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It's A Crime With Margaret McLean

The show is a radio “page turner” about law and crime. As a former prosecutor, published legal thriller author, and law professor, Margaret McLean will keep you engaged.Listeners will get hooked on her fictional character, Charlie, who will come back each week facing a different dilemma.People will tune in and follow the show on-line just to see what Charlie has gotten himself into this week.

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Gambino Crime Family & An Unsolved Sensational Murder

1st Hour: Sal Polisi, a mafia insider in NYC, provided an inside glimpse into organized crime. 2nd Hour: Blaine Pardoe on Michegan's unsolved murder of Daisy Zick

1hr 27mins

29 Jul 2013

Rank #1

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Racketeering, Organized Crime, Witness Protection

1hr 36mins

5 Aug 2013

Rank #2

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La Bella Mafia & The Unsolved Murder Of Frankie Depaula

1st Hour: Bella Capo on the mafia & the Crips! 2nd Hour: Boxer Frankie DePaula's Jersey City Underworld

1hr 34mins

12 Aug 2013

Rank #3

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Zimmerman & Bulger Trial Legal Analysis

1st hour: Attorney Adam Thompson on trial strategy, self defense law. 2nd hour: Black-market of Antiquities with Gary Braver

1hr 31mins

14 Jul 2013

Rank #4

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The Ultimate Undercover Agent And Failing Crime Labs

Undercover DEA agent Louis Diaz on the streets of NYC and against the Medellin cartel in Bolivia. Drug lab scandal with FBI drug lab whistle blower, Frederick Whitehurst and author John Kelly.

1hr 31mins

19 Nov 2012

Rank #5

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The Court Of Public Opinion And The Justice System

1st Hour: Keith Long on the court of public opinion & Casey Anthony! 2nd hour: Robert Tanenbaum & Michelle Cruz!

1hr 32mins

22 Jul 2013

Rank #6

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A Vegas Mob Wife and Immigration Law

Wendy Mazaros, author of Vegas Rag Doll/I MARRIED A MOBSTER Marisa Feil on immigration law & passport scanners. Lee Chambers on surveillance!

1hr 25mins

26 Nov 2012

Rank #7

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Serial Killer H.H. Holmes & Crime Scene Investigations

Learn about Holmes & the Chicago Worlds Fair AND hands-on forensics and CSI death investigations!

1hr 35mins

26 Aug 2013

Rank #8

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Stop & Frisk, Bradley Manning, Bonanno Crime Family

1st hour: Robert Tanenbaum discusses NYPD & high profile cases. 2nd hour: Avi McClelland on Bradley Manning & Tony DeStefano on Bonanno crime family!

1hr 36mins

19 Aug 2013

Rank #9

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Big Data & Big Government

1st hour: Mystery surrounding the murder of Shelley Tyre. 2nd hour: Lessons from THE NAVIGATOR with bestselling author Michael Pocalyko!

1hr 33mins

9 Jul 2013

Rank #10

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Sex Discrimination & Inside The CIA

1st hour: Professor at Roger Williams Univ. discusses widespread discrimination. 2nd hour: Jason Matthews author of Red Sparrow!

1hr 28mins

1 Jul 2013

Rank #11

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Boston Strangler, Whitey Bulger, Zimmerman

Casey Sherman on the mystery behind the Boston Strangler Atty. Matthew Norris and I will discuss Bulger & Zimmerman trials!

1hr 36mins

24 Jun 2013

Rank #12

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Drug Kingpin Matthews & FBI Informants: Whitey Bulger Trial

1st Hour: Panel discussion with Ron Chepesiuk, Former Fed. Prosecutor William Callahan, and DEA agent Lewis Rice. 2nd Hour: Former FBI Agent Robert Fitzpatrick on Whitey Bulger!

1hr 35mins

17 Jun 2013

Rank #13

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D.B. Grady on the NSA & Domestic spying Dr. Al Carlisle about his conversations with Bundy!

1hr 33mins

10 Jun 2013

Rank #14

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Betrayal, Murder, Courtroom Drama & Miranda Rights

1st hour: Profiling the Clifford Lambert Murder 2nd hour: Robert K. Tanenbaum discusses double murder case that led to the Miranda rights.

1hr 28mins

3 Jun 2013

Rank #15

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Psychics & Homicide Investigations and Lee Harvey Oswald & Conspiracy

1st hour: Karen Storsteen, a psychic medium, will explain how she aids in the search for missing persons and homicide investigations. 2nd Hour: Doug Brode will take us into the life of Lee Harvey Oswald and the assassination of JFK.

1hr 31mins

28 May 2013

Rank #16

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Justice For Morgan Harrington

Morgan Dana Harrington's life was brutally extinguished after she was abducted from a Metallica concert on 10/17/09 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Morgan's remains were found on 1/26/10 at Anchorage Farm in Albemarle County. The person (s) responsible remain at large. Morgan's parents, Dan and Gil Harrington, will update us on the investigation and their efforts to lobby for resources for the families of missing adults.


20 May 2013

Rank #17

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Prohibition, The Mafia & Legendary Crime

Veteran Boston journalist and author, George Hassett, will discuss 3 centuries of organized crime in the city where America began.


13 May 2013

Rank #18

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The Michael Jackson Civil Trial & Joe "The Animal" Barboza

1st hour: Michael Jackson Civil Trial with LA Atty. Matt Norris! 2nd hour: Casey Sherman shares his knowledge of one of America's most brutal gangsters and feared assassins, Joe Barboza.

1hr 29mins

7 May 2013

Rank #19

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Whitey Bulger And The Irish Mob In Boston

Kevin Cullen & Shelly Murphy will discuss the history of Whitey Bulger and the Irish mob in Boston!

1hr 43mins

28 Apr 2013

Rank #20