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Wild Heart Meditation Center's podcast offers an assortment of talks given on topics as they relate to Buddhist practice. Wild Heart's guiding teacher, Andrew Chapman, along with other group facilitators share their experience with Buddhist practice, specifically offering practical teachings and instructions for our everyday, ordinary, lives.

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Scott Tusa - Finding More Joy Through Embodied Awareness

Scott Tusa visits from Brooklyn, NY to teach at Wild Heart Meditation Center. In this talk, Scott speaks on the topic of "Finding More Joy Through Embodied Awareness". Enjoy!

1hr 25mins

8 Mar 2019

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Andrew begins a series of talks on the core teachings of the Buddha (4 Noble Truths & Eightfold Path) talking about "Awakening". What is meant by awakening? Where does awakening take place? And, how is awakening cultivated through direct practice?


9 Jan 2017

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The Faith to Let Go

Leading retreat at New Life Foundation in Thailand, Dave Smith discusses the role of "faith" as a means of letting go. He demystifies our cultural stigma around "faith" and details the practical application of faith in Buddhist practice.


11 Aug 2016

Rank #3

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Mindfulness & Emotion Regulation

Tonight, Andrew talks about the very exciting and confusing world of emotion. He offers both a Buddhist psychological framework and a Western psychology framework for emotion activation, and then discusses some of the primary ways that mindfulness assists in emotion regulation.


17 Oct 2016

Rank #4

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Developing A Daily Meditation Practice

Andrew talks about some of the fundamentals of developing a meditation practice: 1. why we commit to practice; 2. how we approach meditation; and 3. what we do while we meditate.


17 Nov 2016

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Part Two - The Psychological Benefits of Gratitude - Sympathetic Joy

Andrew continues a two part series of talks on Gratitude. This time, he talk at length about the practice of sympathetic joy (pali sanskrit - "Mudita). Sympathetic joy is the practice of taking active delight in the joy of others.


25 Nov 2018

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Wise Action: Stabilization & Support

The eightfold path factor of Wise Action is not meant to be another set of commandments or rules that will help us become a better Buddhist, but instead a set of trainings that help us to engage with our day-to-day lives with more ease and wellbeing. In order to 'act' with more ease, we must learn to SLOW DOWN, gauge the impact of our emotions, and develop supports that encourage changes in behavior. Before we jump into discussing Wise Action, it's important to discuss Stabilization & Support.


22 May 2017

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The Wound That Seeks The Arrow

Dave speaks on the topic of "the wound that seeks the arrow", discussing 'woundedness' as it relates to the Buddhist path of practice.


21 May 2017

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Third Noble Truth: the ceasing of reactivity

Sangha member, Mikey Noechel, discusses the third noble truth, the task of beholding the ceasing of reactivity in our lives.


2 Mar 2017

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Five Hindrances: From Obstacles into Opportunities for Awakening

Andrew continues his discussion of the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness, speaking on the theme of the Five Hindrances. Through mindfulness, we can bring active awareness to the most subtle defenses of our minds and learn to transform obstacles on the path into opportunities for awakening. Listen to explore how we can bring active awareness and skillful resourcing to these Five Hindrances: craving, aversion, laziness, restlessness, & doubt. Enjoy!


16 Oct 2017

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Dukkha: Embracing Dukkha with an Open Heart

As mindfulness helps us wake up to the vulnerable, insecure, and stressful parts of our lives, we are often wrought with feelings of doubt, overwhelm, or fear. The Buddha taught us that a compassionate response is often a courageous response to our deepest sorrows and doubts. In this talk, Andrew discusses the role of compassion in learning to "embrace dukkha"; he details ways of developing the inner resource of compassion.


5 Feb 2017

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Understanding the Cause of Suffering

On day three of retreat at New Life Foundation, Dave Smith talks about addressing the causes and conditions of our suffering. He describes how developing mindfulness and compassion can help to untangle even our most deeply rooted sources of dissatisfaction and distress.

1hr 2mins

2 Aug 2016

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Mindfulness of Mind: Emotions & The Stories They Tell

Andrew discusses how to work with difficult emotions and how to better understand the beliefs and stories that activate and perpetuate destructive emotions. Enjoy!


31 Jul 2018

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The Self: Building it up & Breaking it down

Andrew discusses one of the Buddha's most foundational teachings, Anatta, or "not-self". Not-self is a practice of understanding that by clinging on to and seeking lasting security in temporary roles and identities causes suffering in our lives. Somewhat paradoxically, the Buddha also taught the importance of creating a healthy sense of self by forming relationships with wise people, practicing service, and practicing skillful habits in our lives. In this talk, Andrew riffs on some of the themes of "building up and breaking down" the self.


2 Dec 2018

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Turning Towards the Truth

Dave Smith talks about what it means to turn towards the parts of ourselves that we ordinarily avoid. He talks about how, as we begin to open ourselves to mindfulness practice, we begin to confront and can learn to embrace the underlying causes of dissatisfaction in our lives.


2 Aug 2016

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The Five Hindrances: Lethargy & Restlessness

Andrew continues a series of talks on the Five Hindrances. This time, he discusses the mental qualities of lethargy & restlessness and some resources for working with these frequent and pervasive states of mind.


30 Apr 2018

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Andrew discusses the role of samadhi (i.e. concentration or "collectedness of awareness") in mindfulness practice. He discusses how the meditator can better develop insight and overcome stressful obstacles by first "breaking the addiction" to the thinking mind. Once the meditator is grounded in a primary object of meditation (i.e. breath), they can then start to observe patterns of stress and rumination in the mind.


6 Jul 2016

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Meditation, The Brain, & 3 Skills

Andrew offers a wide overview of meditation and its general affect on the brain. He discusses how mindfulness provides clarity into the nature of the stress manufactured by the brain, and how the skills of concentration, observation, & equanimity are cultivated and fine-tuned through practice.


27 Aug 2017

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Intention: Cultivating Goodwill

Andrew discusses the eightfold path factor of 'intention', detailing the intentional cultivation of goodwill. He discusses the practice of 'metta', from its etymology to its practical application. Enjoy!


16 Apr 2017

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The Vicissitudes

Dave Smith speaks on the topic of "The Vicissitudes" -- the ups and downs & the push and pull of existence. Enjoy!


16 Mar 2017

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