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On the Front Porch with Ami Chen: Spiritual Dialogues for the 21st Century

In this bi-monthly show, (2nd and 4th Fridays at 10 a.m. PST) your host Ami Chen author of The Spark Inside and the blog Mystical Mama, dialogues with listeners, callers and special guests on the true nature of reality. How do we each create our personal realities from the fabric of Thought? Ami Chen reminds us of the freedom and pure potential of who and what we really are—before any form of thought, of religion or spirituality ever appeared.

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The Farewell Show

On Ami's final radio show, she thanks fans and listeners and talks about her reasons for ending the show; as well as the central reason she started the show: to help point all of us back toward that formlessness, that formless presence that is US--beyond (and encompassing) any particular practice, tradition, teaching or teacher. A review of favorite shows, gratitude for supporters and sponsors, and information about other radio shows & podcasts that are either officially 3 Principles"-based or which point in the same direction. .


19 Dec 2014

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The Catalyst for Healing in Mental Health

Ami is joined by Dr. Bill Pettit and Joel Slack, two men with decades of experience in the mental health field. A doctor/healer, and a consumer--now recovered and helping others to heal. What are the essential ingredients to help suffering individuals truly heal and move beyond "mental illness?" Is it possible to recover from severe diagnoses? What can each of us do in our own worlds to facilitate healing--for ourselves or our loved ones? .


12 Dec 2014

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Simplicity in Recovery

D. Reed Smith, co-founder & Admissions Director of the Gulf Breeze Recovery Center, talks with Ami about his vision for recovery from drugs and alcohol outside of the 12-step paradigm. What does "looking in the right direction" for our health, happiness and well-being mean? How does this play out in a successful, transformational detox and recovery facility? .


26 Nov 2014

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From Complexity to Simplicity: 3 Principles and the Helping Professions

Guest Dr. Linda Sandel-Pettit of Siena Heights University. Dr. Sandel-Pettit is a dean at Siena Heights, and director of their counseling program. How do the 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought relate to other modalities of counseling and helping people from a therapeutic perspective? Where is alignment, and where is difference? A most fascinating conversation with a psychologist of many years, and a remarkable academic professional.


14 Nov 2014

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Beyond Teachers & Teachings with Sandra Gonzalez

"Presence invites presence when there is no resistance, no ownership of ideas, experiences or things, no worrying ... just the ease of life when we meet without wanting things to be otherwise." Ami Chen interviews Sandra Gonzalez, author of these words, and student of the late spiritual "teacher" & author Toni Packer--who spoke powerfully of the simple essence or presence of Life, beyond all teachers and teachings. There is the "role of the teacher" and then there is That which is beyond all teachers & teachings. . .


24 Oct 2014

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On "The Role of the Teacher" with Gangaji

In Western cultures, we can be skeptical of spiritual teachers and gurus, although not so much our rabbis, clerics and priests. What is the importance of a true, spiritual teacher? How does Eastern culture help us with this? What, in the West, may we not see about this? Is there something good about Western skepticism? ... What does it mean to listen to a teacher, but not necessarily agree with every opinion of the teacher? What is this devotion to a teacher sometimes called bhakti? ... In the end, what is the true role of the teacher/guru?. .


10 Oct 2014

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Toward Peace Beyond Boundaries

Creativity for Peace trains young Palestinian and Israeli women to partner as leaders by breaking down barriers of anger and prejudice, facilitating friendships, and inspiring action to promote peace. Two young Palestinian and Israeli women, along with Creativity for Peace’s Executive Director join Ami Chen in dialogue about how it feels to reach out past boundaries of culture and historical suffering--in a land of longstanding turmoil and conflict—and join together for peace. .


26 Sep 2014

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Ex's, In Laws & Beyond: Living Well in Blended Families

Ami Chen is joined by Gabriela Maldonado-Montano and Jen Lucas to talk about ex's, step kids, in laws--blended families in general, and how to navigate "mixed" family life with grace. Everyone has sub-conscious "rules and regulations" about family relationships that can make our experience of life and loved ones very difficult. How do we become free of excessive stress in modern family life?It starts with each of us, and is easier than you think!


22 Aug 2014

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Mental Illness is Curable

Psychiatrist Dr. Bill Pettit joins Ami Chen in discussion about our current, somewhat static views of "mental illness," and the fact that many who have been diagnosed have recovered from their illnesses. What is the relationship of Thought, and the principles of Mind and Consciousness to mental illness? To mental health? According to Dr. Pettit, mental health is the "default setting" for human beings, when we are not using the divine gift of Thought (innocently) against ourselves..


25 Jul 2014

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The Essential Curriculum Part II

Ami Chen & Barb Aust continue their dialogue on Thought, Consciousness, and state of mind in schools, and how much of a difference we could make with kids if we turned to our attention to "the essential curriculum" with love and compassion at core.


27 Jun 2014

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