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Nietzsche on Mind and Nature

Keynote speeches and special session given at the international conference 'Nietzsche on Mind and Nature', held at St. Peter's College, Oxford, 11-13 September 2009, organized by the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford.

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Nietzsche Source. Scholarly Nietzsche editions on the web

Introduction to the scholarly editions of Nietzsche Source: the digital critical edition based on Colli/Montinary, the digital edition of the Nietzsche estate including works, manuscripts and letters and the future genetic edition of Nietzsche's works.


23 Dec 2009

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Nietzsche's Value Monism - Saying Yes to Everything

Lecture on Nietzsche's attack on Value Dualism, as well as the view he offers instead and whether Nietzsche can sustain his Value Monism-the view that everything is good-given the pressures that pull him back into saying no as well as yes.

1hr 7mins

23 Dec 2009

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Nietzsche's Metaphysics

Nietzsche rejects a persisting self; real distinctions of objects and properties, categorical and dispositional properties, causes and effects; free will. He holds that determinism is true, reality is one and fundamentally experiential.


22 Dec 2009

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Consciousness, Language and Nature: Nietzsche's Philosophy of Mind and Nature

On the triangulation between consciousness, language and nature in Nietzsche's philosophy and contemporary philosophy of mind and proposes a philosophy of signs and interpretation as a basis for a philosophy of mind, language and nature.

1hr 5mins

22 Dec 2009

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Who is the 'Sovereign Individual?' Nietzsche on Freedom

Nietzsche's Sovereign Individual (SI) argues that 1. Nietzsche denies free will and moral responsibility. 2. SI in no way supports a denial of 1. 3. Nietzsche engages in a 'persuasive definition' of the language of Freedom and Free Will.


22 Dec 2009

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