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Fermilab launches new institute for quantum science

Among the Fermilab Quantum Institute’s suite of programs is a project to look for direct evidence of dark matter. Photo: Reidar HahnToday the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory announced the launch of the Fermilab Quantum Institute, which will bring all of the lab’s quantum science projects under one umbrella. This new enterprise signals Fermilab’s commitment to this burgeoning field, working alongside scientific institutions and industry partners from around the world. This press release can be read from the Fermilab News web site.


11 Dec 2019

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ANNIE poised to take data on neutrino-nucleus interactions

Photomultiplier tubes dot the 26-ton water tank of ANNIE, the Accelerator Neutrino Neutron Interaction Experiment. Photo: Reidar Hahn, Fermilab The inside of the ANNIE detector looks like a series of carefully placed Jell-O domes, or perhaps a jeweled Fabergé egg. Its walls are dotted by 137 sensors for detecting packets of light and embrace 26 tons of gadolinium-doped water. By Catherine N. Steffel. Read the entire article here.


8 Jan 2020

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High-resolution MicroBooNE detector provides new details in neutrino-argon interaction measurement

A neutrino candidate event selected by this analysis is shown as a bird’s-eye view of the MicroBooNE detector. In this view, neutrinos arrive from the left. The five prongs show five particles that have been produced by a neutrino interaction with an argon atom. The longest prong is the candidate muon, going backwards with respect to the neutrino direction. The most recent physics result from the MicroBooNE experiment provides one of the very first rigorous tests of our understanding of neutrino interactions with argon. The paper, published in Physical Review Letters, presents the first ever measurement of neutrino interactions on argon as a function of the momentum and angle of the muon, a particle produced in the interaction (technically called a “double-differential cross section measurement”). By Anne Schukraft and Marco Del Tutto. You can read the article here.


29 Jan 2020

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Discovery of a new type of particle beam instability

Recent measurements at the Fermilab Booster accelerator confirmed existence of a certain kind of particle beam instability. More measurements are planned for the near future to examine new methods proposed to mitigate it. Accelerated, charged particle beams do what light does for microscopes: illuminate matter. The more intense the beams, the more easily scientists can examine the object they are looking at. But intensity comes with a cost: the more intense the beams, the more they become prone to instabilities. By Alexey Burov . You can read the entire article at the Fermilab News web site.


4 Dec 2019

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ADMX experiment places world’s best constraint on dark matter axions

As the ADMX detector is removed from its magnet, the liquid helium used to cool the experiment forms vapor. Photo: Rakshya KhatiwadaIn 2017, ADMX operated with the highest sensitivity of any axion experiment to date. In doing so, it ruled out a range of possible axion masses. Now the ADMX collaboration released its latest results based on data taken in 2018. The new results rule out yet another mass range, four times wider than the first, while maintaining the same degree of exceptional sensitivity. By Caitlyn Buongiorno. You can read this article at the Fermilab News web site.


18 Dec 2019

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