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The Narcissist in Your Life Podcast is hosted by Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.,, LMFT, specializing in the narcissistic personality, She offers in-depth information about the origins and psychodynamics of the narcissistic personality and strategies and practices for those psychologically and emotionally abused by narcissistic personalities through her global podcasts (The Narcissist in Your Life Podcast) her books:: Recovering and Healing After the Narcissist and Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life.

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High Level Narcissists - Masters of Varieties of Lies

 Quoting from my book "Freeing Yourself From the Narcissist in Your Life" : A lie is a handy tool the narcissist uses to enhane and protect the image he has sopainstakingly built. Lies are automatic. They flow from him as effortlessly as sweat coming through pores...He (the narcissist) knows he can lie and get away with it...The narcissist insists that the way must be clear for him to move ahead...He looks you right in the eye and lies without hesitation...He is glib with his lies, he shades the truth or tells an outright lie." You cannot have a real relationship with someone who lies to you. Those who are partnered with or married to a high level narcissist are constantly being lied to by their spouse or partner.  High level narcissits are masters of deceit and takepride in their lies. They have developed this activity to a high art. Compartmentalization: The high level narcissist is highly secretive. He (she) cannot be authentic, real or true. He often leads a secret life. It is not unusual for these individuals to have several "close" relationships going forward simultaneously. Being married doesn't interfere with the high level narcissist's straying to other partners. These individuals don't have a well developed conscience and are known to give in to their libidinal proclivities. They rationalize about these behaviors and always can give themselves perfec excuses for their immoral behaviors. The high level is the puppeteer who who creates roles for thos who share his world.  Re-Writing History: High level narcissists are constantly revising their personal and work histories, resumes, family histories and stories, academic and professional bona fides. Double Downing on Their Lies: High level are completely shameless. They look deep into your eyes and lie directly to you. Narcissists develop the dark art of lying very early growing up. If we didn't have a conscience wouldn't it be smoother and easier to tell clever untruth that increased your personal power and control and enlarged your gilded image. Lies of Omission: High level narcissists leave out whole swaths of forbidden behaviors that they know will exasperate their partners, spouses, ex-spouses, children, business associates. They are drive by ego and their ever-present goals of reaching the highest summits of power, control and the fruits of their excessive greed. You are different from the high level narcissist. You have a finely developed conscience. You don't lie; you don't deceive people. Your relationships are genuine and not used to control and overpower others. You rae capable of deep empathey and are capable of putting yourself in the place of another with regard to their feelings, thoughts, intentions and the problems and issues that challenge them. Here's to you, an individual of integrity, perseverance, spiritual vitality, traveling your unique pathways of transformation, evolution and creativity.  https://tinyurl.com/y39j2uke www.mhnrnetwork.com https://www.mentalhealthnewsradionetwork.com/ https://tinyurl.com/y3ss5clg


22 Jan 2022

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Restoration and Healing From Extreme Fatigue Caused by High Level Narcissists

Those who are married or partnered with high level narcissists are constantly under extreme stress. Many individuals report about demanding, demeaning, manipulative individuals that cause a variety of symptoms and illnesses: chronic unrelenting fatigue, extreme insomnia, high level anxiety, extreme hypervigilance. As the months go by the high level becomes impatient and even enraged with your state of exhaustion. They project their rage on to you when you are at your most vulnerable state. They feel victorious when you cry. That's how sadistic high level narcissists are.  You are gaslighted, accused of being psychologically unbalanced, disruptive to your evolution as an individual with unique creative gifts and entitled to deep inner peace. Your partner and spouse despises you and finds you weak and incompetent. The opposite is the truth. You are a persevering courageous individual of fine character.  Here are a few activities that will be very helpful to you: Learn how to rest; you are entitled. Rest is healing and restorative. Stretching and doing yoga poses moves your lymph and increases your energy and strength. Hydration and nutrition keep you healthy with great vitality. Listen to beautiful music that puts you into the flow of the parasympathetic mode of relaxation, restoration. It soothes you and sparks the golden keys to the imagination.  https://tinyurl.com/y39j2uke www.mhnrnetwork.com https://www.mentalhealthnewsradionetwork.com/ https://tinyurl.com/y3ss5clg


18 Jan 2022

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High Level Narcissists - Devious Exploiters

Quoting from my book: Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life: "Narcissists use personal relationships as stepping stones and way stations to success...The high level narcissist surrounds himself(herself) with individuals who act as extensions of himself. He fuses with those who will protect and expand his grandiose sense of self...If luck holds some chosen followers weather the unrelenting rages and demands that spill out of the narcissistic psyche...There is always a time certain when a relationship with a narcissist will come to a close. Followers are discharged when their gilt has faded." Partners and spouses of the high level narcissist make them look very good. They are often very bright, socially skilled, warm, charming, empathic and individuals of good character. High level narcissists exploit their partners making constant demands that you must be perfect.  Behind closed doors the high level narcissist projects their psychological bile on to you, causing extreme distress, continually criticizing and humiliating you. There is a time when you awaken the true nature of the exploitive high level narcissist and that you are entitled to separate from these self absorbed, exploitive individuals.  Now you move forward with daily self care: rest, sleep, eating nourishing food, good hydration, movement and exercise that works for you, a form of spiritual practice that works for you. 


13 Jan 2022

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Perpetual Shaming of You by High Level Narcissist

Shame is a complex intolerable feeling of being exposed, wanting to disappear, emotional vulnerability, feeling inferior and worthless.  A child who feels shame has been shamed by parent(s), siblings or other family members. Shaming a child is a way of controlling them, making them feel small and helpless. Chronic shaming abuse leaves a painful imprint on the psyche.  Shaming is one of their most effective cruelties. It is especially pernicious if you were shamed as a child. You can make the decision of separating permanently from the narcissistic spouse has begun. This passage may not be easy or smooth but it is worth the journey.  Use your inner wisdom and intuition to continually protect yourself from entering into relationships with narcissistic personalities.  https://tinyurl.com/y39j2uke www.mhnrnetwork.com https://www.mentalhealthnewsradionetwork.com/ https://tinyurl.com/y3ss5clg


9 Jan 2022

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A Special Message to Empaths - A Melange

Empaths are highly perceptive, exquisitely sensitive individuals. They are attuned to their external and internal environments. They feel deeply and are often misunderstood by spouses, family members and the world. Empaths who are married to or partnered with high level narcissists have a particularly difficult journey.  In this situation with a high level narcissist the empath is accumulating tremendous amounts of oxidative stress.  Married to a high level narcissist you are at the mercy of their recriminations, criticisms, projections.  Quotes from my book: Recovering and Healing After the Narcissist regarding the glory of Color.  Quotes on the great art of our ancestors in the prehistoric caves. 


1 Jan 2022

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High Level Narcissists Double and Triple Down on Their Ever-Present Hubris

Hubris in man is ever-present, even found in prehistoric caves. Wherever there is pride there is hubris. The story of the angels cast into Hell for their hubris remains with us.  The word hubris comes from the ancient Greek meaning extreme pride and dangerous overconfidence. Hubris is outrageous. Aristotle defined hubris as shaming the victim. The high level narcissist gains pleasure from his hubristic acts. He or she is not called out on these dark deeds if they hold sway and power, if they are highly placed socially and economically. Those who are married to or partnered with or children of hubristic high level narcissists are victims of their extreme psychopathology. You spend years and decades married to one of these individuals, go through a series of leaving them, returning and continuing the cycle, to the increasing stress, psychophysiological imbalances, mood and anxiety disorders, chronic insomnia, re-traumatization from childhood. Unlike you they have no shame---never did and never will. They re always right no matter their horrific misdeeds and betrayals.  They have around them a golden circle of followers and hangers on who are loyal to them no matter what the issue. They feed off of the high level's extreme pride, economic largesse and social power. In the high level's psychological mix is a lack of conscience, any bit of shame or of course no empathy. There is a time of awakening with your insights, research and intuitions recognize the true dark nature of the high level narcissist and finally appreciate who you really are---a very authentic individual of fine character, integrity, strength and psychological grounding. As you move forward stay attuned to Nature the great healer and the manifestation of your many unique creative gifts. https://tinyurl.com/y39j2uke www.mhnrnetwork.com https://www.mentalhealthnewsradionetwork.com/ https://tinyurl.com/y3ss5clg


28 Dec 2021

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Entourages of the High Level Narcissist - A Grand Show and Delusion 2

The high level narcissist is playing a part of the grand special unique glorified individual. This is complex with many chosen to be part of his/her special circle. The high level narcissist has a series of elaborate false selves that are compelling and believable.  The high level narcissist fools everyone with enticement, deceits and empty promises. This is the grand performance, opening nigh. Behind the curtain and closed doors the ugly, vole real self of the high level is activated in raw projections, obsessive control maneuvers, deceits, lies and humiliations. Repeatedly, you are exposed to this darkness of the high level narcissist. Your energies fade, motivation drops, you are exhausted. The high level has eroded your confidence and creativity. There is a time of awakening to the true nature of the high level narcissist. Now you separate out from the high level along your own pathways of restoration, transformation  and creativity. Practice self care: rest, sleep, nourishing food, hydration, movement and exercise, time with Nature and its beauty, spiritual practice that works for you. https://tinyurl.com/y39j2uke www.mhnrnetwork.com https://www.mentalhealthnewsradionetwork.com/ https://tinyurl.com/y3ss5clg .


21 Dec 2021

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Narcissistic Families - Driven by Greed, Manipulation, Deception and Control

Today we are surrounded by narcissistic personalities, including narcissistic families. These highly dysfunctional individuals are driven by their egos rather than conscience or empathy. Members of narcissistic families are exceedingly greedy: they worship money and possessions, their glowing external image over character and integrity.  They are grabby for power, attention, pleasure, praise, control of others, dark manipulations and deceptions as essential tools for reaching their goals. Within these families are nasty rivalries: for example, Golden Boy narcissist(s) purposely victimize empathic siblings. Empaths are trapped in these families from hell. These are the forgotten children who are victims of ego fueled projections and acting out behaviors. In narcissistic families there are no boundaries. The more aggressive narcissistic brothers and sisters constantly intimidate their more sensitive siblings. In some cases where there are narcissistic parents, they side with their golden children against the empaths and invisible siblings, leaving them unsupported, adrift and alienated from the family. Narcissistic family members, parents and children demand instant gratification of their extravagant wishes and purported needs. These individuals have no frustration tolerance. Narcissistic children in these psychopathological families have learned to use intimidation as a control mechanism to get whatever they want. Members of the narcissistic family are incapable of deep feelings, especially warmth, empathy, guilt, emotional attachment.  Narcissistic children and their narcissistic parent cannot form and maintain genuine relationships that are psychologically grounded and authentic.  There is an extraordinary lack of introspection in the narcissistic personality. Narcissists in these families are boorish, demanding and deceitful. Narcissistic parents and their narcissistic children are restless, thoughtless, highly selfish and completely self absorbed. Some children from narcissistic families rescue themselves from the extreme psychopathology of their narcissistic home. Through their imaginations, creating art, Nature, visiting friends and spending time with healthy families --these are among the ways that children in these families from hell get through these complex and very difficult and harsh narcissistic families. I give you so much credit for your courage and perseverance and independence and fortitude as your separated out of these highly dysfunctional narcissistic families.  You are remarkable as an individual, a person of great integrity and fortitude. 


18 Dec 2021

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High Level Narcissists Create A Perfect External World

High level narcissists are obsessed and preoccupied with the impressions they are making. Quoting from my book: Freeing Yourself From the Narcissist in Your Life gives you a keen sense of this obsession: "The narcissist is always preoccupied with the impression he/she is making.  For some, everything in their environment---homes, cars, personal possessions---must reflect a flawless self. Walking through some of these homes, I have wondered if anyone lives there. There is not one sign of human habitation, no footprints on rugs or carpets, no finger marks on furniture, mirrors, no cooking aromas or whiffs of faded perfume, no towel askew, no stain, no dust, no scuff, no smudge---Every aspect of their outward environments must be kept in pristine condition at all times..."  If you are partnered with or married to a high level narcissist or grew up with a narcissistic parent, this description and portrayal is very familiar to you.  You have spent years and decades in extreme chronic stress, anxiety and depression, somatic disorders, unrelenting insomnia.  You cannot tolerate it any longer---your research, insights and intuitions about the high level narcissist are well grounded and very clear. You choose to leave this empty vapid, externally oriented lifestyle with an individual who treats you with disrespect, disdain, accompanied by bursts of vile, projected venom that causes your anxiety , self doubt, and unfettered rage directed at you are particularly terrifying if you experienced childhood trauma.  You are moving forward leaving your false relationship with the high level narcissist behind. Your pathway forward leads to recovery, transformation and evolution of the true self.  You simplify your days, following your deep intuitions and daily self care.  https://tinyurl.com/y39j2uke www.mhnrnetwork.com https://www.mentalhealthnewsradionetwork.com/ https://tinyurl.com/y3ss5clg


14 Dec 2021

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Rescuing Yourself from the Ruthless, Ego Driven High Level Narcissist

High level narcissists are very restless individuals, ego driven and shameless they spend their days acquiring material possessions, forcing others to do their bidding with special emphasis on their spouses, ex-spouses, children, family members. They ae always right when everything they do, think, write and say are vats of lies, misrepresentations, egomaniacal demands that spring from the psychological fever of believing they are perfect.  The high level narcissist is a climber who spends his days, years and decades exploiting everyone to move up professionally and financially.  You are worn down and exhausted, filled with anxiety and dread, even feelings guilty that you have not done more to make the high level become more responsible.  There are moments of awakening and knowing who this individual truly is, a deluded, self absorbed, overly entitled, selfish person without conscience or empathy.  Now you know the truth ad you are moving forward to separate yourself from the high level narcissist.  You are now keenly aware of your unique individuality, your fine character, perseverance, psychological and emotional stamina and your creative gifts. Give yourself tremendous credit for your role of discovery along the pathways of your authentic self. https://tinyurl.com/y39j2uke www.mhnrnetwork.com https://www.mentalhealthnewsradionetwork.com/ https://tinyurl.com/y3ss5clg


9 Dec 2021

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