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Transform yourself into a conscious creator! You:Transformed is a podcast that will help you cross the river of change to the greatest version of yourself. This show will not only enlighten you with the information you need to be healthy, wealthy, and fully aligned with your life's purpose - but you'll be challenged with weekly growthwork in the online community. Come along for the ride as to apply quantum physics, energy work, manifestation, and super-charged alignment into your life. https://linktr.ee/youtransformed

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5. Becoming a Visionary with Mariko Hirakawa

Become a Visionary with Mariko Hirakawa of Visionary Yoga. She is a true Leader of Light, who lived in India for 10 years - learning from spiritual masters, practicing the true purpose of yoga, and also becoming a Doctor of Ayurvedic medicine. In this episode, Mariko tells you: How to review your goals A miraculous Ayurvedic story of healing How to dance that line between trying too hard and doing nothing to bring about your manifestations What she is currently struggling with + how her coach helps her to move into the next phase of her best self https://visionaryyoga.com/


1 Jan 2020

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13. A 25 Year Journey to Self-Mastery with Jon Hodge

Today I interview my first spiritual teacher, who always seems to be one step ahead of me, guiding my light - my father! He walks us through what it was like as he began to awaken in the early 1990s, and the phases, growth, shifts, and challenges he faced. Inside this interview: How the mindless politics at his job led him to study personality types and then so much more. What it was like going through so much change without anyone else that understood. How he has learned energy work to heal his body and that of his students many times.


26 Feb 2020

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4. Aligning Your Relationships

You're moving into alignment with your future vision. Meditations are going well, you're doing the work. But - you run into some issues with your most meaningful relationships. It's become apparent that you will need to address this. You can either ignore this, withdraw, and create distance between those that you love - or be brave, and communicate your deepest thoughts and intentions.⁠ The three primary paths your relationship can take. A 3-step plan for aligning your meaningful relationships with the new YOU. Examples of how you can shrink back to the old self.


25 Dec 2019

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11. My Accident

I talk about a car accident that I was in last week - getting hit by a semi that ran a stop sign in the fog. I ruminate on why I was in this accident, and what I learned from it. Also in this episode: How my life has changed since the accident. Pouring out the doubts and fears that are in your head. A rant about fake progress. The growthwork for the week.


12 Feb 2020

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10. Shine Bright and Embrace Your Weird with Dr. Brianne Grogan

Today I interview another real-life Leader of Light, Dr. Brianne Grogan. You will hear how she made the jump from physical therapist to youtuber, fully living out her purpose of empowering others through holistic health and wellness. Her challenge of growing up in a household that hid love and emotion. How a family friend introduced her to the mystical side of reality as a child. Making the jump from a Doctor of Physical Therapy to a freedom-based business that is fully aligned. How to embrace your weird, with some funny stories about this! Learn more about Dr. Bri at https://www.femfusionfitness.com/


5 Feb 2020

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3. Uproot Negative Emotions

Affirm, see your future vision, and think positively all you want - but without you doing the hard work of uprooting your negative emotions - it won't come true. Today, we will: Zero in on all the reasons why you would fail in bringing your future vision to fruition. Understand the difference between new and recycled emotions - so that we can CHANGE! Learn how your body is actually addicted to feeling bad (chemically speaking) Get loaded up with some growthwork that will make you an observer of your previously unseen emotions.


18 Dec 2019

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7. A Week in My Life

This week, in intimate details, I show you what "doing the work" actually looks like. I take you through, day-by-day, the good, the bad, and the ugly from my own life in the last week. Why this matters: How to keep "crossing the river of change." The importance of who you turn to when you descend back into your past self. How I tried too hard to bring about my life's future vision and the pain associated.


15 Jan 2020

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6. Meditate to Change Your Life

You exercise, eat healthy, and brush your teeth everyday...but do you connect with the divine, create your own reality, and maintain a sense of peace everyday through meditation? Today, I will show tell you what meditation has done in my own life, and give you tips and an exact game plan that will make this into a daily ritual for you.  The science of meditation, include brain wave states. Some tips on how to meditate. An overview of our meditation that will bring your future vision to fruition. Growthwork for the week. 


8 Jan 2020

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15. Live Leaders of Light Class

Listen in to a special on-site recording of a Leaders of Light class! You get to peek behind the curtain and hear what happens in a live, local class. Inside: A brief, opening meditation to uplift your consciousness for the rest of the episode. An opening story about dating, that intertwines with Abrahams-Hicks' teachings about creating from the right emotional state. Interactive questions and answers about a range of topics. Growthwork that will be sure to bring you into a state of gratitude.


11 Mar 2020

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8. Cause an Effect

When you enter the unknown, you become a powerful creator - and are able to cause an effect. Stop playing the Newtonian game of cause and effect - realize that you're in control of that which you create in your life. Examples of how you can go from cause and effect to causing an effect. How to tip the first domino by doing some real work in the world. Heal a part of ourselves through healing someone else.


22 Jan 2020

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12. Keystone Habits Bring Balance

If you keep running into a wall each week, while trying to bring your future vision about, it could be that these 3 areas of your life are not in balance. Before you can supercharge your quantum creation, you need to develop rock-solid keystone habits in the areas of: Emotions - becoming the watcher and not going unconscious Body - energizing your body with movement and clean eating Environment - peaceful and conducive to your continued growth


19 Feb 2020

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9. Don’t Compromise on YOU

When you make compromises to be someone you're not just to keep a relationship alive, to do work that isn't in alignment, or to hang out with people that don't lift you up - you are allowing your life force to be sucked away.  How this is not about being selfish, but loving thy self. The areas of your life in which you're allowing your energy to leak out. How to reclaim this energy and be a vital, conscious creator.


29 Jan 2020

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14. The Energy Centers of the Body

Today my dad, Jon Hodge, is back as a co-host! We introduce you to the 8 energy centers of the body. We talk about how everything is made up of energy, how to consciously direct for your centers to come into coherence, and the fantastic benefits of doing this! Everything is energy. The difference between an energy center and a chakra. A simple practice for creating coherence and balance (health).


4 Mar 2020

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26. Hotseat Transformational Coaching with Daniel Martin

Daniel Martin, a real member of the You:Transformed community, is in the hotseat today. We have a transformational coaching session in which we uncover his life's vision, current obstacles, and doubts that are creating resistance. Peer behind the curtain as Michael asks Daniel the tough questions (in a loving way of course!). You are sure to find many parallels with your own life, and will be able to find some powerful takeaways. Huge thanks to Daniel Martin for taking part. Join our private online community now: http://youtransformed.online/


27 May 2020

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25. Welcome to Your New Normal

Welcome to your new normal of face masks, draconian governmental oversight, and pre-planned medical decision making. Wait, hold up, we didn't agree to this. Let's make our new normal one of personal responsibility, self-healing, intentional thoughts, electromagnetic emotions, respect for our environment, and aligned relationships based in love. This episode is based on my new Throat Chakra song called "New Normal." I also talk about my perceived parallel of a post-911 society and a post-COVID-19 society.   And, I point out how being in the state of receptivity is how inspired thoughts lead you to the next desired destination.


20 May 2020

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22. Become Indistractable with Segment Intending

"Finally, I have time to work on my book! Ding. Nah, I'll check it later. Ring. Ok, I better get this..." Does this ever happen to you? Today, we discover how distraction is just a way to escape from discomfort. I also give you the mindfulness practice of "segment intending" - which helps you to reclaim your power. Instead of reacting and allowing your environment to control how your day goes - YOU will be in control. Whether you are doing your taxes, homeschooling your kids, writing a book, or anything in-between - this new scheduling format will change your life. Seriously, I got SO much more done today, and have much more energy, now that I am doing this in my own life! To access the free timeboxing with segment intending editable template, become a member of our free private community here: https://youtransformed.mn.co/ In this episode, I refer to the book Indistractable, by Nir Eyal, which is an excellent read: https://www.nirandfar.com/indistractable/


29 Apr 2020

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21. Relationships and Layers of Consciousness

In this special episode, you get to listen in to a live You:Transformed Masterclass. The first topic is about interacting with individuals whom are on different layers of consciousness. Next, we go into a mastermind segment, with Q and As over: How can I reconnect with my motivation and get my juices flowing again? (even without seeing people in this quarantine) What can I do to clarify and even make time to lean into my deepest, desired future vision? Should I enter into a relationship with someone that is of a different religious faith? Or, just create exactly what I want in a partner? Become a You:Transformed Master in our online private community now: https://youtransformed.mn.co/


22 Apr 2020

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19. You Have to Be Happy to Be Happy

What an annoying conundrum, right? However, once you get this radical, universal truth - you totally understand how to come into alignment with anything that you are consciously creating. The gap between there and here is how you are feeling, not how hard you are trying.


8 Apr 2020

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18. Become Greater than Your Environment

What if your internal state of being was so powerful that it began to positively affect your environment? Instead of being at the whims of what is happening around you (pandemic, recession, weather, politics) - there is another option. Today you will learn how to: Become greater than your environment, while still living in it, with fully responsibility. Take practical actions that will allow you to be in control no matter what. Go on a low-information diet, so that you mindfully consume only that which will benefit you.


1 Apr 2020

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Become Greater than Your Emotions

Our emotional state leads to another similar thought, which leads to a similar emotion, then a similar experience. If you cannot rise above an immediate (negative) emotional reaction - you can get caught in a quagmire. This is how you can become greater than your emotions. Along with some growthwork on how to recall positive emotions - anytime.


25 Mar 2020

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