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Become more fluent in English and life with inspiring English lessons based on the best non-fiction books and Ted Talks. Feel Good English is personal growth for English learners. Let's grow together! Get transcripts, extra lessons and connect with Kevin at www.feelgoodenglish.com

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#018 How Do You Become an Effective English Speaker?

How do you become an effective English speaker? This is a question I have been asked more than once, for sure. And I understand why. When I had reached an intermediate level of Portuguese, I remember thinking that I needed to become much more "precise" with my speaking. It felt like I was saying the same things over and over, and it would take me too long to develop what I wanted to say. Eventually I got past this phase, and became the confident speaker I knew I could become. What did I do to become more effective? The answer might not be what you think, and it is easier than you might expect. In this episode, discover what it takes to become the English speaker you know you can become too. Start your daily connection at www.feelgoodenglish.com/effective_english


30 Apr 2016

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#053 Drew Badger from EnglishAnyone.com Shares Life-Changing Tips

Get the transcript --> www.feelgoodenglish.com/member Drew Badger from Englishanyone.com shares lessons that have changed his life, business and language learning. Learn how to apply these lessons to your English learning in today's episode.


25 Aug 2016

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#030 Learned Optimism: Change your Mind and Your LIfe by Martin Seligman

Get the FREE transcripts at www.feelgoodengish.com/member Have you ever heard the expression "is your cup half empty or half full?" We say this a lot in the US, and what it gets at is if you are an optimistic or pessimistic person. Difficult times happen to everyone, but the way you look at these times makes a big difference in the quality of your life. In the book, "Learned Optimism" by Martin Seligman, the consequences of being pessimistic are talked about, as well as the benefits to becoming more optimistic. Strategies are given that you can apply to help you become a more optimistic person, which leads to more productivity, creativity, and happiness. Get the FREE transcripts at www.feelgoodengish.com/member


3 Jun 2016

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#075 How to Be Better at Life "Awaken the Giant Within" by Tony Robbins

Get the transcript at www.feelgoodenglish.com Wake up and take control of your life! Tony Robbins, the nation's leader in the science of peak performance, shows you his most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances, and your life. Learn strategies that will help you instantly become more motivated, focused, and positive, to get you closer to making your ideal life a reality. 


28 Nov 2016

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#009 Q&A - How do I improve my English pronunciation?

Olga works with English and finds ways to improve grammar and vocabulary. But she says her "accent is killing" her. :/ How can English learners QUICKLY improve their accent and English pronunciation . I have a very easy, fast and effective method for improving a foreign accent, and in this week's Feel Good English Q&A Saturday I will share it with you. Learn more at www.feelgoodenglish.com


9 Apr 2016

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#038 Think You're Smart? Not So Much - You Are Not So Smart by David McRaney

Get free transcripts at www.feelgoodenglish.com In this episode of the Feel Good English Podcast, I have some bad news for you, unfortunately, and the news is... You are not as smart as you think. And where did I hear this news? Well, I heard it from the book "You Are Not so Smart: Why You Have Too Many Friends on Facebook. Why Your Memory will See Fiction and 46 Other Ways You're Deluding Yourself." by David McRaney. But here’s the truth: You are not so smart. You’re just as deluded as the rest of us. That’s okay because being deluded is part of being human.


1 Jul 2016

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#083 An Episode for Shy People - "Quiet" By Susan Cain

Get the transcript at www.feelgoodenglish.com  Are you Shy, or Just an Introvert?  Even though Western culture idealizes the outgoing, confident, and very social personality, not everyone can be that person. And in the book, "Quiet" by Susan Cain, we learn that people that aren't extremely social, or as we call them here, introverts, can bring a lot of value to group settings.  There have been many famous "introverts" too, which you can read more about in the book.  In today's episode, learn more about:  If you're an introvert What the difference between being shy and an introvert is How to "act" like an extrovert when society calls for it.  So don't be shy, and listen to this episode of the Feel Good English podcast. 


25 Jan 2017

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#046 How to Stop Feeling Like a Loser - The Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley

Get the transcript at www.feelgoodenglish.com/member Being a winner is an attitude, a way of life, a self-concept. It's a heads-up, full-speed-ahead way of living and being. It's an expectation of success that you can master with your personal coach, Denis Waitley.


29 Jul 2016

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#074 How to Give a Powerful Presentation in English - "The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs" by Carmine Gallo

Get the transcript at www.feelgoodenglish.com Whether he was introducing the latest iPad or delivering a keynote presentation, Steve Jobs electrified audiences with his incomparable style and presentation skills. He didn’t just pass information in his presentations; he told a story and shared a vision. He gave his audience a powerful experience that was unique, inspiring, and unforgettable. Now you can do it too, even as an English learner, by learning the specific techniques that made Jobs such an effective presenter. Using Jobs’s legendary presentations as a blueprint, communication skills coach Carmine Gallo has written a book full of presentation secrets to help you plan, deliver, and refine the best presentation of your life


24 Nov 2016

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#115 Biggest Lessons of the Year - Part 2

Get the transcript at www.feelgoodenglish.com/go The podcast that blends, mixes, English learning with personal development. Making your time spent with English more inspiring, enlightening, and...exciting? This is the last episode of 2017, well, it’s literally the first episode of 2018, but I am still going to touch on a couple ideas from 2017, two BIG ideas I shared with you that I consider to be so important. Both of these are ideas are really simple, straight to the point, but can have a big impact on behavior. And I’m going to go into these two ideas, going to review them with you today because you can take these two concepts and apply them to your life this coming year. They can help you stay strong and help you stay focused, two things I often need help with.


1 Jan 2018

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#048 Stop Trying to Sound Smart - Words That Work by Frank Lundtz

FREE COURSE --> http://www.feelgoodenglish.com/free-course/ Do you want to reach out to the 2 billion English learners from across the world? Or perhaps you'd like to make friends with people who play the same game as you or enjoy the same music like you do? In today's episode , I will be teaching you how to communicate better by means of using simple words to express yourself more freely and get involved with a larger, more global audience. FREE COURSE --> http://www.feelgoodenglish.com/free-course/


5 Aug 2016

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#109 Finding the Courage to Connect With Others

Get the premium lesson for this at www.feelgoodenglish.com/go Today I have an episode based on two words. That’s it, two English words. But these two words affect our lives so much. One of these words is responsible for our loneliness, depression, our feelings of never having enough. It causes hate, and fights, and divorce. It makes us want to put our heads in the sand. And the other word is the solution to the first word. The second word makes us feel more connected to others, more fulfilled, more courageous, and you’ll be happy to know this word, or applying this word to your life, will also help you become a badass confident English speaker. It’s kind of the secret to success with learning a foreign language.


1 Oct 2017

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#007 How do you perform at your best, EVERY DAY? The 4 areas to maintain - Habit 7/7 by Steven Covey

Free 7 Habits Course here --> https://goo.gl/0kzJjo It can be difficult to feel good every day. But if you learn how to maintain the four most important areas in your life you can conquer each day. Discover the four areas and what to do with each in this episode.


3 Apr 2016

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#061 Ted Tuesdays - "Keep Your Goals to Yourself" by Derek Sivers

Get the transcript at www.feelgoodenglish.com/sivers Do you Share Your English Goals? If you have a big, new, exciting goal, are you tempted to share it with the world? Well, sharing them might have negative consequences. After hitting on a brilliant new life plan, our first instinct is to tell someone, but Derek Sivers says it's better to keep goals secret.He presents research stretching as far back as the 1920s to show why people who talk about their ambitions may be less likely to achieve them.In this episode of the Feel Good English podcast, learn why you shouldn't share your goals, but if you have to, how to share your goals in a way that will help you achieve them.


27 Sep 2016

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#005 - Steven Covey Habit 5 - Listening is the Key to English fluency

Free 7 Habits Course here --> https://goo.gl/0kzJjo Do you need to help solve problems and manage others at work? We often do not know how to effectively listen to other people in order to find the best solutions possible. Discover 5 WAYS in which you can become a better communicator. 


2 Apr 2016

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#063 Get motivated ! Pep Talk by Kid President - Ted Tuesdays

Get the transcript at www.feelgoodenglish.com/member What's a pep talk? A motivating speech! Who motivates you? Yourself? Your parents or children? What about a 10-year-old boy? Kid President commands you to wake up, listen to the beating of your heart and create something that will make the world awesome.  Sometimes we need someone else to give us a push. Keep us focused, motivated, and passionate in the English learning process. Even if it is a kid. In this very entertaining Ted Talk, Kid President will pump you up! (motivate)


4 Oct 2016

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#091 How to Live A Calm Life "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle

Get the transcript at www.feelgoodenglish.com Today’s book I am going to talk about is kind of a special one for me. Why? Because it’s one of the first books that I can remember that really got me thinking a lot more about how to deal with the everyday stresses and struggles of life. I first read this book in college, I was probably around twenty years old, and it was very impactful. And when I first read it, it brought completely new ideas to me, I tried them out, I experimented with these ideas a little bit. So what is the book I am talking about? Well, the book is called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. And in general, this book is all about accepting the present moment. How often during your day are you regretting things that have happened in the past? Thinking about the decisions you shouldn't have made, or things you shouldn't have said. And also how much of your day do you spend thinking about the future, worrying about the future? What’s going to happen, what’s going to happen in your life that you might not want to happen? And lastly, do you find yourself always thinking, “In the future when this happens, or once I am able to do this, everything will be better. If I get this job, if I pass this test, if I become fluent in English, if all of these things happen, then my life will be great". Well, this all causes stress, and in The Power of Now, there are some very very useful tools for dealing with these thoughts that can cause you to be anxious


27 Mar 2017

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#025 Learning HOW TO Learn English - My Story

In this episode, I am going to tell you a little story from my life. When I was 23, I traveled to Prague, CZ to study business, and also Czech so i could meet girls at the bar. ;) However, this year gave me the biggest insight of my life on how I learn languages, which I now have taught to thousands of English learners. If you feel frustrated with the way you're learning, listening to this episode is a must. For transcripts to FGE episodes go to www.feelgoodenglish.com


21 May 2016

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#056 A Memorization Technique that Works! - "Memory Palace" by Lewis Smile

Get the TRANSCRIPT at www.feelgoodenglish.com/memory Do you have a system for memorizing new English vocabulary? Are you a master of memorization? I'm not. :( But there is a system that has been around for thousands of years, helping people memorize information with much less effort. This system is based off evolution, which means it is the natural way our brains retain information. In the book, "Memory Palace", Lewis explains how this system works, and even goes through the works of Shakespear to show the reader exactly how to master this loci memory system. In this episode, I will explain this very effective method, and show you how you can apply it to English learning. Get the TRANSCRIPT at www.feelgoodenglish.com/memory


8 Sep 2016

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#110 How to Deal with People - "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie

Get the Premium lesson at www.feelgoodenglish.com/go in today’s episode, I am going to teach you how to deal with people, well how to deal with people better. I’m going to pull lessons from the very popular and classic book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Since “How to Win Friends & Influence People” was published in 1936, it has sold millions and millions of copies. The advice contained in the book is deceptively simple, but remains as effective as ever. Just adhering to simple guidelines like smiling when meeting someone and remembering their first name can help anyone become more likable and influential. I am going to mainly talk about the first two parts of the book, how to deal with people and also how to communicate better with people. Both of these parts, and the lessons contained within Both of these parts, and the lessons contained within them, can help you become better liked by your peers, or even more liked if your peers already think you’re a superstar, and they can also help you deal with difficult people, difficult people at work, school, maybe at home, wherever. So listen to the lesson a few times, pay attention to new English words you hear, and also, really think about what is being taught. If you need to pause the audio to think about something and apply what I talk about to your life, do that!


15 Oct 2017

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