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A podcast for serious individuals dedicated to their study of self defense, concealed carry, tactics, gear and the use of force

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Episode 373: How To Become a Faster and More Accurate Shooter In 2020

Today, Riley and Jacob come together for a special discussion on steps, strategies, and solutions for becoming better shooters in the upcoming year of 2020. A lot of the discussion will be focused on the idea of specific drills and skill exercises that will push shooters to become faster while still maintaining acceptable levels of accuracy.

1hr 38mins

11 Dec 2019

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Episode 138: The ULTIMATE Concealed Carry Beginner’s Guide – Part 1

After receiving an email from a listener, Riley and Jacob were inspired to respond directly to that email with this episode today which has become the ULTIMATE guide for a beginning CCWer. We were asked to cover some subjects that newer CCWers need to know that they might not always figure out right away. Although fundamental information, we are confident newer and more experienced shooters alike will find value in this episode.

1hr 16mins

13 Jul 2017

Rank #2

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Episode 262: The ULTIMATE Concealed Carry Beginner’s Guide Part 3

Today Riley and Matthew bring back the 3rd edition in the ULTIMATE Concealed Carry Beginner's Guide series, and without making you wait 114 episodes between Part 2 and 3. In Part III we cover everything you've wanted to know about holster styles, clips and retention, bullet weight and barrel lengths, bullet setback, and more!

1hr 43mins

6 Oct 2018

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Episode 278: Making Everyday Carry…LIFE!

Today Riley talks with Buel Collins of Fiocchi Ammunition USA about important considerations and suggestions as it relates to making everyday carry of a firearm and other defensive tools truly a part of your life. We get deep into mindset, tactics, skills and gear. And we lay it out there and tell some of the more embarrassing parts of our early days of packing heat!

1hr 12mins

2 Dec 2018

Rank #4

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Episode 286: ULTIMATE Concealed Carry Beginner’s Guide Part 4

Today Riley and Matthew bring to you the fourth installment in the ULTIMATE Concealed Carry Beginner's Guide on the podcast! We talk about Dryfire, Mindset, Finding Your "Why", Printing, Support Hand Contact and Gripping More Firmly, Playing With Children While Carrying, Pepper Spray and Other Less-Lethal Options, and MORE! Enjoy!

1hr 36mins

13 Jan 2019

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Episode 76: What About Appendix Carry?

Just like there are many ways to "skin a cat," there are many, MANY ways to carry a gun. Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) is just one of those, and it happens to get a lot of emotions stirred up either for or against it. It's uncomfortable, the gun is pointing towards an "uncomfortable place," I could shoot myself in the femoral artery, etc., are some of the reasons people will argue against it. But what are some of the pros of appendix carry, and do they outweigh the cons? Listen in on Riley and Matthew's discussion to see what they think about it!

1hr 20mins

7 Dec 2016

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Episode 272: Complete Home Defense With Live Q&A

Riley and Jacob will be discussing Complete Home Defense and taking questions from listeners about their own home defense considerations and tactics.

1hr 24mins

10 Nov 2018

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Episode 252: The ULTIMATE Concealed Carry Beginner’s Guide Part 2

Today Riley, Jacob and Matthew bring back the ULTIMATE Concealed Carry Beginner's Guide series, that was never quite a series because we did Part 1 and then waited 114 episodes to record Part 2!! Well here it is with everything you've wanted to know about triggers, night sights, safeties, carry ammo and more!

1hr 39mins

30 Aug 2018

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Episode 212: Self-Defense Law Q&A with Andrew Branca

Today Riley is flying solo with the podcast and presents the pre-recorded interview he and Jacob did together with self-defense law expert Andrew Branca at SHOT Show 2018. We cover a variety of topics dealing with the difference between the threat of force and use of deadly force, brandishing, and understanding where the legal boundaries are that will keep you protected from prosecution.

1hr 5mins

30 Mar 2018

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Episode 94: All About Concealed Carry Positions

Well here you have it...all about concealed carry positions. We break down all the various positions, their pros and cons, and discuss tips and suggestions about how to make your concealed carry journey easier with fewer mistakes and wasted time and money. You can also check out the infographic mentioned in this episode HERE.


10 Feb 2017

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Episode 171: Texas Church Massacre

It is a solemn day in America. But heroes walk amongst us. And the fight for the Second Amendment is more critical now than ever even as we see Republicans in the House considering removing the deregulation of suppressors from the SHARE Act and more gun control is called for from the Michael Bloomberg gun control lobby. We cannot let our guard down!

1hr 21mins

8 Nov 2017

Rank #11

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Episode 318: All About the Glocks – Shane Coley & Corey Jones – SHOT 2019

Today, Riley and Matthew playback TWO interviews from SHOT Show 2019 at the Glock booth, one with Team Glock Captain Shane Coley, and the other with Assistant National Sales Director, Corey Jones. We talk training, mindset, preparation. And we also talk about the newest guns from Glock, the 43X, 45 and 48. We get into some of the behind-the-scenes details about what went into the design and development of these new platforms. Tune in and share your thoughts and questions with us as well!

1hr 6mins

10 May 2019

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Episode 282: Listen to This BEFORE You Buy the SIG P365

Today Riley changes things up just a bit and reads his recently published review on the SIG SAUER P365. This little gun has garnered a lot of attention this past year, and Riley spent a lot of time evaluating, testing and firing thousands of rounds through it to get a definitive result on whether the gun is any good or not. We'll be back to our normal recording schedule next week! Thanks for sticking with us!


28 Dec 2018

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Episode 266: Armed Citizens Are Successful in 94% of Active Shootings

Today Riley and Jacob share the multiple-months-long research data that our company recently finished putting together on Active Shooter Events (ASE). This is based on the FBI's data, but we noticed that the FBI conveniently left out some events and perhaps also miscategorized some others. We made sure to review everything and came up with some remarkable conclusions that the anti-gunners don't want you to know about!

1hr 17mins

20 Oct 2018

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Episode 172: Retention – 8 Times Gun Owners Lost Their Guns & Lost the Fight

Jacob & Riley review 8 different instances where Concealed Carriers had their guns taken off of them in an encounter primarily due to retention issues. How can you prevent this from happening to you?

1hr 17mins

8 Nov 2017

Rank #15

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Episode 192: 11 Truths About Real Gunfights That You Need to Know

Riley was able to sit down with Jake Jackson of Tier Three Tactical to talk about an enlightening article Jake recently wrote about what he discovered when he analyzed dozens of videos of defensive shootings. After a military career in intelligence, Jake is real big on evidence and statistics. His fact-based findings from these videos will really open your eyes as to how real shootings go down and where you need to be focusing your time in preparing for the possibility of a similar encounter.

1hr 4mins

19 Jan 2018

Rank #16

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Episode 276: Body Language and Behavior With a Gun – Barret Kendrick & Deryck Poole

Today Riley interviews Barret Kendrick and Deryck Poole, senior instructors with I.C.E. Training. Barret is also the founder of Bearco Training, and Deryck is also the founder of Echo-5 Training Group. These two talented and experienced instructors have some absolute truth bombs about home defense strategies and also how to lessen the likelihood you get mistaken for a bad guy by really looking closely at how your body language and behavior causes you to be perceived by others. Don't miss it, listen in!


26 Nov 2018

Rank #17

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Episode 214: Kydex Holsters – Interview with Bill Rogers

Today on the podcast Riley and Matthew share the interview with Bill Rogers, father of the modern kydex holster, founder of the world-renowned Rogers Shooting School, all-around legend. Plus Riley has a special surprise!!

1hr 21mins

6 Apr 2018

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