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Inside Strategic Coach: Connecting Entrepreneurs With What Really Matters

Inside Strategic Coach is a practical resource for entrepreneurs, or anyone with a growth mindset. Hosts Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller share breakthrough insights, educational success stories, and insider know-how, gained from working with thousands of successful business owners, worldwide.

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How To Competition-Proof Your New Ideas

Has it ever seemed impossible to make a lot of money off your new idea before competition swarms in? There are ways around this problem. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller talk about how you can stay competition-proof while making as much profit as possible from your idea.


29 Jun 2019

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Why You Should Set A Price That Scares You

Most entrepreneurs charge according to what their competition is charging, but that isn’t the way to get what you’re worth. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller talk about why setting your price should be determined by what customers will be willing to pay.


7 Sep 2019

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Your Unique Ability Is Your Ultimate Differentiator with Teresa Easler

Unique Ability is one of our core concepts at Strategic Coach. In this special episode, associate coach Teresa Easler discusses the true value of Unique Ability and why understanding and utilizing your Unique Ability is so important as an entrepreneur. Among other invaluable lessons, Teresa tells the story of why she walked away from a $500K proposal because it didn’t utilize her Unique Ability and refutes the number-one complaint that prevents most entrepreneurs from fully utilizing their own Unique Ability.


19 Feb 2020

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How To Be A Hero To Your Clients In The 21st Century

Many people think that it’s impossible to be a hero in the world today, but they’re thinking of the wrong kind of hero. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller talk about how entrepreneurs can go about becoming heroes to their customers by helping them change their lives.


30 Nov 2019

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How To Stop Procrastinating And Free Up Your Time

Thinking about doing something you don’t like can be more unpleasant, and take longer, than actually doing it. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller share how delegating tasks and changing deadlines can eliminate “dread time.”


14 Dec 2019

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Still Delegating? Here's Why Partnering Up Works Better

For a lot of entrepreneurs, the only options seem to be to tackle the activities they don’t like doing or else manage someone else as they do them. But in this episode, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller explain how you can instead link up with people so that everyone’s doing what they want to do while working toward your company’s goals.


21 Sep 2019

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Setting Team Expectations: Your Ticket To A Self-Managing Company®

One of the biggest frustrations for team members is not knowing what’s expected of them. But with this tool, you can take the guesswork out of job performance and build a team of confident, happy people willing to manage themselves (rather than relying on you for constant direction).


5 Sep 2018

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How To Maximize Your Thinking Through Teamwork: The Value Of Associative And Linear Intellect

We all think differently, but so few of us take the time to experience and consciously observe how we, personally, think. Discover why taking ownership over how your brain operates is both freeing and increasingly valuable to other people. In the words of Dan Sullivan, “Play to win with the cards you have, not the cards you wish you had.”


19 Sep 2018

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“Scary Times” Success Strategies Part 1: Focus On Others

When events happen that disrupt our lives, it can be scary—but there are ways to be positive even now. In part 1 of this ten-part mini-series, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller break down why it’s best to focus on others, and how best to do it.


30 Mar 2020

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The One Question To Ask Prospective Clients Before Deciding To Work With Them

You became an entrepreneur because you knew you had something great to offer the world. But convincing other people it’s great isn’t always easy. It might seem counterintuitive, but if you want to ensure the continued growth of your business, you’ve got to think like a coach, not a salesperson.


29 Nov 2018

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Can You Be Too Smart For Your Own Good?

Intelligence, smarts, and IQ are only part of the success formula for entrepreneurs. You can be the smartest person in the room, but if you're not in the habit of taking action and recognizing opportunity, you have no advantage over anyone else. Dan and Shannon share the difference between your mind and your brain, and how to use them both for a rich and fulfilling life.


15 Sep 2019

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Taking Time Off Can Increase Your Productivity And Better Your Company

Many entrepreneurs feel like they should be working all the time, but that philosophy doesn’t always work. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller explain how taking time off can actually benefit you, your company, and your team members.


27 Dec 2017

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Why Strategic Coach Is Still Going Strong After 30 Years

Strategic Coach® has been making dreams come true for entrepreneurs for 30 years and counting. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller talk about how they’ve found lasting success by sticking to their coaching model in a changing world.


19 Oct 2019

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Creating The Strategy Circle

As Strategic Coach® enters its 30th year, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller discuss the tool that started it all — The Strategy Circle. Entrepreneurs can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the obstacles between them and their vision for the future. The Strategy Circle helps them think through a difficult situation and how to view opposition as an important part of the process.


15 May 2019

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Create Your Own World, Because This One Wasn't Built For You

No systems were designed with your needs or wants in mind, but creating your own world by designing an environment that's totally right for you is in your power. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller discuss accepting reality and making your own place in it.


1 Jun 2019

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The #1 Secret To 10x Growth

When entrepreneurs make it their goal to grow 10x, the first thing to do is realize the limits of their own capabilities and see a future outside of what they can do personally. In this episode, Dan and Shannon discuss how teamwork is crucial for 10x growth and how a teamwork mindset can change the whole game for entrepreneurs and their businesses.


7 Mar 2018

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10 Ways To Create Value Even When Times Get Scary (Part 1)

What happens when the marketplace shuts down or people aren’t buying what you have to sell? What do you do when fear and anxiety have taken over? In this first of two installments of Inside Strategic Coach, Dan and Shannon share proven strategies entrepreneurs can use to not only maintain their businesses during periods of instability and change, but provide leadership and value at the same time.


19 Mar 2020

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How Dan Sullivan Writes A Book Every 90 Days

At age seventy, Dan Sullivan made a public commitment to write 100 books over 25 years — that’s one every quarter. Four years and 15 books later, he’s right on target, with a dream team of talented individuals all working together to make it happen. And the books just keep getting better. So if you’ve ever wondered how to transform a great idea into great content, or just how far teamwork can take you, this episode is for you. Listen now to hear how Dan goes from idea to published book … in just 30 hours.


24 Aug 2018

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Why You Should Use Diagrams Whenever You Can

It can be hard to succinctly convey ideas using words, but one diagram can communicate as much as ten written pages. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller discuss how using graphics can be the best way to get your ideas across clearly.


7 Jan 2020

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Why Your Ability To Succeed As An Entrepreneur Comes Down To These 3 Principles

There are no guarantees when it comes to finding success. But according to Dan Sullivan, if you put these three principles into practice, it’s hard to go wrong. Join Dan and Shannon Waller in an in-depth conversation to learn strategies for navigating pricing, profit, and the protection of your personal property.


21 Mar 2019

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