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I've reached a point in my online experience where I've discovered I prefer being a content producer more than a consumer. Sure, I enjoy myself when I visit someone else's site. But when I create, it’s different. I have to internalize it and make it mine. Not only do I almost always learn something, I end up with something tangible to show for my effort. The joy this has given me seems more lasting and genuine. So why do I blog and podcast? First and foremost is the creative angle of it. I enjoy writing, creating the music and just putting the whole thing together. My original intent was to create a site that reflected my dozens of creative and recreational interests. I think I've done that to a certain extent, but it has been more subtle than I originally intended. I do all the graphic design, writing, photography, programming, recording, editing, instruments and so on. It seems to be the one place I can focus my unwillingness to focus--if that makes any sense. The technical challenge is part of it too, I suppose. The volume of intelligent and sincere praise from the people that continue to visit the site have been icing on the cake. I love that I’m generally understood, and that being logical doesn’t make me the last of a dying breed. Mormonism has often been the focus of my work here because for so much of my life that's all I've known. Even so, I'd like the podcast to grow to address issues with other religions, quackery and hocus-pocus. That's where I'm really excited. I hope that I'll be able to get some good interviews in the future that will help me to grow in knowledge of the world around me. I truly believe that we're at a critical point in history where clear thought finally has a decent shot at suppressing the irrational. I hope I'm right about that.

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Episode 23 - Interview With Jeff Ricks, Host of PostMormon.org

Yeah, you read that right. It's almost one in the morning. I love you guys *that* much.Jeff, you're a great guy. Thanks for your time on the phone, and thanks to all of you for waiting so long for this episode to come out. Keep those letters coming. We love hearing from you!

23 Sep 2007

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Episode 22 - Possummomma Goes to the Temple

Once upon a time in a town that was far off for some and not too far for others, there lived an intelligent and well-spoken possum. She had four little possums she loved very much. She worked very hard to make sure that each of them would grow up to be happy, fulfilled, and able to think for themselves. To the people around her, she hardly seemed the kind of person to ever stir up trouble. This was for the most part, true. But it wasn’t always that way.

5 Aug 2007

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Episode 21 - Peeves

Pssst! Hey--if you're reading this post on the toilet, we need to talk. When they say there's a time and a place for everything, they don't really mean *everything*. So wrap up your business on the can, wash your hands (and your Blackberry), and have a listen. We've got a few things to say to you.

22 Jul 2007

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Bonus Episode! - The View from the Exit Seat

You know the exit seats on the plane? I think they're a great place to sit for a couple of reasons. First, they're less restrictive because of all the leg room. Less restriction is good. Not only that, it's a great place to be if you ever need to get your ass out of the plane in a hurry. Seven years ago today, I jumped from the exit seat of Mormonism straight onto the tarmac.

10 Jul 2007

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Episode 20 - The Millionth Mormon Missionary's Mom

Nannette was already sending the church $400 a month for the "blessing" of having her son on a mission when she got a worried email from him. "Guess what?" he said. "They just cut our food budget from $145 a month to $130. It’s going to be really hard to eat well on that amount of money."

1 Jul 2007

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Episode 19 - An Atheist TV Host from the Buckle of the Bible Belt

What could an ex-Mormon possibly have in common with a former Southern Baptist who had every intention of someday becoming an ordained minister? Last week Heidi and I spent an hour on the phone with Matt Dillahunty, the president of the Austin Community of Atheists. He’s the host of a weekly public access TV show in Austin called The Atheist Experience, and co-host of a podcast called the Non-Prophets.

7 Jun 2007

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Episode 18 - Tithing: God Wants Your Lunch Money

You think the tax man is bad? He also wants your nest egg and any fun money you have sitting around, and if he doesn't get it you are going to BURN.

3 Jun 2007

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Episode 17 - The Church of the Depressed

Do you remember the melancholy Mormon movies and filmstrips of the 70s, 80s and early 90s? You know--classics like the one with the depressed old lady and her chronically empty mailbox?

9 May 2007

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Episode 16 - Tis the Fairest Semi-Precious Gem

Say, what is truth? Well, the truth is, Heidi and Brynn were really sick last week and none of us felt much like putting a podcast together at all. So what's our excuse this week? Just lazy I guess.

22 Apr 2007

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Episode 15 - I'll See Your Pancakes, and Raise You a Sausage

If Pancakes and porn don't make you happy (and why on earth wouldn't they) then how about money?

10 Apr 2007

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