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What is the best lens to use if you are shooting a portrait? Is now a good time to buy a new DSLR or should you wait for whatever is coming next? What software makes the most of your photos and is it worth the price? Which products and accessories must you have in your camera bag, and which can you avoid? What are the best resources for digital camera reviews and price comparisons? If you have ever asked questions like those, you will find the answers on Digital Photography Life: Make Every Shot Count, with Scott Sherman and Michael Stein. Scott and Michael are long-time digital photography enthusiasts who have been following the industry for many years. Best friends in real life, Scott and Michael approach their photography with the same passion and enthusiasm you bring to your shooting. On every episode, Scott and Michael discuss what is new in the world of digital photography, including coverage of the latest digital cameras, digital photography accessories and software; There are always new products and techniques out there to enhance your photography; Scott and Michael give you the information you need to decide which ones merit your consideration.Digital Photography Life also features interviews with leading photographers, instructors and innovators in the field of digital photography, and in-depth talks with the digital camera technology companies like Canon, Nikon and Adobe that make the tools you want to know more about.And did we mention the contests? Scott and Michael love nothing more than giving away the latest books, training resources, camera accessories and software to their listeners. The only thing better than getting the latest and greatest goodies is getting them for free.  But beyond the tips, techniques, news, interviews and reviews, what you might like most about Digital Photography Life is the friendship and community you will find with Scott, Michael and your fellow listeners. Scott and Michael approach every episode with the good humor and the excitement of true fanboys. As the founding hosts of the highly-successful, Podcast Award-nominated The Digital Photography Show, Scott and Michael have built a dedicated and lively community of advanced amateurs and professionals. Come join the party at Digital Photography Life and be sure to bring your cameras!

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DPL 018: How to Deck Out Your DSLR, Digital Photography Life Style

What do you buy when you want it all? Today, Michael tells us not only about the new Nikon D300s he just picked up, but about all the swag he got to deck it out, Digital Photography Life style. Some of the things Michael added on were the enhanced battery grip, the enhanced Nikon battery for the camera, next generation NiMH rechargeable batteries with a truly space-age charger,  and an external battery pack for his flash. It's all listed for you on www.scottsphotoblog.com. Of course, I can't blame Michael for upgrading his gear - I'm totally hot for the upcoming Canon 7D, which we talk about in some detail. Great specs - we can't wait to see if the output matches the camera's potential.We also discuss two high-end cameras coming out from Leica - the Leica M9 and Leica X1 - nice sounding gear, but with the price tags to match.For full show notes, links and your codes for terrific savings and free stuff from SmugMug, please visit www.scottsphotoblog.com.Thanks for listening!


21 Sep 2009

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DPL 017: Better Landscape Shots with Pro Photographer Marc Meunch

Take your landscape photography to new heights with great tips from pro photographer Marc Meunch on today's show. Marc covers the best gear, shooting techniques and digital processing tricks to give your shots that cover-quality magic. Marc is a fantastic guest on today's show, which you'd expect given his outstanding resume. Marc has photographed for book publishers including Time Inc. He's represented Canon Cameras in several ad campaigns, and appeared on ESPN's "Canon Photo Safari" for eight season. He's published and co-published several books of photography. He's also "artist in residence" at SmugMug, our favorite photo sharing and selling service. Would you like a real expert to tell you how to improve your photography? In today's show, we'll tell you how you may get a personal critique from Marc on your landscape photos. That's worth the price of admission alone! Marc tells us how he got into the photo biz and gives tips for those of you looking to break into it,  While Marc is accomplished in many areas of photography, in our interview we focus on landscape shooting, particularly, how to get outstanding shots in autumn, when the beautiful colors get every photographer's fingers itching to snap.Marc's tips include the best equipment to buy and use, the two lenses he considers must-haves and how to use a flash to achieve the perfect balance of light. We also talk filters, tripods and cameras.There's a ton of sites we mention in today's show, including the one that will take you to where you can submit your photos for Marc's evaluation. Be sure to visit www.scottsphotoblog.com for all the links you can eat.

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9 Sep 2009

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DPL 016: Take Better Pictures on a Sunny Day

It's that season again - tons of new cameras and gear to discuss.We'll get into some of the latest and greatest, and tell you how totake better pictures on sunny days with the equipment you have now. But first, a bit of catch up - on our last show, I mentioned anonline back service that will mail you a hard drive with your data,saving you weeks of downloading your data should you crash yours. Icouldn't remember the name, but have since looked it up - it's BackBlaze.$5/month or $50/year for unlimited storage. If you ever need to getyour backed up data on physical media, it'll cost you $89 for a DVD'sworth of data (?) or a more reasonable $189 for a USB hard drive withyour files. Both prices include shipping and handling. The hard driveseems like a great value to me. Our listener and guest-Tweeter Landya McCafferty kickedbutt again, winning the Photowalk Contest for her city for the secondyear in a row! Go Landya. Of course, her city is Placenta, Wisconcin,and she's the only resident with a camera. Kidding! Not only did shewin, but her photo was featured on Scott Kelby's blog. You'll also see some great examples of both naturalistic and surrealistic HDR shots. If one LCD on a camera is good, two must be better, right? The people at Samsung hope so. Maybe it will convince you to buy a TL220  or TL225.The names certainly won't. Back to basics with the Canon S90. Great sensor, clicky controls and manual settings. I want this camera, but I agree with Michael that the G11 offers more functionality, but its not pocket-friendly. Shoot a lot? Toshiba's announced the World's Largest SD Card -64 big fat gigabytes of goodness. Although wouldn't it have beenfunnier if they meant an SD card that was like 12 feet or something?They should save that announcement for April Fools Day. Oh wait - thecard uses the new "SDXC" format which won't work in your current cameraanyway. Turns out, the joke really was on us.The iPhone is the second most popular camera on Flickr and Camera Genuis makes it better. Maybe. You can read a review on TUAW here. The user reviews are mixed, but for 99 cents, you can afford to find out for yourself. SmugMug is our favorite site for sharing and - should you chose to accept this assignment - selling your photos. SmugMug has two fantastic offers just for our listeners: 50% off your SmugMug service at any level (entercode "Flickr" at checkout). This is a fantastic discount and you shouldtake advantage of it in time to share your holiday photos!A free camera strap to any listener of Digital Photography Life:This one is just crazy. A high-quality camera strap that replaces theneck-slicing piece of canvas that your camera's manufacturercondescended to include with your DSLR. Get your freebie here.


25 Aug 2009

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1 Jan 1970

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