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Healthcare Supply Chain Best Practices Podcast

A Podcast for healthcare supply chain managers, value analysis professional and anyone who manages a supply budget or cost management initiatives in a healthcare organization today. Robert T. Yokl, President & Chief Value Strategist will share (with special guests) his over 35 years of healthcare supply chain operation, consulting and training in the latest strategies in Cost Management, Cost Avoidance and Reducing Overall Supply Chain Spend While Dramatically Improving Quality and Customer Satisfaction in the Process.

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How To Save More In Less Time With Less Wasted Effort

On this week's podcast we will discuss how supply chain professional's are in a catch 22 when it comes to reducing costs and improving their hospital and health system's bottom line. Given the fact that you can only do so much with increasingly less time available in your work day you must now focus on the best and most efficient savings strategies that yield the most savings and quality improvement for your organization. We will discuss the mindset and strategies that will help you overcome this challenge and increase your savings with less time expended and less wasted effort.


15 Apr 2007

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Walking the Savings Walk

A Proven Business Model to Leading A Successful Supply Chain Savings Program-- This is a replay of a teleseminar that we recorded last year that was a special roundtable discussion with a university teaching client of ours supply chain management leadership.  We thought it would be great to bring this one back to the podcast this week and most importantly you will hear information from an organization that is talking the saving talk and walking the saving walk. This episode is packed with informative strategies, methods and tools that you and your healthcare organization can employ today.  We will show you how you too can enhance your supply saving strategies and systems while spending the least amount of time and money in the process.  Plus we will go over our key’s to becoming better organized to save which in turn will allow you to overcome the roadblocks and barriers that have been holding back savings in the past.

1hr 4mins

4 Jun 2007

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Selling Your Savings Ideas Podcast 08 - Part 2 of 2

In this podcast we will continue with Part Two of Successfully Selling Your Savings Ideas. You will learn what is most important about any particular product or service and where should hospital professionals be focusing their attention in order to gain that ever important buy-in from all involved in the savings idea selling process.Learn how to utilize the circles of confluence within your organization to further enlist and gain acceptance of yours and your fellow works ideas.Find out how value analysis can be a valuable asset in selling your bosses, clinicians and department heads and managers in your selling ideas and strategies. Learn how the techniques of functional analysis will allow you to generate different alternatives that will still meet you customers exact requirements and allow you to sell your own ideas using the functional methodologies.


4 Nov 2006

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Fueling Your Savings Engine

Winning Data Strategies for Savings Success! Savings is more challenging than it ever has been and with the realization that the low hanging fruit has already been picked, this podcast will show you how you can did deeper, be more organized in order to drive out those savings opportunities. We will focus our Winning Data Strategies on how we will funnel down all of the purchases and operational information in our organization to develop automatic tools and methods that will assist you in finding the difficult savings opportunities while becoming more organized to save now and into the future.


22 Jan 2007

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Special Bonus Podcast - Certified Value Analysis Leadership

Certified Value Analysis Leadership Training ProgramTalking Healthcare Value Analysis to a Whole New Level of Training


10 Sep 2007

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Podcast 47 – Setting Yourself Up for Success with Value Analysis Analytics

Value analysis is a systematic process that does not have any software tied to it in any way. You may hear companies call their software Value Analysis Software but it is only software for tracking the project workflow of your various value analysis studies. As one client said to me who had a software in place, “It doesn’t do any value analysis at all.” What we are talking about is the next generation of reporting that is geared towards giving you the tools to make your value analysis job easier, better and quicker while giving you better for decision making – before, during and after the studies have been completed.


2 May 2019

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Podcast 33 - Comparative Value Analysis Analytics Will Maximize Your Performance

Most healthcare organizations, in some shape or form, are employing value analysis analytics to uncover their hidden supply chain expense savings. Yet, we have found only a few who are using comparative value analysis analytics to benchmark to identify their utilization misalignments in real-time against their peers


29 Jan 2013

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Optimizing Your Savings Program

Learn how to grown and nurture your next generation of supply savings strategies, tools and methods to insure the future savings success of your supply chain operations. This is a special replay of a teleseminar we had done a few months back which was one of our most popular programs to date.


6 Mar 2007

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Drilling Down into Healthcare Supply Chain Benchmarking

How to take your supply chain to the next level of benchmarking to further reduce your costs beyond price. In this week’s podcast episode we will address the current state of healthcare supply chain benchmarking and where it will be going in the next few years. We will discuss what is being utilized now and where is MUST go in order for supply chain managers to truly be able to drill down into their supply chain organizations to weed out the savings beyond price that represents over 70 to 80 percent of all remaining savings opportunities for a healthcare organizations.


30 Apr 2007

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Purchase Cost is Just the Tip of the Iceberg - Podcast 9

Can a simple metaphor help us better understand our supply chain and where the next level of supply chain savings will reside in our organzations? In this podcast, we will share with you how you can change your focus to go beyond "Price Thinking" and truly drive out every dollar of waste and inefficiency inside your product supply chain.


25 Nov 2006

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Posdcast 45-Hands Down the Best Tool in the Healthcare Supply Chain - Continual Benchmarkin

Benchmarking is nothing new to the healthcare supply chain and clearly you are thinking right now that, “We Benchmark at Our Hospital/System!” So, you know the value of benchmarking from one level or another, but do we apply this to our supply chain and value analysis initiatives as much as we could? The answer to that question is a big no! Why is this? First and foremost, nobody wants to be compared to another organization and even worse, be told that you are weak or not up to snuff in an area that you should be or perhaps you feel you are. Yes, you have a choice, choose to ignore the benchmark or try to ask, why is this, why are we running high and what can we do to be the “Best Benchmark” instead of the lower comparative?


10 Mar 2019

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Podcast 43 - 6 Reasons Why You Need to Move Your Organization Towards Supply Utilization Management Now

Just like the value analysis revolution that we experienced in the early 2000’s to the present we are now seeing that supply utilization management (SUM) is becoming a major buzzword in the healthcare supply chain.


17 Sep 2018

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Strategic Dashboards: Why Do We Need Them?

In this week’s podcast we will CLEARLY define exactly what dashboards are and why we need them in the healthcare supply chain world. We will go over some real examples of supply chain departments at hospitals that are utilizing dashboards for various functionality, cost management and performance monitoring. We will also go over all the different types of dashboards to help you decide which would work best for you and your organization. We will also make sure we go over the PROS AND CONS OF EACH to avoid making any mistakes that could hold back the effective use of these great supply chain management tools.


14 May 2007

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Podcast 48 - Ensuring Your Achieve All Your Short & Long Term Savings Results

The old supply chain adage of getting the right product at the right price to the right customer at the right time has always been a our goal. But what happens after the product is in the hands of the customer, the vendor contract is converted and/or the value analysis study is implemented? We know the pricing is right in our ERP/Purchasing Systems but does the dollars hit our bottom lines as we indend them to? Savings validation is a system to take away the “we believe we are going to saving based on our estimates from the previous year” and replacing it with, here is exactly how much we saved (or not saved) on all of our initiatives.


16 Jul 2019

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Podcast-49-4 Tips You Too Can Use In Your Own Pursuit of Supply Chain Excellence

My son, Robert W. Yokl, VP of SVAH Solutions, sent me an article the other day from BBC Sports about the Mercedes Formula 1 racing team, who won six consecutive championships, on their “relentless pursuit of excellence”. More specifically, how Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes’s motorsport program, never stops pushing for even higher performance from his award-winning team. Here’s four tips from Wolff that you too can use in your own pursuit of supply chain excellence


9 Sep 2019

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Value Analysis 2.0 New Rules for Long Lasting Savings

New Rules, Systems and Models for Long Lasting Savings Performance!Isn’t It About Time You Re-Think, Re-New And Re-Invent Your Value Analysis Model To Do The Hard Work That Is Required In The 21st Century!It’s been 21 years since value analysis 1.0 emerged as a best practice in healthcare.   This stratagem has led the way to some of the most important breakthroughs in supply chain cost management in the last decade. Nevertheless, if you are really honest with yourself, it isn’t getting the job done in the 21st century.  In years past, just putting together a value analysis committee or team(s) assured you of generating a variety of savings (mostly GPO savings) that just happened unimpeded and unrestricted. I hope you have realized by now that the time has passed when you can make these easy and effortless savings continue to flow, surge and gush without changing how your value analysis committee or team(s) is organized, structured, selected, trained, measured, motivated and controlled.


20 Jul 2007

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Podcast 42- 4 Things Supply Chain Leaders Need to Know About the Benefits of Benchmarking

If you are a frequent reader of our blog, you would know that we are very high on hospital supply chain benchmarking because it will make your supply chain operation better than just good. Yet, for those who still doubt the benefits of healthcare supply benchmarking here are four things you need to know to change this mindset


7 Sep 2018

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4-Reasons Why It's Imperative that You and Your VA Teams Have Training

Healthcare Value analysis training appears to be at the bottom of most VA practitioners to do list, yet it is an imperative that you and your VA teams have basic, advanced and then masterclass value analysis training. Not one-time training, but training on an on-going basis.  One hospital we worked with that has annual VA training for their VA team leaders and VA team members. This is the only way to ensure that your VA training sticks.  If this isn’t your practice too, here are 4 reasons why you must do so before your Hospital VA teams lose their edge


30 Nov 2018

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It Wasn't Raining When Noah Built His Ark

- Growing Your Savings Pipeline Before the Torrential Rain Begins Falling -- In this week’s podcast you will learn about how you need to develop your savings systems, methods and reporting proactively as opposed to trying to quickly and haphazardly reduce costs when a crisis arises. We will also share with you one of the most important developments that we have made in our consulting business that has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for our customers which we believe you should develop for your supply chain organization too. What is now a core function of our consulting operations should be part of your everyday operations as well.


10 Dec 2006

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3 Powerful Tactics to Ensure Your Healthcare Organization Has a Foolproof “Closed-Loop Savings Verification” Process

After reading an article by David Shannon and Chuck Miller of Bain & Company about “Closed-Loop Savings Verification” processes (CLSV) in other industries, I discovered that this industry best practice also mirrored what is happening in healthcare. More and more, hospitals, systems and IDN’s CFOs are requiring their supply chain professionals to verify their projected savings on every savings initiative. In my opinion, this is because too often savings are reported by supply chain management to CFOs that never hits their healthcare organization’s bottom line. To avoid this from happening at your healthcare organization, here are three powerful tactics to ensure your healthcare organization has a foolproof “Closed-Loop Savings Verification” process that works


24 Apr 2019

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