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Pondering Education – Special Edition: Unpacking a Teaching Tolerance Workshop

Pondering Education SPECIAL SUMMER EPISODE! Release Date: Tuesday, August 27, 2019 Welcome to a special edition of Pondering Education! On tonight’s show, Ryan unpacks many of the lessons learned from an unbelievable Teaching Tolerance workshop last week. Among the topics discussed tonight: How to speak up against every prejudice, bias, and stereotypes. Social Justice StandardsEssential Questions Preparing for Difficult Conversations What debate topics (if any) should be off limits in the classroom? Be sure to visit Teaching Tolerance for an abundance of free resources to help ensure your classroom is safe, welcoming, and inclusive for all students! Finally, Ryan’s book, LEAD from Day One, is now available through EduMatch Publishing! To purchase, click here: bit.ly/LEADfromDayOne That’ll do it for this episode of Pondering Education. Until next week, be sure to take care of yourself, take care of each other, and, of course, take care of your students. Best, Ryan


28 Aug 2019

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Pondering Education: Episode 9 – EDTech and More!

Pondering Education Episode 9: EDTech and More! Released April 19, 2018 “EDTech and More”  Welcome New logo  TEDxWPI Social Media Dedication of episode. Warm Up Identifying the not-so-obvious behaviors of students with ADD/ADHD. LINK: https://www.additudemag.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Explaining-ADHD-to-Teachers.pdf Target Goal #EdTech Digitial Citizenship Using tech in best way possible Interview with Dr. Monica Burns (www.classtechtips.com) Wrap Up Dress Code Issues Discrimination Over-sexualized culture. LINK: https://www.aclu.org/blog/free-speech/student-speech-and-privacy/we-took-our-schools-sexist-dress-code-and-we-won LINK: https://www.boston.com/news/national-news/2018/04/18/is-your-body-appropriate-to-wear-to-school Goodbye


19 Apr 2018

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Pondering Education: S2E8 – Engage the Brain with Allison Posey

Pondering Education Season 2 – Episode 8 “Engage the Brain with Allison Posey” Release Date: Monday, January 21, 2019 On today’s episode – “Engage the Brain with Allison Posey:” Ryan speaks with Allison Posey, author of Engage the Brain: How to Design for Learning that Taps Into the Power of Emotion. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE ENGAGE THE BRAIN! CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW ALLISON ON TWITTER!  Thank you for listening to today’s show! Please help Pondering Education by subscribing to the show on your preferred podcast platform! The show is now available on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Radio.com, and more! FOLLOW PONDERING EDUCATION ON SOCIAL MEDIA: TWITTER and FACEBOOK HELP SPREAD THE WORD! If you’re enjoying the show, be sure to recommend it to your colleagues, family, and friends!


23 Jan 2019

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Pondering Education S2 E6: Teacher Leadership with Dr. Jill Harrison Berg

Pondering Education Season 2 / Episode 6 “Teacher Leadership with Dr. Jill Harrison Berg” Release Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 On tonight’s episode, Ryan talks with Dr. Jill Harrison Berg, author of Leading in Sync, to discuss the effect of teacher leadership on student learning. Follow Dr. Jill Harrison Berg on TWITTER!  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE LEADING IN SYNC!  CLICK HERE to listen to past episodes of Pondering Education. If you’d like to become the next sponsor or guest of the show, email pondereducation@gmail.com for more information! Follow Pondering Education on Social Media! Twitter Instagram Facebook


21 Nov 2018

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Pondering Education S2E11: Supporting Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students

Pondering Education Season 2: Episode 11 “Supporting Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students” Release Date: Sunday, March 24, 2019 Episode Overview On tonight’s episode, Ryan speaks with Vanessa Ford and Becca Mui on how we can best support our transgender and gender non-conforming students in school. It’s a fantastic conversation that touches upon the benefits of establishing GSAs, understanding the importance of pronouns, and much, much more. You won’t want to miss this conversation that was recorded live in Chicago during last week’s ASCD Empower19 conference! Also in the episode, Ryan touches upon the topic of supporting students with ADHD. He speaks with Tim Grivois-Shah and Dr. Ravi Grivois-Shah on how schools can put plans in place to better meet the needs of students with ADHD! Important Links Vanessa Ford Twitter GLSEN Education Twitter GLSEN Website GLSEN Twitter Tim Grivois-Shah Twitter Dr. Ravi Grivois-Shah Twitter Final Words Thank you to all for supporting Pondering Education! We are now on SPOTIFY! Please continue subscribing to the show, and, if you’re so inclined, a nice review would go a long, long way! We will see you later in the week when Ryan speaks with Karmen Rouland and Nyla Bell as we discuss racial equity in education! Take care, Ryan


25 Mar 2019

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Pondering Education S2E5 – The Journey of a New Teacher

Pondering Education Season 2 Episode 5 “The Journey of a New Teacher” Release Date: Thursday, November 15, 2018 On tonight’s episode, Ryan checks in with Susan Jachymiak, founder of the hit Twitter chat, #newteacherjourney, to discuss her first year in the classroom! CLICK HERE to follow Susan on Twitter! Interested in becoming a sponsor of Pondering Education? Would you like to be a guest on the program? Email Ryan today at pondereducation@gmail.com. 


16 Nov 2018

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Pondering Education S2E10: A Conversation with Elizabeth Acevedo

Pondering Education Season 2: Episode 10 “A Conversation with Elizabeth Acevedo” Air Date: Thursday, February 28, 2019 CLICK HERE to purchase The Poet X! CLICK HERE to pre-order With the Fire on High! To learn more about tonight’s sponsor, Studentreasures, CLICK HERE!


1 Mar 2019

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Pondering Education: S2E9 – Super Sunday with Jon Harper

On Today’s Show Welcome to Super Sunday! On this special episode of Pondering Education, Ryan speaks with Kelly Gerstenberg, Director of Programming at ASCD! We’re on the Road to Empower19, and you’ll get an inside look into the planning of this incredible event. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR ASCD EMPOWER 19 Later, Ryan speaks with Jon Harper, author of the new book, My Bad. Jon is an accomplished educator, podcaster, speaker, and now author! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE MY BAD Thank you so much for listening! If you’re enjoying the show, please be sure to subscribe to Pondering Education on your preferred podcast platform! CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW PONDERING EDUCATION ON TWITTER!


3 Feb 2019

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Pondering Education: S2E7 – Time Management with PJ Caposey

Pondering Education Season 2 – Episode 7 “Time Management with PJ Caposey” Release Date: Thursday, December 27, 2018 On tonight’s episode, Ryan reflects on 2018, looks ahead to 2019, and speaks with PJ Caposey, author of Manage Time or Time Will Manage You. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE MANAGE YOUR TIME, OR TIME WILL MANAGE YOU. CLICK HERE TO CATCH UP ON PAST EPISODES OF PONDERING EDUCATION! Be sure to follow Pondering Education on Social Media!  TWITTER INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK Until next time, Ryan


28 Dec 2018

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Pondering Education S2E13: EduChatting with Starr Sackstein and Connie Hamilton

“EduChatting with Starr Sackstein and Connie Hamilton”Pondering EducationSeason 2 Episode 13April 7, 2019Episode OverviewOn tonight’s episode of #PonderingEducation, Ryan goes educhatting with Starr Sackstein, NBCT and Connie Hamilton, Ed. S. from last month’s ASCD #Empower19 conference in Chicago! To kick off tonight’s episode, Ryan discusses last week’s MCAS controversy and calls on the Massachusetts Department of Education to take drastic actions to rectify the mess caused by the inclusion of a racist question in the 10th grade ELA test. Following a final word from our month-long sponsor, Studentreasures, Ryan speaks with Starr and Connie from Empower19! ***Note: Please excuse the background noise throughout the interview. The media room was hopping at the time!***Links Starr Sackstein TwitterStarr Sackstein WebsiteConnie Hamilton TwitterConnie Hamilton WebsiteBe sure to subscribe to Pondering Education on your preferred podcast platform! Until next week!Ryan


8 Apr 2019

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Pondering Education S2E12: Charting a Path Toward Racial Equity

Pondering Education Season 2 Episode 12: “Charting a Path Toward Racial Equity”Racial equity. If you’re involved in education at some level, you’ve undoubtedly heard the call to action to bring about racial equity to our schools. But how do we go about ensuring equity for all students? Tonight’s episode of Pondering Education seeks to help us all understand the actions we can take to help close the opportunity gap. Tonight’s Rundown Welcome Happy Transgender Day of Visibility  You are seen. You are loved.  Ryan’s Remarks  A word from Studentreasures. A Conversation with Nyla Bell and Karmen Rouland of the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium.  Follow MAEC on Twitter Follow Karmen Rouland on Twitter Nyla is not on Twitter, but she’s still amazing!  Wrap-Up Next Sunday… It may be Wrestlemania 35, but you’ll still get a brand new episode of Pondering Education!  My guests will be Starr Sackstein and Connie Hamilton!  Please be sure to subscribe to Pondering Education on your preferred podcast platform! Many thanks!Ryan


1 Apr 2019

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Pondering Education: Episode 11 – Changing the Grade

Pondering Education Episode 11: “Changing the Grade” Special Guest: Jonathan Cornue Release Date: Saturday, June 2, 2018 AGENDA: Housekeeping Really Good Stuff: Promo Code RGSPONDER10 Social Media and Email List Upcoming Guests Target Goal Discussing Standards Based Grading Interview with author Jonathan Cornue His book, Changing the Grade is now available for purchase! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE Follow Mr. Cornue on Twitter Wrap Up Thanks to Mr. Cornue Next week: An Interview with Dr. Amy Fast CLICK HERE to join the Pondering Education Email List! Follow Pondering Education on Social Media Twitter Instagram Facebook


3 Jun 2018

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Pondering Education: Episode 10 – #BetheOneforKids with Ryan Sheehy

Pondering Education Episode 10: #BetheOneforKids with Ryan Sheehy Release Date: May 8, 2018  #BetheOneforKids – Episode Agenda Introduction Announcing a new partnership with the folks at reallygoodstuff.com! Save 10% off your order by entering promo code: RGSPONDER10 at checkout! Thank you to WPI for TEDx Event/Speaking Opportunity. Link will be made public soon! Please consider leaving a review for the program on iTunes! Social Media: Twitter and Instagram: @pondereducation Facebook: facebook.com/ponderingeducation Interview with Ryan Sheehy Purchase your copy of Be the One for Kids by CLICKING HERE! Follow Ryan on TWITTER! Closing Remarks On the next episode of Pondering Education, I’ll be speaking with school leader, author, and education commentator, Amy Fast, Ed.D. (aka @fastcrayon on Twitter!)


9 May 2018

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Pondering Education S2 E4: “The Teacher Wars – Part 1”

Pondering Education Season 2 – Episode 4 Release Date: Friday, November 9, 2018 The Teacher Wars: Part 1 Tonight’s special episode is the first in a series of seven to discuss Dana Goldstein’s book, The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession. We begin our series with a discussion on the book’s introduction which beautifully sets the stage on what’s to come later in the text. Be sure to follow Dana Goldstein on Twitter! You can also visit her website by CLICKING HERE. If you’d like to follow along with our discussion, you may purchase the book HERE or by visiting your local bookstore.


10 Nov 2018

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Pondering Education: S2 E3 – #MassCUE18 and EDU Conferences

Pondering Education Season 2 – Episode 3 #MassCUE18 and the Growth of EDU Conferences Release Date: Monday, October 22, 2018 On tonight’s special episode of Pondering Education, Ryan reviews last week’s #MassCUE18 conference that was held at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The event was an amazing success. With the recent boom in the number of EDU-Conferences across the country, some are simply hit or miss. However, MassCUE put on a learning experience that proved beneficial to all education stakeholders. Tonight’s Rundown: Introduction #MassCUE18 Segment 1: The Boom of EDU-Conferences and #MassCUE18 Segment 2: The 1 Session I’m Still Thinking About Segment 3: Review of Tom Murray’s Keynote Speech Thank You and Good Night                     Key Links MassCUE Website MassCUE Twitter Tracy Sockalosky Twitter Tracy Sockalosky Presentation  Tom Murray Website  Tom Murray Twitter Purchase Learning Transformed That’ll do it for tonight! Always remember… Take care of yourself. Take care of each other. Take care of those students! Talk soon, Ryan


23 Oct 2018

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