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Bizarre States

Join Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser as they lift the veil and showcase the hauntings, urban myths, unsolved murders and general oddities that everyone has experienced but no one wants to talk about.

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Serial Killers

Serial Killers, HBO's The Jinx and An SKD Kickstarter? All that and more on this week's Bizarre States!

1hr 3mins

26 Mar 2015

Rank #1

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Deep Dive Dark Disney

This week, Bowser and Jess take deep dive into the dark corners of Disney's history!


8 Feb 2018

Rank #2

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Aleister Crowley - "The Wickedest Man in The World"

Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead join us to talk about the subject of their next film: famed occultist, Aleister Crowley.


7 May 2015

Rank #3

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Haunted Massachusetts with Michelle Buchman

Lobotomies! Hauntings! Witches! Oh my! Bowser sits down with Nerdist's own Head of Social Media, Michelle Buchman, to discuss her hometown - which also happens to be the MOST HAUNTED CITY IN AMERICA!!!


21 May 2015

Rank #4

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Spooky Disney

Bowser and Jess talk Death at Disney and how you might like your remains to be treated!

1hr 9mins

12 Mar 2015

Rank #5

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Making A Murderer!

Happy New Year! Jessica and Bowser are back for the first episode of 2016 where they talk about elevator accidents, Making A Murderer (SPOILERS), and backyard news!

1hr 17mins

7 Jan 2016

Rank #6

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Jeremy Corbell talks Bob Lazar and Area 51

Jessica Chobot is joined by longtime friend of the show Jeremy Corbell to talk about his documentary "Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers" which dives deep into the life of the man who brought Area 51 into common knowledge.


24 Jan 2019

Rank #7

Podcast cover


This week Bowser is joined by...JESSICA CHOBOT! Chobot is back with some Weird of the Week and Poo Corner!


19 Apr 2018

Rank #8

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Listener Stories!

J. Chobes is rollin' solo in this episode of Bizarre States. THIS MEANS ALL THE LISTENER STORIES YOU CAN HANDLE! 

1hr 7mins

5 Feb 2015

Rank #9

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Bizarre States Classic: SKD & Urban Legends

Chobot & Bowser chat about the first successful penis transplant (because why wouldn't we), Bloody Mary and read listener mail! Originally aired 3/9/2015


26 Apr 2018

Rank #10

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Paris Catacombs and the Dowdle Brothers

Jess heads over to Paris to explore the underground catacombs and talk with the Dowdle brothers about their own paranormal experiences and their upcoming horror film, As Above So Below.


14 Aug 2014

Rank #11

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Jonny Loquasto Returns!

Jonny Loquasto is BACK to talk Haunted Forests & Urban Legends!


23 Apr 2015

Rank #12

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Brandon Winfrey

Insomniac Games' Brandon Winfrey joins us to talk about the Dyatlov Pass and some of our other favorite mysteries! 

1hr 16mins

26 Feb 2015

Rank #13

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Burrito Baby

Bowser and Jess are back from SDCC! They take it easy for the 200th episode and talk cat poo, chick-fil-a baby, and listener emails!


26 Jul 2018

Rank #14

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Games and Gushers

Jess and Bowser talk Gushers, guano, and BOWSER'S BACKYARD on today's Bizarre States!


8 Mar 2018

Rank #15

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Legend of The Winchester Mystery House

Bowser and Jess dive into the history of The Winchester Mystery House! You can buy Chris Raimo's book Spooky Things here!


26 Oct 2017

Rank #16

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Weird of the Week and Listener Stories

Bowser and Jess run down the Weird of the Week and read some listener stories!

1hr 2mins

28 Aug 2014

Rank #17

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Reuben Langdon and Jonny Loquasto!

Reuben Langdon and Jonny Loquasto join us for a special Bizarre States: UFOs & Cosmic Consciousness.  No subject is left untouched! 

1hr 12mins

19 Feb 2015

Rank #18

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Practical Magick with Olivia Taylor Dudley

No Jess today so Bowser called in a very special guest, Olivia Taylor Dudley!


22 Feb 2018

Rank #19

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Jack the Ripper with Ptolemy Slocum

Special guest, Ptolemy Slocum, goes over the recent Jack the Ripper discovery with Bizarre States and shares some unnerving stories of the unknown.

1hr 10mins

12 Sep 2014

Rank #20