund Back in the day, it was the money (birthday, chores, holidays) you would put in a jar to save for something big. Back then your money wasn't allocated for the shoulds, it was all pleasure. You can still do that now. If you are a cash-based household, use an envelope or drawer for your blow off money. If you do online banking, open a separate bank account. Make sure you set aside a certain amount every week. Get disciplined about the only money you spend coming from your splurge fund until you are ridiculously rich.  Use Cash This is the detox to change your patterns and thinking process. Cash makes you consciously aware of what you are spending. It only takes one time at the register with $300 worth of stuff and only $250 on you to change your habit. It feels weird admitting that you have to put some items back. From that point forward your subconscious brain will do everything to avoid that feeling. It will make you bring a calculator or have you do the math. Paying attention to cash only spending will lead you to have the excess for the splurge fund. Freeze Your Credit Cards For me, I cut them up. It was painful for a minute but rewarding in the end. I actually cried. If cutting them up is too scary, freeze them in the freezer. Take a tupperwear container and put them in there with water. You need to have an ice pick to get them out. Have someone hide them from you. Make it hard.  Have a Petty Cash Fund This is a cash fund that is only tapped into for emergencies. You don't use your splurge money for emergencies, instead you use your petty cash fund. Like in a business, a petty cash fund relies on tracking that money. Anytime money needs to be used, even if it is something like lunch money for the kids, it has to be signed by all of the financial decision makers in the house. This way you are held accountable to replenish that money.   Let's Chat More Now that you've got these four tips for shifting your mindset and paying off debt, head on over to the Facebook Group and let us know how your mindset is shifting and how this is working for you on your debt repayment. [bctt tweet="I'm going to tell my money what to do rather than letting my money manipulate my emotions and tell me what to do." username="tonyarineer"] KEY TAKEAWAYS 1:52 What's possible tomorrow definitely has everything to do with the choices you make today, the way you decide to show up, the thoughts that you think, the vibration you choose to live in - all of that creates your tomorrow. But today is a product of your past. 2:44 Although, you can pretend everything's good but that underlying emotion that that debt is creating is shame, guilt fear struggle scarcity. We don't want that in our life! 3:20 I'm going to tell my money what to do rather than letting my money manipulate my emotions and tell me what to do. EPISODE RESOURCES Hang out with us inside our free Facebook Community- where every day is a party!

7 Nov 2017

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Why the Law of Attraction Isn't Working - RYV 149

What we don't realize is that our negative thought patterns are the very things that create negative emotions and sabotaging behaviors. They are blocking the things that we want most from manifesting. There's something you've got your eye on. You've been thinking about it for quite some time and it's just not happening for you. This episode is for you because we are going to address why it seems that the law of attraction isn't working in your favor. Now, here's the thing. The law of attraction is a law. It's a universal law like the law of gravity. It's always working. You can't turn it on and off. That's just not possible. The question is, whether you are allowing it to work in your favor, or if you're blocking the energy, which means it's almost working against you, or at least it feels that way. There are several major reasons why that is. So we're going to talk about those today.   The mistakes you are making: You know what to do You manifest in desperation mode You don't believe it's possible for you You don't do as you say.   Your vibe is super important. You've got to get it up and keep it up. You've got to notice when your fuel tank gets down to about three-quarters of a tank and take the time to fill it to the max and keep it there all day long. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a radar detector or some kind of an alarm system that told you when you were down to three-quarters of a tank? Join my tribe and get tools for your toolbox: https://tonyarineer.com/tribe Get the full shownotes: https://tonyarineer.com/149

25 Mar 2019

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102 - How to Manifest Like Magic

When you manifest from a state of gratitude and master the art of letting go, your manifestations feel like magic. You are manifesting every day, whether you are choosing to or not.

6 Feb 2018

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107 - Creating Space to Manifest Your Desires

When you make the space in your life and schedule for yourself you are able to manifest your desires. Manifestation depends on your vibe.

20 Mar 2018

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099 - The Trickle Effect of a Positive Mindset

When you focus on cultivating a positive mindset in one area of your life, you can see the trickle effect into the other areas of your life.

9 Jan 2018

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116 - Raising Your Vibration With The Law Of Attraction

Whenever you are feeling down, low vibe and starting to get tired or starting to lose your momentum midday, there are replacements for that 2 o’clock candy bar or caffeine fix that you need. When you are intensely focused on something that you desire and you're starting to feel impatient because it isn't coming yet, there are ways to get it out of your head and change the subject. There are ways for you to de-stress and turn a bad mood around. Learn how you can start raising your vibration with the Law of Attraction in a few quick and simple steps.

29 May 2018

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139 - 7 Spiritual Laws of Wealth

These 7 Spiritual Laws will help you attain the wealth and abundance you desire. Sometimes they're referred to as universal laws. They are operating in the background whether you are consciously aware nor not. It's like gravity, it's always working, whether you want it to or not. When you learn to recognize them and work them, you are able to make sure they work in your favor instead of feeling like they are working against you. It is simply a matter of making a few mindset shifts to get into the flow of abundance. This is a high-vibe energetic state with positive energy. Because you are putting out the positive energy, you are getting positive results. But following these spiritual laws you will be shifting your vibe and getting into flow where money will just come naturally and easily to you. This is the perfect episode for you!

1 Jan 2019

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115 - Story Strategy: Standing Apart From The Competition with Christie Bilbrey

Christie Bilbrey is a marketing and story strategist. After focusing exclusively on marketing strategy for much of her career, she realized more was needed to stand apart from the competition, engage an audience, and influence buying decisions. Christie spent a year studying story techniques from screenwriters, authors, and business writers to develop a method that approaches storytelling specifically aimed at helping business owners quickly draw in and convert audiences to buyers. She now works with business owners to view their stories differently, developing their confidence while sharing their heart, expertise, and journey in well-packaged stories sprinkled throughout their marketing. 

22 May 2018

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093 - 3 types of events that will skyrocket your business

IN THIS EPISODE Each event benefits you in a very different way and each is a critical component of a balanced business. Think of your business as a 3-legged stool, with each of these components being it's own leg. Too much or too little of one component and you'll be off balance and your business will come crashing down. Networking Events When you attend a networking event, the purposeful intention you need to set is to meet a specific person or type of person. You go to meet potential clients, collaborators or referral partners. The event you choose to fulfill this need will depend on your intention. If you want to mingle with potential clients, you'll choose an event that is filled with audience members that meet your ideal customer avatar.  If you're interested in guest appearing on podcasts, for instance, you might choose and event that caters to podcasters or if you're planning to write a book, you might attend an event that caters to publishers and editors. Lastly, if your purpose for attending an event is to mingle with potential referral partners, you'll first have to determine who those potential partners are. For more information on this, listen to  "Your most important business asset" where I walk you though how to exactly how to fill your network with lead-generating referral partners. Whatever your purposeful intention is, you walk away from a networking event with new connections that will convert - either directly or indirectly - into clients and revenue. For a networking event, identify who you want to meet and why, then go hang out where those people are. Skill-Specific Event These types of events will advance your own skill set that will help you grow your business. If you're bootstrapping your business, you might attend events that teach things like content strategy, how to construct a sales funnel or business plan or how to navigate the ever-changing world of social media marketing.If you're new to business and don't know where to start, you might attend a conference designed to help you discover your "why" and get clarity around your business message and target market. Another skill-specific type of event would be continuing education where you're expanding the knowledge of your niche. If you're a copy writer, you might attend an event on SEO to learn how to optimize copy for your clients. If you're a nutritional coach, you might attend a seminar to learn about food allergies and prevention. Either way, you walk away from a skill-specific business conference or event with a deeper understanding of the subject matter you went there to learn and the skills needed to immediately inject that new knowledge into your business. Mindset Event This type of event is an absolute MUST for your business. No, I'm not just saying this because I"m a mindset coach, or because I have an event coming up (hint, hint). I'm saying this because working on your INNER GAME is critical to your growth as an entrepreneur. You can gain skills till the cows come home and you can network until you've got potential clients blowing up your phone, but without the confidence and mindset needed to turn those skills and potential leads into paying clients, and then up level and leverage that business, you'll end up on the hamster wheel forever- hustling like a dog but not getting any further ahead of where you were last year. The reason you attend a mindset retreat or event is to work on the mental blocks and limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success and keeping you stuck where you're currently at. You go with the intention of doing inner work and reflection to discover what's not working and why. Then go through the steps necessary to declutter the thoughts and beliefs that are stopping you from getting the results you want. You leave with an action plan and a newfound sense of empowerment, confidence and readiness to push beyond your previous limits and take that next step in your business - which means attracting clients, making money and succeeding in ways that you weren't able to do before. Balancing The Three Events So, how are you going to balance your 3-legged stool? Now that you know what you're looking for, you can keep an eye out for the business events that will serve you best in each of these categories. As we wrap up today, I'd like to live you with a little reminder... You are your best investment. You control the outcome of your business. When it comes to making these important decisions, remember: do something today that your future self with thank you for. Let's Chat More Head on over to the Facebook Group and let us know what events you will be going to in 2018! And be sure to subscribe to this podcast because in a future episode I'm going to break down how to make it possible to attending these super affordable- and an easy no-brainer! Next week, we've got a great episode on the right and wrong way to set goals for the upcoming new year. This info is like gold when it comes to business sanity and maintaining a healthy mindset throughout the year so be sure to tune in for that one. [bctt tweet="You need to go to these three events every year for your business to grow exponentially." username="tonyarineer"] KEY TAKEAWAYS 9:22 You definitely want to be able to take and use an event as a reason to create momentum in your business so you can start growing it. But you can't grow it if you don't take action, right? Learning is only half the battle. If you want to really create new patterns of success in your brain and you want to condition your brain for success you have to not only learn a new skill, you have to be able to put it into action. 13:20 There is magic when you balance these three out, because you go to an event with one intention: to meet a certain type of person or a certain individual, to hone, learn or master a skill, or to work on yourself and release blocks and grow your confidence. The byproduct is always going to be the other two things automatically. Anytime you go to an event you're going to get these three things. 13:54 If you continue to look for events that meet one of these criteria and cycle through them, your business, without you even worrying about the how it will happen, will start to grow. 15:17 I want to empower you with the knowledge you need to make really good business decisions. EPISODE RESOURCES Get an advanced copy of the Mindset Switch book by joining our pre-list and we'll keep you updated on all of the goodies. Hang out with us inside our free Facebook Community- where every day is a party!

28 Nov 2017

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076 - Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

We all have money mindset issues that we are consistently working to improve, yes, even me. In my latest challenge, I helped others to identify their mindset issues and work through them - this is what we found out and how you can work through your mindset blocks too. IN THIS EPISODE 0:27 I'm going to give feedback from the recent Money Mindset challenge we just completed in the Profit Party Facebook group. We switch this up depending on what people need help with, whether it's goals, the way we think about money, the way we step out and go into the next step in business. Well, that's my jam and that's what I love to help you figure out and that's what we did last week. When we got to the point where we needed to take action and implement, that's the hardest part. When it comes to implementation, we did a little bit of goal setting, looked at what's not serving us and something that doesn't require a lot of actions. 2:14 As soon as you take a step out of your comfort zone, it's like the life jacket comes off and you're swimming out in the middle of the ocean. You start to question if people are going to judge you, is it safe out here? There are so many unknowns that start to trigger us and we start to get anxiety and fear and uncomfortableness. And we decide we need to make it better, get a little more practice or maybe it's simple things like wanting to redo a room like I wanted to do for a YouTube video. These things are excuses when I allowed myself to get in my own way because I was uncomfortable talking about the information for the video. 4:30 We let ourselves get in our own way because we are afraid of being rejected and less than enough or less than perfect. We're afraid that we'll not be received in a way that we want. And that's a scary thing. But we all know intellectually that that has to happen. We have to learn how to stretch ourselves if we want to grow in our business. Julie Neale said "we have to be stretched but not a strain." A stretch is uncomfortable but not painful. Learning to tell the difference between uncomfortableness and pain in business is really important. 5:56 How do you know what the next step is? Well, you can ask yourself a few questions. Feel free to put me on pause and grab a pen and paper. Take 15-minutes for each question. You can take a walk, a bubble bath, meditate, go reconnect with nature. Discover what you're feeling right now - when you think about taking the next step to grow your business and stretch yourself, how do you feel? What do you want to feel? This is about getting in tune with your desired results. It's not always a quantitative result but it's how you want to feel. A lot of times when my student or clients go through this, it's often fear or anxiety. What do you want to feel instead of negative feelings? There's no wrong answer here. What do you need to declutter or get rid of in order to feel that way? What words do you need to stop using? What thoughts do you need to stop allowing? What emotions do you need to declutter? There might be some actions here. It might mean boycotting a person or ignore your schedule so you can get your mojo back? We do a lot of work on this and this is where you flip your switch takes place. Do something. What is that action step? As little as it may be, identify it. Have an accountability partner or come over to the Profit Party Facebook group and tell us what it is. You'll see people step up to support you and tell you that you are not alone. Do the thing that scares you. Sit back and relax and let the magic happen. This is where you get to allow the prosperity and abundance happen. 10:57 If you're still hung up on the rejection part, what about it is tripping you up? Who are you afraid is going to reject you? Can you change that outcome to allow only those who will love you to be around you? Not everyone is going to love you. Think about your favorite music artist - does everyone love them? No. There are plenty of people who receive good and bad reviews and if you focus on the negative, then that's where you'll be and it will hold you back. But if you focus on where you're going, and that's where you're meant to be than you need to do it. Take one little baby step. If you start to make that shift of the fear of rejection. You can do EFT or tapping to release the negative thoughts for anything. You can join me on YouTube and practice with me. 14:51 If you want to go a little deeper and take all of the steps you need to take in your business and have guidance, head over to the Profit Party Academy and see if it's right for you. You can schedule a 15-minute call with me to see if it's a good fit. [bctt tweet="We let ourselves get in our own way because we are afraid of being rejected and less than enough or less than perfect." username="tonyarineer"] KEY TAKEAWAYS We let ourselves get in our own way because we are afraid of being rejected and less than enough or less than perfect. As soon as you take a step out of your comfort zone, it's like the life jacket comes off and you're swimming out in the middle of the ocean. Learning to tell the difference between uncomfortableness and pain in business is really important. I'll give you some questions to see where you're going and help you move through the uncomfortable. If you're still hung up on the rejection part, what about it is tripping you up? You can do EFT or Tapping to help you get rid of negative feelings. EPISODE RESOURCES EFT/Tapping video Free Money Mindset Training- just in case you're ready to take your profit power to the next level! Hang out with us inside our free Facebook Community- where every day is a party!

19 Sep 2017

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113 - Design Life the Way You Want

Never allow other people to affect your decisions, your self-worth and your value. Because what really happens is they are reflecting their limitations and issues on to you. Decide on your own worth and the value that you provide to other people. It’s your business so you are the only person who gets to design your life and value, serve people the way you choose and make an impact the way you want.

8 May 2018

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105 - How to Start a Mastermind

Being a part of a mastermind is so valuable. Starting one that fits your needs is a great way to grow your business through support and collaboration.

27 Feb 2018

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095 - How to Overcome the Fear of Making Money

Even if you don't think you fear making money, even a sliver of fear will shape your success. We all have conflicting emotions inside of us, battling fear.

12 Dec 2017

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126 - Moving Past Negative Emotions And Mastering Your Mindset

No matter how bright and sunny the world is, we can’t help but be cocooned into our own world of fear and negativity. These undeniably keep us from ever pushing ourselves to a better path and reaching goals and dreams. Tonya shares some tips to help move past the negative emotions and go forward by mastering your mindset. Laying down overcoming fear and getting hold of our thoughts, she teaches the 90-second power pose and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that you can use to release those feelings of negativity. Learn from Tonya as she shows how we can transform the ways we deal with our present lives, pushing us to become better and blissful.

7 Aug 2018

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084 - Convert Lookers to Buyers by Asking These 5 Questions

IN THIS EPISODE 0:20 Fun fact for ya, did you know that in the 1800s people used to wipe their booties with corn husks and catalogs. I know, crazy right? There was no such thing as toilet paper? You know who thought that it would be a good idea to invent some? The Scott Brothers. The creators and inventors of Scott Tissue. I tell you this because I was watching the story of how they got their product into the marketplace and it was so fascinating. 1:10 It was way back when and bathroom conversations were considered obscene. Nobody talked about their bathroom habits. It was totally taboo. 2:10 The Scott Brothers are like "This is the most amazing thing ever. Everyone's going to love this, except how do you tell people about it when it's completely taboo?" They had to get creative. They had to invent ways to get their product in front of consumers without ever saying a word about it. 2:32 We talk about marketing our product, we talk about pitching ourselves, being able to sell savvy without feeling sleezy. All of that has to do with communication. But how do you communicate the effectiveness and the transformation - the benefits, the takeaways of your product or service - if you can't talk about it? The most powerful way ever. Allowing them to experience it for themselves. 3:00 That is exactly what the Scott Brothers did. They took their product  and distributed it and snuck it into bathrooms in hotels all over the country. So people were in there like "Oh! What is this fascinating stuff here?" They were able to try it discreetly without ever, ever having to talk about it, without ever having to be embarrassed and it took off, clearly. Because of their tactic and because of their ability to think outside of their box and to meet their customers where they were, and to circumvent the resistance and get creative with it, they now have - well even back then, I think it went up to something like multiple billions - because everybody in the world pretty much at the time started using their product and they were the only ones making it. 4:15 It was so fascinating to me because it was marketing. Even back in the 1800s there were people who had stuff to sell and marketing problems to solve. Which brings me to today and you with your product and your service and the way that you are marketing it. So I have 5 questions and I want you to think and reflect on as your thinking about your product or service and how you're gonna get it into the hands of your ideal clients so that you too can make money off of what it is that you're doing. 4:39 Number one,  what problem do you solve? And when I say what problem do you solve, is it a legit problem that needs solving? Is this something that your ideal client is aware of or is it like the Scott Brothers that they don't even realize it's a problem because they are so set in their ways. They have these mental patterns that have just conditioned them to keep doing it this way. They've never thought of an alternative option. 5:40 So when you think about the need that you solve, are they aware of their need? That is really, really important. So identify what it is and then on a scale of 1-10 how aware is your client of the problem? 5:53 Number two, why do they need it? Now this is not just because it will make life easier. No, get specific with the emotion. Why do they need this? What is it going to do for them? When you are able to not only communicate that but demonstrate that, which is more powerful, you are going to have a much easier time converting. You can tell me all day long how amazing your product or service is, but until I have experienced it myself and I have labeled it the way that my brain is trying to label things and I have felt with my emotions the transformation or experience, until that happens I am only semi-convinced. If you can show me and you can fully immerse me into what it is you do, I'm a believer baby! 7:05 Number three, what is the level of belief in the outcome? Now this is kinda a two-part question. It is partially for you and partially from the perspective of your ideal client. Number one - this is all mindset, sista, so pay attention to this one - what is the level of belief that you have in your results, in yourself and in your delivery method. So how is it that your client is receiving it? These are really questions to slow down for a minute and tune in. 7:43 Maybe put yourself in the position of your ideal client. Imagine immersing yourself in their situation and how are they going to receive your service or your product? How are they going to use it? What are the results that they are going to receive? What is their experience going to be like working with you? How are they going to use it? What is the delivery method? How are you going to get it into their hands? How are they going to full on immerse themselves into that experience. 8:19 When we're talking about results, are these always the results that they get? You know, all the time, definitely. It's systematic, it's tried and true. Is it like 50% of the time they get these results? This type of stuff will develop and affect your level of confidence and your belief in what you offer. There are a million conditions right? Take coaching for example. 9:02 The people that show up consistently, pay attention and do the work get the best results. Where people who show up but they're also multitasking - like they're kind of listening but they're kind of doing work and they're only 50% there or they only come to part of the classes and then they get upset at the end going "Well, that wasn't what I expected, I didn't get the results I wanted." Well, did you show up? Were you full on 100% giving your all? Did you do the work? I want you to think about that. That so often affects the mindset of my coaching clients - the ones that are coaches or teaches - because they get down on themselves and beat themselves up over the results that their clients are getting. That's the first question. What was their level of commitment? Eh, it's about 50%, well that's not on you. If their level of commitment was 100% and the transformation or the result wasn't there, that's logistics and stats and strategy and we can talk about that. 10:09 When you're asking about the results that you deliver to somebody, I want you to take it a set further and ask yourself  are these always the results and what are the variables? Now when you're asking what is your level of belief that you are capable - honey this is all mindset. You can go out there and find proof that you're not and you can find proof that you are. 10:32 You can find proof that you're a failure and you suck. You can find proof that you're amazing and you change lives and people need you. It's all on where you put your focus. So right here, if your level of belief on one to ten that you are capable of delivering these kind of results, if it's anything lower than an 8, we need to work on that. There's some decluttering work to be done. I want you to research your brain power and go into your path and say you know what? I'm not going to focus on the negatives and the failures. I hesitate to say failures because nothing is a failure if it's a learning experience. If you've tried something and it didn't turn out exactly the way you wanted it and you learned something, that's growth. That is success. That is a win. You use that. That becomes part of your arsenal of knowledge moving forward and the way that you can show up and deliver next time and all of the times after that. You are continuing to show up and grow and that's human nature. 11:40 I really want you to answer that question on a one to ten. What is your level of belief that you are enough, that you are capable, that you can do this. Baby, I want you to get that to a ten. 11:53 Lastly, your level of belief that the delivery method is the right delivery method. Again i see this come up in the online space all the time. Everyone is trying to get their product or service into a box, a mold, a business model that someone else is using. You have to be like the Scott Brothers, you have to show up different. Maybe you don't. Maybe someone else's model is working. 12:47 That is one business model and if that is the right one for your clients and it feels good and in alignment with you, awesome, then you've nailed it and it's working. If it ain't broke then don't fix it. But if something feels off, if you're delivering your value in a way that isn't being received the way that you want, does the delivery method need tweaking? 13:40 You've got traction. You just immersed them. You've created essentially a low-risk offer, a way to try and experience the result without the risk. It's a beautiful thing. So what does that look like for you in your business? 13:56 Now the second part of that question, what is the level of belief that your clients have in the results that you deliver, in your level of expertise, in you being able to deliver it in the way that they need ait and the delivery method. The first part of the question where we are talking about mindset we are going inside. 14:27 The second part of that question may require you to go out, grow some cajones and ask for feedback. Yes, that feedback might not be what you want - it might not be sunshine and rainbows and sugar cookies - but it is going to be honest feedback and the kind taht you need. Constructive criticism perhaps. It's the fuel and the ammo that you need to make the changes that are going to grow your business and help you make money. Get out there and ask. Ask past clients, ask people that are potential ideal clients. Do your market research. You need to know what they think and how they are receiving your stuff. 15:05 Question number four, and we touched on this a little bit, how can you get clever with your offer and get it into the hands of your clients or your ideal client so that they can try it and experience it so that they can immerse themselves in the benefit? No talking. No let me just tell you about it. It's amazing trust me. No. Don't trust me. Don't take my word for it. You try it, you tell me what you think. 16:02 You have to bust through the 5 senses of your clients like the guard dog that says, "Nope i'm good, my life is exactly fine the way it is. I don't need to change. I don't need anything else in my life. I don't need to spend money on anything else. I'm spending money on enough things. Why should I spend money on you?" Here's why. Try this. 16:23 Number five, what is your definition of success? Now this is all about detaching from the outcome. This is about embracing that whole, "Hey I don't need your money. You can give it to me, I will take it because my stuff is freaking amazing. But I don't need it. So hey, there's plenty of fish in the sea. There's plenty of clients out there who need me and who value me and really, really want what I'm offering and if it's not for you, that's ok. Maybe another time." What we do instead is that we get all hung up. We go and talk to people about what we have and we say "You need this in your life!" And they're like "No I don't think so." And we're like "Is it me? Why don't you love me? Why don't you love my stuff? Why won't you buy it? What am I doing wrong? Maybe I shouldn't be doing this." 17:26 Maybe. Maybe. Maybe, right? Or, you could just not do any of those things and redefine your definition of success. If you talk to 10 people about what it is that you do, what is a good conversion rate? Is it 3? 18:15 We set these high expectations because we never actually lay down realistic success expectations for ourselves and our business. Instead, we get real emotion about it and we focus on the stuff that doesn't work. 18:50 So I invite you to ask yourself that question, what does success look like for you and what does it feel like? Allow yourself to feel it. Allow yourself to imagine stepping into that feeling of success and letting go of the rest. Detaching yourself from that high standard. 19:54 What is the problem that I'm solving? What is it that my clients need? What is my level of belief in my offer? What is their level of belief in the offer/ How can I get it into their hands so that they can try it and experience it before full on committing to it? How is it that I'm going to define success so that no matter what I always feel good about it? Super simple right? Hey, that's the framework. You can go and make money with that. 20:27 Take some time. Take some notes. Rock this exercise out and go do your thing. You are amazing at it. You are enough. You have everything in your already believe it or not. You can do this. I believe in you. [bctt tweet="How can you market your product or service without TELLING people about it?" username="tonyarineer"] KEY TAKEAWAYS Don't tell your potential clients about your product, get them to experience it firsthand. Your level of belief in the outcome of your product is just as important as potential client's belief. We set high expectations for success because we do not have realistic expectations. Detach yourself from needing the money or this client and know that there are plenty of clients in the sea. EPISODE RESOURCES Hang out with us inside our free Facebook Community- where every day is a party!

24 Oct 2017

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106 - How to take the Emotion out of Money Conversations

When we put too much emphasis on the emotion money brings us, we give away our power and let money control our decisions and our actions. Here's how to detach from it.

13 Mar 2018

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072 - The 3 Money Mindsets You Need to Charge for Your Services

Hey gorgeous! Are you charging enough for what you're doing? Chances are, probably not. I'd love to talk you through three mindset changes you need to make to charge more and feel good about it! IN THIS EPISODE 0:18 What excuses are you making as to why you are not charging what you should be for what you're doing? Think about it for a second - how are you justifying your not charging enough? Most women are not charging what they should be and we're over delivering and under charging. Some ladies have it and charge what they're worth, however, most are not. This is more about mindset than anything else. It has everything to do with wanting to serve and take care of our clients and customers, but often we put profitability on the back burner. We need the assurance and validation that everyone else is happy and it doesn't matter if we aren't making money. 1:47 You don't have to choose. You can have a really profitable business and have everyone happy at the same time. So when it comes to going out and charging for what you're worth, what do you do? Yes, it's an emotional roller coaster. 2:23 Can we just talk about hourly? In some cases, it does make sense. If you ever want to leverage and grow, and it's important to know what your time is worth and where is the bare base minimum? If you haven't hit that yet, you need to figure out what that is for yourself. You have to figure out how much you're making after taxes and expenses. You have to figure out what the value it is that you're providing for your clients. If they're used to the hourly amount from the beginning, you're going to have to help them adjust and understand the benefits to paying for value. 4:14 If there is a flood in your house, and you need a restoration team to come over and get the water out of your house, are you going to ask them how much they charge per hour so you can shop around to get your money's worth or are you going to shop around for value and quality? 4:58 You can apply that same idea to anything. It's about the quality, experience, and value. If you can start thinking about your time and your services and start adapting the idea that people pay you for that then you'll be better off. 5:32 The second mindset that I'd like you to have is that you are already an expert. You don't need to go to college or get a degree. I am an expert already for your experience. Another example: if you were to need surgery, would you want the guy who is 65, never graduated medical school and has been performing this surgery for 40 years. Or would you want the other guy who just graduated from Harvard with a 4.0 GPA and his only experience is from his internship. It's kind of an extreme example, but your experience matters. Yes there are people who are doing what you do and they may have more credentials but you have experience too and that matters. We learn a lot from being around the block, from every new experience we have in our industry, we learn and grow. We can continue to learn and hone our craft, the better we are to serve our clients. You don't have to wait until you are the best of the best of the best, you are valuable right now. If you can adopt the mindset that you are an expert already and that's really valuable. 8:46 Money is a gift. Money is a value exchange. It is a way that people say thank you for what you've provided. Now think about a time where you showed up someplace, maybe it was a Christmas exchange or a holiday exchange or somewhere that someone surprised you with a gift. You may have felt happy and a little guilty at the same time because you didn't have anything to repay the favor. When someone does something really amazing for you, you want to give them something in return. You don't want to be a charity case, you want to be able to repay someone for this thing. When you're setting your prices, make sure you are transparent in what you're providing and be comfortable in that. With being comfortable, you'll know the value in what you're giving in exchange for what they are paying you. When you've been waiting to buy something, and you're happy to turn over your credit card, it's the same thing. 12:34 The three mindsets: people pay me for my value, not my time. I am already an expert right now. Money is a way to say thank you for the value I provide. 12:46 If you want a little bit more in this area with your money mindset, we're doing a #moneymindset challenge around this. It's September 11. It's live coaching and will take place in the Profit Party Community. It will help you feel and think healthy about your money. [bctt tweet="You don't have to choose. You can have a really profitable business and have everyone happy at the same time." username="tonyarineer"] KEY TAKEAWAYS What excuses are you making as to why you are not charging what you should be for what you're doing? You can have a really profitable business and have everyone happy at the same time. You have to figure out what the value it is that you're providing for your clients. You are already an expert. Money is a gift. Money is a value exchange. EPISODE RESOURCES Free Money Mindset Training- just in case you're ready to take your profit power to the next level! Hang out with us inside our free Facebook Community- where every day is a party!

5 Sep 2017

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081 - Simple Pinterest Strategies that Will Blow Your Mind with Kathryn Moorhouse

IN THIS EPISODE 3:30 I always ask for one fun fact and you shared with us that you were in a German music video. Can we talk about that? 3:50 When I was 14, when I was a bit younger, I was a drum majorette. I'm not sure if you know what that is but it's basically kind of like the kids in a marching band. Now we do drum majorettes like a competitive sport. So I was doing that at the time and I was into acting, you know everyone wants to be a singer and actress, so you kind of sign up for all of those agencies and things. Surprisingly they were looking for someone with that kind of skill, so I went to an audition and we did it in Capetown. The band ended up choosing me and it was an absolutely amazing experience. We shot the music video in Capetown because it was cheaper for the German company to do it in South Africa. But they actually, like surprisingly, these are things that you don't know at the time, but they were actually a #1 German band. They actually reached #1 on the German MTV awards and I actually got flown up to Germany for a talk show to discuss the whole experience and to talk about the show for promotion because they had hit #1 on the charts for quite a few weeks in Europe. 5:39 Don't say never! At Profit Party we have strict bad words that we're not allowed to say and never is one of them. 6:26 I wasn't sure what I wanted to study  and at that stage I had so many questions. I loved singing and I loved acting. But I just didn't think that it was something that I could do at the time so I went into that business, you know, it's the traditional degree you get when you don't know what you want to study. So I went into business and I actually ended up absolutely loving it and I was adamant that I was going to be an investment manager. I was going to work at an investment firm because it was one of my favorite things to do. It was so appealing and I had always enjoyed finance but when I hit university and I was  studying it, I absolutely enjoyed it. So I thought that was the career path I was headed on. 7:20 The life of an investment managers are not very good because they stress out so much. So I was like okay I really love marketing and i think it is more creative so it filtered into that drama side and creativity. I had spoken to my father, actually, and he said you know what? With the investment knowledge you have, do your personal investments and use that knowledge for yourself personally and then bring out the creative outlet for other people. 8:56 My husband was encouraging me to start my own thing. He said well since you're au pairing and you absolutely love it, in your spare time why don't you delve into these areas whether it's marketing, investments or the creative side that you want to do. Try it out. 9:24 I ended up creating a baby clothing company. I absolutely loved creating the clothing. It was a creative outfit. 9:45 Through that I was actually doing my own marketing and doing my own business which brought in my degrees, it brought in the creative side and obviously the clothing was pretty creative because I was designing my own stuff. And I met Lilah Higgins through that. 10:15: She was like well I'm actually looking for a social media VA and I had never thought of that. I've got this baby clothing company and I'm going to stick with this. When she said that I was like you know, why not? Why not try it. I'm still at the beginning stages of this baby clothing company, I've got some free time. Said no one ever. 11:13 The work was so exciting and I wanted to do it all the time that I ended up spending less time with the baby clothing and more time with the social media management because it was just what I loved. My husband was laughing at me because I told him before we got married, "If only someone could pay me to pin things. That would be my ideal." That wasn't even a thought that could be realized at the time and he was laughing  because like you said never say never. You manifested that! 13:00 In December, I went full-time into just Pinterest management and it was absolutely amazing. It changed my life! 13:15 For the do-it-yourselfer in the audience, because not everyone is in a place in their business where they can hire a social media manager. I have social media managers and let me tell you something the amount of time they spend per platform is a lot. It's kind of like pick your poison sometimes . You have to pick and choose. We're going to get into questions on how do you know if Pinterest is your platform and if it is what to do and how to optimize it and what does that strategy look like. 13:50 But before we do Kathryn, I just want to honor you for taking the leap and following your intuition. A) You manifested being able to do what you love which is possible. You questioned yourself. Every single person, every woman listening to this podcast right now has questioned themselves the same way. And has said, "Can I make money doing this? Can I charge money for this? Will people pay me for this? Is this to nichey? Oh my god, if I niche down I'm going to use every client that I have and then I'm going to be broke." 14:31 What was it - was it insanity, was it confidence, was it courage, was it support? What helped you to declutter some of those limiting beliefs and negative self-talk so that you could flip the switch and actually follow your intuition. It was a lot of time to reflect on what I had already done and how far I had come and how I was provided for in this way because a couple of months ago I was questioning all of these different things. 15:14 In the morning I wanted to do this. I loved it. I loved helping people in this way. So that already built up this fire within me to say this was the first thing that you have done that you want to keep doing. And then what I did, which I encourage everybody to do and what I think your Facebook group really is, is to find a community. 16:04 It was getting that encouragement from other people to take that leap and in knowing that they supported me and that more importantly that I could do this. I was valuable in what I offer. I am worthy of it and what I think about I will create. If I keep thinking the negative thoughts  and keep thinking I'm not worthy then that's what I'm going to be putting out there. It completely shifted. 16:41 This is the perfect opportunity to say thank you. I was charging a quarter of what I currently charge, probably even less. In December when I watching the videos I was encouraged to charge more and to figure it out and work through that. Work through the money blocks I was having. I ended up doubling my prices and none of my clients left because everything was worth it. It was all worth it. It was just my mind. It was just what I was telling myself. Your video switched that for me. Figure out your money blocks first and then move them to the side and replace them with the positive and uplifting thoughts. 18:26 That's the entire premise of the Profit Party Academy - pricing and figuring out how to charge for what you do, how to make good money and how to feel good about it. 19:18 You talk about Pinterest in a way that you can tell that you're really, really passionate about it. Why Pinterest over everything else? The main reason that I love Pinterest and why I love to get up and use it every single day is because you work so hard on your visual content, on your blog content, on your video content, any type of content that you end up creating. I know I'm currently working on a sales page at the moment and sometimes it feels like you are pulling your hair trying to create this. Because sometimes creating can be quite draining. So whether it's a launch or a blog post you've put your heart and soul into it and to launch it and to put one blog post out on Facebook or Instagram or Stumbleupon and it gets filtered down the feed and nothing. You only get 4 likes or a couple of click-throughs. It just breaks my heart sometimes. What I absolutely love about Pinterest was that I could put up a pin leading to this blog post and I could write a really great caption once and never have to change it never have to come up with a new caption to grab more attention never have to create a new graphic. I just have to put it up on Pinterest, repin it and share it in front of the audience. 20:46 I just had to implement a strategy to get it in front of people and to get Pinterest sharing it in front of other people. Pinterest's algorithm and smartfeed and everything uses search engine optimization tactics just like Google. It's a visual search engine which means you don't have to have a zillion captions and 65,000 hashtags and all of these things that take up so much mental capacity to try to figure out. 21:20 On Pinterest you just put it up once and it's about the sharing. It's about the strategy you use to get it across Pinterest. 22:22 You keep saying blog. What about people, ok for me personally, I don't blog. I do YouTube, I do a lot of video content, I have a podcast, it's all audio and visual. Does that mean Pinterest is not for me? No, not at all. I just use the term blog post because I'm used to saying it. 22:57 It's about creating pins and pin descriptions and you can lead them to YouTube. You can even upload videos on Pinterest now. It's all about getting seen and you can lead people to YouTube. 23:45 I have led people to actual branding services and packages. I've led people to blog posts with email opt-ins. I've led people to content upgrades, just straight to a hardwall opt-in. You can lead people to products. 24:15 It's really identifying your industry and making sure your ideal audience is on Pinterest. That is how you would figure out if Pinterest is the platform for you. 24:38 What is the audience on Pinterest looking for? The reason I ask this is because for me, personally, when I'm on Pinterest, it's late at night. I don't have my earbuds in. I'm not looking to listen to a podcast. I'm not looking to watch videos. I'm looking for quick ways to absorb content. 25:12 Do people actually watch videos on Pinterest? Do you recommend that? It's a new thing that Pinterest is trying to optimize at the moment. Pinterest has said that they are trying to introduce video into Pinterest to make the visual search engine even more powerful. However, I feel at the moment because it's like a rectangular image that it's a bit of a struggle at the moment because it doesn't stand out. However, they are adapting, and I'm sure they're going to figure out a way to start optimizing it and make it even better. I, personally, don't watch those small videos like that. But you can now create a long image with a play button so people know that it's going to lead them to YouTube. Also, podcast episodes that are YouTube videos on your blog.   27:01 So you recommend calling [what type of a post it is] out on the graphic yourself. Yes, because they say you should call it out in the description but a lot of people don't read the description but will read the text on the graphic. There are small ways you can let people know that whether it's something that says "Free checklist" but if it's a video, you can just do the little play button and you can do it in your own colors. 27:42 We don't always act on Pinterest like our ideal client acts on Pinterest and we need to understand that. 28:54 I always suggest that if you've only got video content and people are really interested in text content and don't want to click through, it's really good to have variety. So it's good to have a couple of pin graphics that could lead to your video but is an infographic. A very simple infographic that you can create on Canva, they have templates and you just give them the 12 points you mention or you give them 3 of the points you mention in the video and then you say click to watch the video for more and they will know that. Or they will pin it for later. They'll pin it for later to watch the video because they don't want to watch the video right now. 30:05 It's simple things like that, think about what they're going to be doing, where they're at and creating the content for them. 30:41 Is it okay to create pins that send them to different platforms or should they all drive traffic to your website. It is good to drive traffic to your website because that is where your analytics are going to come from. 31:28 If your content and your really strong platform is Facebook or your really strong brand presence is on YouTube, send them to the place that is going to give them the value because that is what they're looking for. And once they watch one YouTube video they might subscribe or they might opt-in. It's like a sales funnel. You really want to think about your Pinterest sales funnel in the terms that you can send them to your website but it doesn't matter if you send them there and there's nothing for them. 32:47 So what are your tips on creating SEO-rich tips? My tip is to keep it really simple. Don't overcomplicate the struggle for you because it really is not. It is not that difficult. And although it is called search engine optimization, it sounds so scary. What It really is is just making sure that you use the right keywords, which is just words or phrases, that your ideal client is searching for on Pinterest. 35:02 You're just placing the proper keywords in the appropriate places - on the right boards, in the right pin description so that when someone searches for that phrase, your posts show up. 36:05 So, what if you have an audience or a company or you're creating content and it's kinda new or really nichy, how do you find out what people are searching for and how do you appear where they are? So this is one of the really great things about Pinterest. Initially, I would say you need to look at your current audience, whether that's in your email list or your content, to look at the copy you use. Because your clients are already attracted to you so you're using the right copy. You already have a bank of words that you're using on your website that have already attracted that audience. So look at what you've already done. But if you're knew and you're like "I haven't done anything yet, I don't know what they are going to be searching for," My suggestion is to go into Pinterest and go to the search bar and start very broadly with something that could apply to you. 37:41 So I've actually worked with a money mindset person on their Pinterest account before, so this is a good one. I had to go through the same process of what is your ideal client searching for? So I started really broadly with money and then mindset separately. So I went into Pinterest and I typed in money into the search bar. The great thing is that what's going to happen when you type that in because pinterest is a visual search engine it keeps track of what people are searching for. You may notice if you type something into the search bar and click enter, just underneath the search bar there are these multi-colored blocks with words in them. So you will type in money and it will say debt, budgeting, tips. When you hover over it you will notice that it is saying money debt or get out of debt related to money, so you will start seeing what phrases people are searching for. This is the highest searched term in relation to what people are putting in there. So you are able to see what people are typing in. 43:13 So, for DIYers when they're first starting out, what do you think is the biggest mistake? What do you think it is that they're doing wrong? They think of it like a Personal Pinterest account and it becomes a bit of a struggle because when you are pinning for personal use you are pinning things that you find attractive , that you want that you get inspired b and they end up creating a couple of boards that are very varied and they follow an influencer. They try and mimic what that influencer is doing but that influencer isn't selling what they're selling. The influencer is maybe a fashion blogger and they are a dentist or a branding designer. So the boards that the fashion designer can put together are very different than the boards you would want to put together as a dentist or a money mindset coach. 44:50 My tips for getting started is to really  focus in on creating a select few boards that relate to your business and that your ideal client are searching for. 47:06 You have actually created a course so by the time our listeners are listening to this podcast, they can come stalk you. they can learn everything Pinterest and they can partake in your Pinterest that is actually going to walk you through everything you said. So even if you weren't taking notes ladies, it's okay! We've got a cheatsheet for you. [bctt tweet=" Did you know your Pinterest strategy is a funnel? @kathmoorhouse shares more tips on the podcast!" username="tonyarineer"] KEY TAKEAWAYS Your Pinterest strategy is a funnel. SEO on Pinterest does not have to be scary, it just starts with keyword searching. Keep it simple, focus on your ideal clients and creating boards that can house your pins. EPISODE RESOURCES Pinterest CourseProfit Party Academy Hang out with us inside our free Facebook Community- where every day is a party! CONTINUE THE PARTY WITH KATHRYN WebsiteFacebook PageInstagramPinterestFacebook Group

13 Oct 2017

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061 - How to Get out of a Creative Slump (So You Can Get S*%t Done!)

Have you ever felt like you're in a creative slump, stuck or spinning on a hamster wheel? This process from Priceline.com founder, Jeff Hoffman, will get your creative sparks ignited again. IN THIS EPISODE 0:21 Do you ever find yourself in a creative slump, feeling stagnant and on a hamster wheel unsure of where to start. You also might find yourself wanting to learn something new. 1:14 Jeff Hoffman is one of the original founders of Priceline.com. He shared with a mastermind I was a part of how he does info spunging. He spends 20 minutes a day learning and checking in on things happening in the world outside of his business industry. He then looks at the list and looks to see what he can learn and apply from the list. If he can't apply anything, he files it away for later notice. Once you take in information, it's stored in your memory and subconscious. 3:13 When you learn about it, file it away and you do this enough, you'll find that you actually start connecting the dots of what you've learned. Jeff has a Ted Talk on and part of it shares this technique. When you info sponge, you'll find that you will be inspired and you'll actually start taking notes and you're mind mapping and it will get you out of your slump. Boredom is an emotion and if you check out the emotional scale from episode 50 and the simple art of immersing yourself into someone else's business, it will help you move into a higher emotional scale. We all get into those times when we're not creating, but as entrepreneurs, you are an innovative creator and that is what you do best. 5:47 Something else I love to do is to read on things that apply not just to my field of mindset but into other realms like business. One of the books I just read was The Art of Mental Training and how a coach uses it for his athletes. Even though it was in the sports realm, it was still mindset. What I find is that when I learn more about mindset and relationships, I can bring it back to business and apply it to the work I do with clients. 7:57 I would love for you to spend time learning about other industries, what you're going to find is some sparks clicking and creativity returning. 8:30 Spend some time and info sponge it girl. See what you can come up with and create something new and beautiful for the world because we love you and we need you. [bctt tweet="We need those creative sparks because you are an innovative creator and that is what you do best." username="tonyarineer"] KEY TAKEAWAYS Do you ever find yourself in a creative slum? Jeff Hoffman shared with a mastermind I was a part of how he does info spunging. When you learn about it, file it away and you do this enough, you'll find that you actually start connecting the dots of what you've learned. Spend some time and info sponge it girl. EPISODE RESOURCES Jeff Hoffman The Art of Mental Training Episode 50 - Navigating the Emotional Guidance Scale Free Money Mindset Training- just in case you're ready to take your profit power to the next level! Hang out with us inside our free Facebook Community- where every day is a party!

28 Jul 2017

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