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The Higher Self is dedicated to guiding you through the journey of discovering your highest purpose, passion and potential in Life.Have a dream to get in better shape, heal relationships or even create true financial freedom, whatever it is... the keys to achieving your heart's desires are already in you.The Higher Self will help you unlock your greatest potential, erase limiting beliefs and guide you on the journey of creating your dream life.

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126 Andy Frisella - Relentless: Meet the MFCEO Andy Frisella

Allow this podcast to give you a sense of how INCREDIBLE Relentless 2018 will be. Meet Andy Frisella, then join him, Ed Mylett, Gerard Adams, Sarah Centrella, myself and Alex Rodriguez at RELENTLESS.


25 Apr 2018

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RESS 12: How to Take 70 Listings a Year While Raising Kids with Apple Corial

This week we interview Apple Corial, a single mom of two boys who will close 70 listings this year! Apple lives boldly, having developed the courage to walk away from a stable income five years ago in order to provide more for her children. Listen in as she discusses her journey towards success, overcoming the fear of rejection, and the freedom of working on her own schedule. This is a key episode for any single or married parent—you CAN have a great career while spending time and providing for your children! Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook  Danny Morel on Instagram Apple Corial on Facebook


28 Feb 2017

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RESS 11: Creating a Predictable and Duplicatable Business with Greg Harrelson

[iframe src="http://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/4254230/height/100/width/640/theme/standard/autoplay/no/autonext/no/thumbnail/yes/preload/no/no_addthis/no/direction/forward/" height="100" width="640" class="podcast-class" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen] Greg Harrelson is one of the titans of real estate—this is an episode you need to listen to more than once! Greg started in real estate as a part time telemarketer generating leads for his father. Now, he's closed 1600 deals in one year alone. He has invested about $400,000 into real estate coaching and training over the last 22 years, successfully closed over 400 transactions as a real estate agent, and now is a broker leading one of the top per agent production offices in the country! Listen to this episode and discover: How to Use The Law of Averages to Grow Your Business. How to Master Your Craft To Sell More Homes. How to Become a Leader Who can lead a team to sell more homes in any market. The Steps You Must Take Now to Prepare for The Next Shift in the Market. How to Master Your Scripts to Become a More Productive Agent. How to Start a Daily Ritual for Lead Generation. The importance to detach yourself from the result and attach to the process. The Mindset Hack to BreakThrough to the next level. And so much more. Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook Danny Morel on Instagram Danny Morel on Youtube Greg Harrelson on Facebook Click below to watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/DxawhgnMF_E

1hr 2mins

10 Feb 2017

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The Keys To a Leveraged Real Estate Business 🔑- WGR Summit

In this episode, I give a talk on how I started to take listings and the mentality it takes to scale your real estate or mortgage business. 

1hr 4mins

21 Nov 2019

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Gary Vee on Trading on Your Truth, Not Becoming Obsolete & Why the Stakes are So High (Relentless 2017)

A lot of people in business are oblivious to the great shift that social media has caused, and they are in danger of becoming obsolete. Why is attention the great form of currency in our world? Why is it so important to understand the era we're living in now? Why is it so important to trade on your truth? On this special episode, you’ll get to hear Gary Vaynerchuk’s speech at Relentless 2017. Takeaways Social media takes 50% of people’s time. It is the dominant place for the attention of our consumers. The truth of who you are is the thing you should always leverage. It’s scalable because it’s always there. You’re in the media business. The cost of being in the media business is low in distribution, opportunity, and production, so invest in it. Almost everyone is living their lives to the judge and jury of somebody outside of themselves. At the start of the show, Gary shared why so many of us have no understanding of the era we live in, and why it has been such a fundamental shift. He talked about the opportunities social media presents, and the importance of trading attention in the day we actually live in. We also talked about why you shouldn’t pander to the camera. Gary also spoke about; Why the stakes are higher than you think The danger of over-leveraging yourself Why time is the only asset you have If you haven’t fully committed to being relevant in the mobile device for your business, you are not relevant. You have to understand that we are in the middle of a fundamental shift in how humans interact with each other, and that is the currency of our lives now. This presents us with a huge opportunity for all the things we care about. Social media is the yellow pages, the billboards, the TV shows and the advertising space, and it has no gatekeepers. There’s no one between you and the person you’re trying to reach. Remember the most powerful thing is to be in the game for yourself because that makes it so much easier.

1hr 7mins

20 Jun 2017

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04 RESS: How to Triple Your Average Sales Price

Would you like to increase your average sales price? This week you are going to learn just that as I interview Adrian Hernandez who took his income from $200,000 to over $800,000 in less than 36 months. Some of the specifics we will cover in this episode are: The importance of knowing what to say and how to communicate with power. The first step to take to increase your price point and sell higher priced homes. How to Develop blind faith to increase the speed to achieve success in all you do. What to do on a daily basis in order to become a better listing agent. And so much more! Episode Resources: Danny Morel Facebook Danny Morel Youtube Danny Morel Instagram Adrian Hernandez on Facebook


15 Feb 2016

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RESS 55: Be the Best Version of Yourself

In this episode you will get an insight in our group coaching sessions. IT was raw, and real  so be prepared... its a bit edgy, yet I believe you will find immense value and Challenge from it.   It's so easy to talk yourself out of living your best life. Our routine is to give excuses to not become the best version of ourself. Sometimes we say " I don't have time" "I have other things in the way" "I'm busy." BUT it's because your ego is getting in the way. You need to push aside the parts of your life that stand in the way. Instead, focus on the parts of your life that will take you to the next level. It's important to strive to be the best version of of yourself in all aspects of your life. Be truthful to yourself. Be more direct. Be more honest. Enjoy!  See you all at RelentlessEvent.com   Connect with Danny : Website : http://www.DannyMorel.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Danny.Morel.Page Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/dannymorel/ Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/dannymorel/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/dannymorel Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/Dannymorel


17 Apr 2017

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03 RESS: You Inc. Monthly Planning To Go To The Next Level

In this episode I share with you the process that we use in our monthly lead coaches meeting where some of the leader of our company get-together, how we gather and look at a lot of different things and we’ve been doing things on a monthly basis now for the last 2 years. I will also share with you some of the things that you can start doing on a monthly basis starting now to help you to do the same. There are some things you need to be checking on a monthly basis because if you dont, you will look back at you career goal and will ask yourself “what the heck happened”. Here are some steps for you: EVERYTHING MUST BE CALENDARED (non-negotiable) – this is something that you’ve got to put in your calendar. There is no way we could grow at the pace that we are growing, if we don’t meet monthly to ensure that the value we are providing our clients continuously increases. TRACKING YOUR NUMBERS –we have 3 categories as a sales person that are super important to track and they are: a. Listings Taken b. Sales Open c. Deals Closed Monthly Targets – Knowing how to set attainable goals and breaking them down into monthly targets. You should have in your mind a monthly target or a monthly goal for listings, sales and closings no matter what.  Episode Resources: https://www.facebook.com/Danny.Morel.Page/ https://www.youtube.com/user/dannymorel  Instagram: Danny Morel http://www.dannymorel.com


8 Feb 2016

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The Danny Morel Show Ep 1:

We hold ourselves back from achieving when we don’t give ourselves more immediate goals to chase. Why is it so important to have both little goals and big goals? How can you take action on the things you don’t like about your life? Why is showing up a crucial component of success? On this special episode of the Danny Morel show, I share an exclusive internal message for our team members.  Takeaways Showing up: when you miss one day of your routine, it doesn’t just cost you that one day, because it’s hard to get back to the routine. Just showing up to the office will double your results. People start changing when they no longer accept things and start striving. At the start of the show, I talked about the importance of having the right skills and habits as an entrepreneur. Next, I talked about why giving back is a big part of growing. I also spoke about the importance of having “now goals” to chase, and why you have the power to influence change in your life. We also discussed; The power of plugging in and getting into the office Why you need to get an accountability partner How to stop accepting and start thriving You have the power to impact and influence the future, but it starts with you taking inventory of your life and deciding that you’ve had enough of where you are right now. Whatever you learn, remember to grab the lesson and challenge yourself to change in the way that needs to change. If you really want to put rocket fuel into everything you do, make sure you’re always working towards a goal for now. Fix what you aren’t satisfied with, and impact and influence the things in your life that you don’t like.


9 May 2017

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RESS 05: How to Sell Hundreds of Homes Per Year.

Would you like to sell more homes?  Then you are in for a treat today as I get to introduce you my first mentor Ty Leon Guerrero. Listen in and learn how to acquire the right mindset of money and abundance so you can sell more homes. Ty will also address the things that real estate professionals should be doing on a daily  basis. During the interview we also gave our audience the chance to ask questions via Facebook and we got some very good and interesting questions that Ty answered for you. In this episode we also talk about cost versus value and so much more. Episode Resources Danny Morel Facebook Danny Morel Youtube Danny Morel Instagram


17 Feb 2016

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How I Went From Stuck to $300k Plus w/ Robert Watkins

So many of us are not earning more because we’re not being more. What’s poisoning your outcome and ability to grow? Why is accountability a major part of success? What does it take to truly overcome your ego and the pain of doing the work? On this episode, I talk to Robert Watkins who transformed himself from earning 50k to over 350k. We discuss the nuts and bolts of improving your life, including psychology, strategy, vision, and accountability.   Takeaways People get stuck at low-income levels because they think that’s all there is. Left to your own devices, you will fail, that’s why you need accountability.   If you want to do better in business, get out of a bad neighborhood as soon as possible. Your outer world is a direct reflection of what’s going on in your inner world. At the start of the show, Robert shared some of the challenges he had in his life, including selling 1 home in a year, a challenging relationship and how that affected his confidence. Next, we talked about how the inner world affects the outer world, and how the ego gets in our way. We also talked about the importance keeping your word and cultivating belief and confidence. We also discussed; Why people get stuck at low incomes Accountability and the importance of who you surround yourself with Why leadership and education are so important in converting prospects Transformation and growth are possible, but it all comes down to the pieces you put in place so limiting beliefs stop affecting you. Whatever paradigms you have about the world, you can absolutely take control of your psychology and break them. You have to be able to handle accountability, work hard to be more than you are right now, and make winning more important than what the ego tells you.


24 Jul 2017

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How to Win in the Midst of the Recession AND Get a Show on HGTV

Jessie Rodriguez is an entrepreneur since the age of 19, and he has gone from losing everything in the crash, to bouncing back with an HGTV show. What are the success lessons we can learn from him? Why is it so important for an entrepreneur to stay fluid and nimble? How should we be gearing up for a market correction? On this episode, we talk to Jessie about his lessons on entrepreneurship. Takeaways Sometimes we spend time on how to make money instead of fine-tuning our businesses to save money. Order materials for contractors: if someone isn’t checking they could be taking it to another job. You either survive on fear of loss or on motivation to gain. At the start of the show, Jessie shared the characteristics of an entrepreneur and why success has so much to do with constant learning. Next, we talked about how he got through the recession and actually found success during that time, and how he parlayed his success into a TV show. Towards the end, we talked about the right time to start a new business venture. We also discussed; Why there are more opportunities when the market crashes Where Jessie finds his flips How to discover your next big business Entrepreneurship is a game of constantly learning, and not being too proud to do so. Ultimately, the ones that keep learning are the ones that keep growing. A lot of us often give up on things before we’ve really put in the work, but you can’t start something else if you aren’t kicking ass at what you’re already doing. Remember in the case of market corrections, there are many opportunities for people who position themselves correctly, so anticipate, embrace and get ready to grow from that change. Jessie is a powerful example of how you can find ways to win during tough times.  


12 Jun 2017

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Think Bigger. Expect Bigger. Receive Bigger.

There are two ways to think. You can think big, or you can think small. You can’t think medium. Your brain isn’t wired that way. The reality is that most of us are conditioned to think small, to think negative, to think limits. How do you handle this so your own thoughts don’t sabotage your dreams? In this short episode we share the first steps to take control of your thinking. Understand that sometimes in life, you have to eliminate the gray, and make things either black or white. - Danny Morel Tactics + Takeaways Eliminate all gray areas in your thinking. You don’t have to allow your mind to run unchecked. When you think big, you get big. And everyone can CHOOSE to think big. The challenge we face is not a money challenge, it’s a mind challenge. It’s easy to get excited about new years, new dreams, new goals. The difficult thing is understanding how it actually happens. Start by taking note of your thoughts. Don’t judge yourself, don’t get depressed or get down on yourself. Become aware of the way you think about things and react to things. That allows you set yourself up for the next level.


8 Jan 2018

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The Power of a 90-Day Cycle

The excitement of the new year is gone. What happens to a lot of us when reality hits? What techniques can you put in place to make sure you’re building momentum from the beginning of the year? Why are 90-day cycles so critical to the inner workings of your business? On this episode, we talk about the categories you should be tracking and working on in bite-sized chunks. Success doesn’t happen right away, it happens in increments of 90-day cycles. -Danny Morel Tactics + Takeaways The game of success is not in the outer world-- it’s in your inner world. Even though you are an independent contractor, you have to treat this like a real job. For every hour you prospect, you should be talking to 10 people. You work with buyers to pay the bills. You work with listings to create a career. At the start of the show, I talked about what happens when the excitement of the new year fizzles out, and why your business actions have to be driven by data and not emotion. Next, I talked about how focus on the smaller chunks of your goals helps you avoid distractions. I also shared on the importance of showing up to work everyday, even if you’re an independent contractor. Towards the end, I talked about the importance of having an accountability partner. I also spoke about: The importance and necessity of prospecting Why it’s so important to role-play and learn scripts The key to the whole 90-day cycle Our business goals have to be fact-driven, not emotion-driven. Even though our minds feed off of energy and positive belief, we need something guiding us, keeping us from losing momentum and getting demoralized. This is why breaking your year into 4 bite-sized pieces works. Your mind can see 90 days away, it can feel it, believe it and taste it. This allows you to push harder without distractions. Don’t just work off of the need for money. Work off of things that will drive results later. You will get everything you want and deserve on the back end, by focusing on the things you need and want on the front end.


15 Jan 2018

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Unleashing the Real You

Waking up early is a fundamental part of having a productive day. Why are so many people resistant to it? How do you start waking up early slowly but surely? What are the benefits of changing how you start your day? On this episode, you will join me and my buddy, Sirilo Ortiz, as we go for a run at the crack of dawn, and talk about meeting your potential.   Takeaways You could push your workout to the end of your day, but that means you’re stealing time from being with your family. If you’re not on social media and the world isn’t hearing from you, best believe they are hearing from someone else. Always have a painful consequence for not showing up and doing what you need to do. At the start of the show, we talked about the power of waking up early and getting momentum going. Sirilo shared the importance of accountability and having consequences for failing to meet your goals. We also talked about how your actions impact other people’s lives and influence, and towards the end, we talked about the danger of short-term thinking. We also discussed; The beauty of community How to break through the bad habits Short-term thinking vs. long-term thinking If you’re okay with mediocre results you don’t have to wake up any earlier, but if you want to really step into your destiny, make the commitment to start your day off with momentum. There are a lot of emotional ups and downs we go through as entrepreneurs, so why not give your mind and body the best chance at winning those battles? Waking up earlier and working out are two powerful ways that will unleash the real you. Remember these two things are the first big wins of the day.


21 Aug 2017

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Meditation: Your Vision

In this episode, we dive into three different meditations you can use as a continual resource to get clear on your vision


12 Sep 2019

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RESS 32: From $10 an hour to 100 deals a year with Lindsey Harn

Lindsey was just about to graduate from college when she met Hal Sweasey in a meeting. That meeting changed her life and her career. Hal hired her as his assistant for $10 an hour and she learned the business quickly. She got her real estate license at the age of 23 and now in her seventh year in the business, she'll be closing 100 deals. You need to listen to this episode to learn how she did it! Listen to this episode and learn: When you should be hiring your first assistant Why income generating activities should take up most of your day Why it is important to make the business fun and exciting The reason that relationships with your service partners are critical Why it is important to take the time to know your numbers The power of goal setting The systems that Lindsey has in place that are the foundation for her success And so much more Episode Resources:
 Danny Morel on Facebook
 Danny Morel on Instagram Lindsey’s website - www.teamsweasey.com


12 Sep 2016

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RESS 29: The Mental Side of Selling

Over the last few months I have been giving the general public a glimpse into the power of our Intero Real Estate Office Weekly Meetings via Facebook Live. The response has been fantastic and recently I have received numerous requests from our audience to share some of these meetings with you via audio so you can listen to it over and over again. So this episode of The Real Estate Sales Show, I share with you a very recent Office Sales Meeting that I titled … The Mental Side Of Selling. Listen and learn: How to overcome your fears. How to stop letting what other people think of you stop you from becoming the best version of yourself. How to control the meaning of any situation to empower you to create better results. How to win big and sell more homes in less time Plus so much more Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook Danny Morel on Instagram

1hr 6mins

14 Aug 2016

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Everyone says they want to increase their income but so many of us don’t have the right habits to do so. What is the one thing that can have a huge effect on your overall success? How do you get in your own way with the stories you tell yourself? On this episode, we talk about the power of your morning routine. Takeaways Exercise: Motion creates emotion. The brain only knows what you tell it. Shift your focus to positive things and your life will transform. On this episode we discussed; Why working out is a fundamental principle of success How to shift your results by shifting your focus Why you’re stuck Never underestimate the power of waking up bright and early on a daily basis, and the principle of motion creating emotion and the impact on your results in the rest of your life. What keeps you stuck where you are are the habits that you’ve cultivated, so if you can change those things, you will achieve success.


20 Sep 2017

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RESS 07: How to breakthrough your fears and increase your confidence

Fear is one of the single biggest  reasons a person never really experiences any breakthrough in their life or business. Fear holds more people back from achieving success than anything else I know of. In this episode of the Real Estate Sales Show I get to interview Scott Alejo , someone who literally went from earning $500 a month as a result of a lack of confidence in himself. He turned things around and created a multiple six figure income all by mastering the mental battle most of us struggle with on a daily basis In this episode you will discover how: A lack of confidence affects you and the other people around you and how to overcome it. How to adopt a winning attitude to create more breakthroughs. Tips on how to deliver powerful presentations. Valuable advice to real estate agents from the point of view of a lender. Plus so much more. Episode Resources Danny Morel Facebook Danny Morel Youtube Danny Morel Instagram Scott Alejo Facebook


29 Feb 2016

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