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Will@Warwick - insights into the work of William Shakespeare

Will@Warwick - a podcast featuring the latest academic insight into the work of William Shakespeare.

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Blogging the Bard

Art editor of the Guardian website Andrew Dickson and Peter Kirwan, writer of the Bardathon theatre review blog, talk about how blogs have changed the art of reviewing Shakespeare productions.

11 Sep 2007

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Richard II - Shakespeare's most dangerous play

We focus on Richard II looking at a performance by the Berliner Ensemble in 2006. First we speak to two of the people involved in staging the play and then Professor Margaret Shewring talks about the play in its historical and cultural context.

19 Jun 2007

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Speaking Shakespeare

The art of speaking Shakespeare is discussed by actors Ben Crystal, an expert in pronunciation of the Shakespearian period, Patrice Naiambana originally from Sierra Leone and actress Janet Dale along with writer and broadcaster Paul Allen.

25 Sep 2007

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The Women Who Have Played Hamlet

Tony Howard talks about the women who have played Hamlet.

20 Aug 2007

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Where there's a Will there's a way

Dr Laurie Maguire of Magdalen College Oxford talks about her latest book 'Where There's a Will There's a Way' and Peter Kirwan looks at three interpretations of Macbeth.

26 Jun 2007

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