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Tune in to the audio podcast and join your host, an inquisitive, knitting archaeologist in exploring the rich fiber art traditions from across history and around the world.

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Episode 21: A Wool Mill Grows in Iceland

In this episode, we do a bit of a reintroduction, since the show has been on for more than a year now! I’ll share some beautiful patterns I’ve been working with as well as some things I’ve been dyeing. We’ll do a little Lush Skein, and talk about what is in my textile reading Stash. I’ll also introduce a new regular segment about sustainability and ethics in the fiber industry. Show notes are available at www.thewovenroad.com


30 Jan 2017

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Episode 22: How We Got the Blues

In this episode,  I share a new collaborative project I am working on with a fellow textile podcaster (hint, you are encouraged participate!), I talk about a great and simple shawl pattern I’ve completed this week, some other news related things, we chat about what the Slow Clothes Movement is, and a bit about the history of the color blue! Show Notes at thewovenroad.com/blog/episode22


27 Feb 2017

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Episode 18: Loom-Weight For It...

In this episode, we say hello to a new guest co-host, review some  wonderful indie-dyed yarn, share a new wine and yarn pairing in The Lush Skein, and talk about evidence for looms in the archaeological record! Find the show notes at the website: www.thewovenroad.com


14 Nov 2016

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Episode 19: Lifelines, Dyeing, and Migrating Traditions

I’ll enable you to a lovely new pattern I’ve been working with as well as a great series of yarn dyeing tutorial videos. We’ll talk about what in the world lifelines are, and learn what the textile remains from a thousand year old burial in north east Iceland can tell us about the various places the inhabitants came from, and the kinds of fiber traditions they brought with them. Show Notes at www.thewovenroad.com


29 Nov 2016

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Episode 20: Festive Bling

In this episode, I’ll share some things I’ve been making, I’m just DYEING to tell you (yuk yuk), we’ll have a Lush Skein Special, talk all things holly and jolly with holiday gift ideas and winter themed projects, and I’ll announce a giveaway that is seasonal as all get-up! And we’ll do this all, with my guest co-host for this episode, Kayla! You can find the show notes at www.thewovenroad.com


11 Jan 2017

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Episode 14: It's Not A Turmeric

In this episode, Meadow shares recent adventures in fleece processing, experiments with turmeric as dye, outlines some historical evidence of mordants, and shares some household and backyard things that can be used to dye yarn! For the Show Notes, visit thewovenroad.com


21 Jul 2016

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Episode 17: Enchanted Yarn Gourds

In this episode, we welcome a new guest co-host, share what we've been making, a wine and yarn pairing, and read the winners of the spooky yarn-related Halloween poem contest! You'll also be introduced to a fun new segment entitled "I Like My Yarn How I Like My Lovers." We also bestow upon you some of our best excuses for rationalizing yarn purchases, such as "if you don't buy it, then you won't have it..." Show Notes at: thewovenroad.com


24 Oct 2016

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Episode 16: Sustainable and Ethical Yarn

In this episode, I share a brief segment on my first few months living as an immigrant in Iceland, a fantastic new yarn and wine pairing, and some of the top sustainable and ethical large-scale yarn producers. For Show Notes, visit http://www.thewovenroad.com.


11 Oct 2016

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Episode 15: Indian Woodblock Printing

In this episode, Meadow shares all the new WIPs, WTF Sprang is, and discusses the history and contemporary ethical dilemmas  of woodblock printing in India. The Show Notes are at www.thewovenroad.com/episode15


5 Aug 2016

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Episode 23: On Community, Being Bold, and Seawall Fibres

In this episode, I’ll share what has been going on in the Textile History Reading Group, what is in the Stash, as well as an interview with the wonderful Lisa of Seawall Fibres. Show Notes: www.thewovenroad.com


22 Mar 2017

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