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Stein – Advanced Concepts in CRRT and MARS

Dr. Deborah Stein is the Chief of Trauma at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, Medical Director of the Neurotrauma Intensive Care Unit at STC, and an expert in renal replacement therapy – To be honest that barely touches her level of expertise, and we’re not really sure what she can’t ...


7 Apr 2015

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Brower: Driving pressure in ARDS, does it matter?!?

Dr. Roy Brower returns to discuss a HOT topic in critical care - Driving Pressure. Is this the new mechanical ventilation resus end-point? Is pPlat < 30 out? In this talk, Dr. Brower will explain how to calculate the driving pressure, how it correlates with the stress index, and how you may be able to prevent VILI with just some simple bedside adjustments.


7 Apr 2016

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Shah: Mechanical Ventilation, Focusing on the basics

Today we welcome back Dr. Nirav Shah, program director for the Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship program at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Today Dr. Shah takes us back to the basics of ventilator use. Even the experts in the audience will find tips and tricks to take back to the ICU in order to improve patient care. And for all the budding intensivists out there, this is a talk you cannot miss!!


21 Jul 2016

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Dr. Michael Chansky: Acid-Base (Made Easy)

We were fortunate to have Dr. Michael Chansky, Professor & Chair of Emergency Medicine at Cooper University Hospital and a member of the Master Educator’s Guild come down to the University of Maryland to teach about Acid-Base disorders.  Dr. Chansky loves Acid-Base problems so much that he actually sleeps with ...

1hr 4mins

26 Dec 2013

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Abdelhady: Who's who in the Acid/Base story…


30 Sep 2015

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Galvagno: Patient-ventilator interactions, perfusion-protection strategies

Today we welcome back Samuel M. Galvagno, DO, PhD, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology & Chief, Division of Critical Care Medicine, University of Maryland School Of Medicine. Dr. Galvagno has an extremely impressive resume, including a Ph.D. from The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg University School of Public Health as well as over 60 peer reviewed publications coupled with years of clinical expertise in airway and ventilator management. Today he is gracious to share some pearls of wisdom to guide the average intensivist in the management of a newly ventilated patient. There is so much information in this lecture that I am certain you will want to watch it multiple times!


11 Jan 2017

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Hong Kim – Alcohol Withdrawal and Cyanide Toxicity

Dr. Hong Kim is an emergency medicine trained toxicologist who also trained in New York city at the famed Bellevue toxicology program.  In this week’s core content lecture, Dr. Kim reviews the causes or alcohol withdrawal as well as come of the current treatment strategies.  The second half of this ...


5 Dec 2014

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Carl Shanholtz – Hematologic Malignancies and Critical Care

Carl Shanholtz, MD is medical director of the Medical Intensive Care Unit at the University of Maryland Medical Center. After a fellowship in critical care medicine at Johns Hopkins University he did further training in Hematology and Oncology at the University of Maryland Medical Center. He specializes in the care of hematologic ...


18 Dec 2014

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Kritek: ARDS Management Overview (What can whiteboards do for you? )

Today we have the pleasure of undergoing something we have NEVER before demonstrated on MCCP, our first whiteboard lecture! And we have the best person possible to accomplish this monumental feat: Patricia A. Kritek, MD, EDM. Dr. Kritek is a Professor in the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and Associate Medical Director of Critical Care at the University of Washington Medical Center. In addition, she has revolutionized the way training programs use technology to teach medical students, residents and fellows, having earned her EdM from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Today she was kind enough to cross the USA and grace us with a fantastic, interactive, and highly educational talk on the ways we should and should not treat ARDS. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience her brilliance!


17 Aug 2017

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Allison: High flow like a pro!!

Today we are excited to welcome back one of the smartest fellows we have ever graduated, Michael Allison, MD. Dr. Allison is a native New Yorker, training at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine before completing a rigorous EM/IM/CCM training program here at the University of Maryland. Since that time he has spent his days at St. Agnes Hospital located downtown in Baltimore, MD. Since his departure, Dr. Allison has spent countless hours researching the exact mechanisms of respiratory failure in an attempt to solve this problem before it ever develops. Today he takes us through his approach to using high flow nasal cannula for nearly every patient who walks into his ICU, and in doing so unlocks a few novel uses along the way. Trust me, this is a talk your patients cannot afford for you to miss!


24 Sep 2016

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Alejandro Baez – A Bayesian Approach to Clinical Decision Making

Dr. Amado Alejandro Baez is the Emergency Medicine Program Director at the Jackson Memorial Hospital/ University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and has published extensively in Emergency Medicine, Trauma and Critical Care. He is a rock star – in fact, one of his research collaboratives is the ACDC project ...


11 Nov 2014

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Deming & Williams – Influenza vs. Coronavirus: Just another cold?

Dr. Meagan Deming and Dr. Sarah Williams present a timely talk entitled "Influenza vs. Coronavirus: Just Another Cold?"


6 Mar 2020

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Cox – Approach to Airway

Today’s lecture will be a Core Curriculum presented by Dr. Elizabeth Cox Williams, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at the University of Maryland. The lecture will focus on Airway Management.


1 Nov 2019

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Shiber: Updates in Traumatic Brain Injury

1hr 2mins

23 Jan 2016

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Herr – Pain, Agitation, and Delirium in the ICU

Dr. Daniel Herr Associate Professor of Medicine and Surgery and Chief of Surgical Critical at the University of Maryland presents on "Pain, Agitation, and Delirium in the ICU".


25 Oct 2019

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Allison: Volume responsiveness in the ICU, the Lebowski way!

This afternoon we were fortunate to pull Michael G. Allison, MD from the ICU at St Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, MD back over to UMMC where he was gracious to donate an hour of his his brilliance. Dr. Allison is a previous graduate of the Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine/Critical Care fellowship here at the University of Maryland Medical Center where he molded his training and career to the speciality use of ultrasound and echocardiography in the intensive care unit. He has taken this unique niche and dominated the field of volume assessment in the critically ill patient. Today I welcome you to sit back and enjoy what has been one of the more enjoyable journeys in education we have been privy to here at CCproject!


29 Aug 2017

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Rosenthal: How “Critical” is O2 in Critical Care?


16 Jul 2015

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Gordon – COVID-19 Literature Review Part 1

Dr. David Gordon, will be hosting a two part series. The series will be a concise review of the critical care COVID-19 literature with some discussion on current COVID-19 management controversies. Part 1 will focus on respiratory therapeutics and coagulopathy.


4 Apr 2020

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Sam Galvagno- Osmotherapy: Agents to know for your next "Brain Code"

Today we are once again excited to have Dr./LtCol/All-around critical care guru Sam Galvagno. In addition to publishing in multiple major journals, defending the country, maintaining FOUR board certifications, AND maintaining a PhD in Clinical Research; Dr. Galvagno somehow finds time away from his job as Associate Director of the University of ...


5 Feb 2015

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Herr: You think you know ETCO2?!?

Today we are fortunate that Dr. Daniel Herr, Chief of Surgical Critical Care services and Director of the Cardiac Surgery/Heart-Lung Transplant ICU here at the University of Maryland and overall critical care genius. Today Dr. Herr tackles a topic that often stares us right in the face, offering us all the knowledge we could ever need to treat patients, and yet we ignore it: End Tidal CO2!!


7 Jul 2016

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