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UCL Political Science: Covid-19 Symposia

A podcast with School of Public Policy and UCL academics alongside practitioners who will discuss the politics and policy of Covid-19.The format of the podcast will include short presentations from each speaker, with most of the time dedicated to discussion and debate. Listeners will have the option to pre-submit questions to our panel using the links on our website and each podcast will be available to listen to on all major platforms at any time following release.

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Democracy under Covid-19

Speakers: Professor Meg Russell, Professor of British and Comparative Politics and Director of the Constitution UnitDr Thomas Gift, Lecturer in Political Science: Public Policy Economics and AnalysisDr Nils Metternich, Associate Professor in International RelationsChair: Professor Jennifer Hudson, Professor of Political Behaviour and Head of Political Science Department


16 Jun 2020

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Domestic Repression and International Order: the Plight of Human Rights After Covid-19

 In this podcast, four experts from the UCL Department of Political Science/School of Public Policy treat these issues and examine the hard questions facing the world as we look towards the end of lockdown.Speakers:Professor Kristin Bakke, Professor of Political Science and International RelationsDr Melanie Garson, Senior Teaching Fellow in Conflict Resolution and International SecurityDr Rod Abouharb, Associate Professor in International RelationsDr Julie Norman, Teaching Fellow in Politics and International RelationsChair: Dr Colin Provost, Associate Professor in Public Policy


2 Jun 2020

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The morality of governing under Covid-19

This episode will examine that question through a variety of political theory perspectives. Is it useful to think of a trade-off between individual liberty and collective security? Is it helpful to assess responses to the current crisis through the analogy of war? It will also look at the impact of the response to Covid-19 on particular groups, including women and vulnerable minorities, and ask how their rights are best protected in these times.Speakers:Professor Richard Bellamy, Professor of Political ScienceDr Avia Pasternak, Associate Professor in Global EthicsDr Maki Kimura, Teaching Fellow in Gender and PoliticsChair: Dr Alan Renwick, Deputy Director of the Constitution Unit


20 May 2020

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How will Covid-19 change the way nations govern their economies and societies?

Speakers:Professor Wendy Carlin, Professor of EconomicsDr Gabriella Conti, Associate Professor of Health EconomicsProfessor Claudio Radaelli, Professor of Public PolicyDr Mike Seiferling, Lecturer in Public FinanceChair: Professor Jennifer Hudson, Professor of Political Behaviour and Head of Political Science Department 


6 May 2020

Rank #4

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