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An eclectic collection of weekly conversations with inspiring humans who are willing to share their journey, experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future. Skateboarders, surfers, alcoholics, permaculture gurus, authors, photographers, artists, health enthusiasts, athletes, educational leaders, entrepreneurs, activists...It’s gonna get weird. Recorded in the Bali jungle, episodes will drop every Sunday evening at 6pm (Indonesian standard time). Hosted by Terrible Happy himself.

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#28 - Scott Vandervoort: Bamboo and artistic expression.

Scott Vandervoort is an artist, designer, educator, creative thinker, all-around nice guy, but most importantly a loving family man. Scott is the Adjunct Associate Professor of Industrial Design at the prestigious Pratt Institute Brooklyn, New York. His career as an Industrial Artist over the last twenty years has comprised of a journey that involves design, fabrication, installation, project management, utilization of urban spaces to create iconic architectural experiences, visual arts and much more. Scott is passionate about his craft and always endeavors to share his experience and knowledge with those that want to learn. He has evolved into a mentor to many. Scott is bound by a personal desire to progress, and he has expanded his skill-set in recent years to the art of Bamboo design and construction. At present, Scott is in Bali after completing another tenure as an educator on the internationally recognized Bamboo-U design course. On this week’s episode, Scott is with me to talk story, and share his experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future. Support the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)


10 Nov 2019

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#37 - Kai Paul: The materials revolution will not be televised.

Kai Paul is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, surfer and co-founder of the footwear and apparel company Indosole; a company that recycles discarded motor vehicle tyres and converts them into amazing footwear.  Born in Jakarta Indonesia to American parents, Kai completed his University studies in the USA and upon doing some soul-searching, he moved back to Indonesia. Kai has lived frugally in order to pursue his dreams, fulfil curiosities and passions. When Kai and I were communicating prior to the podcast I immediately sensed his enthusiasm and lust for life. I asked Kai what he would consider some of his notable achievements in life and he responded with the following:-Great relationship with parents and family-Great friends-Overcoming selfishness (but still a work in progress)-Continuing to be open and accepting-An interest in Human Health and HappinessI expected to hear a CV style rap-sheet of academic qualifications, business success, his University Basketball achievements etc etc however, his immediate response was relationships and self-improvement. So good. Indosole has just turned 10 years,  and Kai believes we are living in the re-industrial revolution, a concept he discusses in his TEDx talk from 2017. On this week's episode, Kai is with me to share his journey, experiences, challenges and hopes for the future.Indosolehttps://indosole.comKai's TEDx talkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60z-MMpk1fQCHARITIES AND CAUSES THAT KAI SUPPORTS AND ADVOCATES FOR:NSW Rural Fire Servicehttps://www.rfs.nsw.gov.auRed Cross Australiahttps://www.redcross.org.auAustralian Wildlife Rescue Servicehttps://www.wires.org.auHabitat for Humanityhttps://www.habitat.orgCommunity Assist Bali https://www.instagram.com/communityassistbali/?hl=enThe Indosole "Good Human" initativehttps://indosole.com/blogs/good-humansSOCIAL MEDIA LINKS:Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/indosole/?hl=enFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/indosole/Support the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

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11 Jan 2020

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#11 - Lance Billingsley: Guided by the surf

Lance is a surfer and teacher. He is deeply connected to the ocean, helping others, spending time with his girlfriend Jess and their dog “Taco”. Lance grew up in the Californian beach town of Ventura. He studied at the University of California San Diego, in which he obtained a Bachelor degree in urban studies and planning. Lance lives in Bali, teachers Primary school students at an international school and initiates ocean conservation programs through his involvement in the Surf Ocean Ambassador Program (SOAP). Lance loves teaching young people how to surf, surf etiquette and respect for the ocean. He has a special interest in developing young competitive surfers and supporting local surf competitions. I love his approachable and calm demeanor...personal characteristics that make him an innately quality teacher, friend, and all-around awesome human!Support the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

1hr 26mins

14 Jul 2019

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#30 - Tim Fijal: Just a dude that cares.

https://terriblehappytalks.com/Episode 30! BOOM 👊. Tim is an educator, husband, father and basically, a dude that cares. Tim graduated from the University of British Colombia with a degree in French and Linguistics, he was the Director of Little Mountain learning academy in Vancouver Canada, he had a stint working in Silicon Valley as a corporate trainer, he taught English in Korea (and met his wife in the process), he was Head of Admissions at the globally recognised Green School and more recently, he is the founder and director of the Kul Kul Connection, a community integration initiative that endeavours to support and develop English and eco-literacy skills in the local Balinese youth and community of Sibang Kaja and beyond. A dedicated family man, Tim co-founded Tri-Upcycle with his son Ben, a social enterprise that uses up-cycled materials to promote conscious consumption and a planet Earth with more trees. Tim’s sincere affinity and identification with Asian culture and local lore is profoundly obvious, especially through his work with the Kul Kul Connection, the true heart of the Green school…In this week’s episode, Tim is with me to share his journey, experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future.Thanks to IndosoleUse PROMO CODE: THT  (15% discount...and you'll be SUPPORTING THE SHOW)https://indosole.com/If you do enjoy the THT podcast please HIT SUBSCRIBE and leave a 5 star review in the iTunes store or Apple Podcast app—it really helps me to keep the show going, and if you want to go even further, head over to https://terriblehappytalks.com/ and pick up some ethically produced merchandise in the SHOP.  Either way though, thanks so much for listening. Big Love and respect,ShannonSupport the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

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24 Nov 2019

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#21 - Mark Baker: Ambassador of Fun

" Mad" Mark Baker is a skateboarder, entrepreneur, business owner, club promoter, health enthusiast, animal lover and... well, I don’t even know where to start? Basically, he is an enigma of positive energy and someone who has led, what can only be described as a surreal life. When he literally ran away with the circus at just 9 years old, his intensity and lust for life were obvious early on. Since then, Mark became Britain’s first-ever professional skateboarder in the ’70s, a member of the legendary Dogtown and Z-boys (yes, the Californian crew that birthed modern-day skateboarding). He toured the world, skateboarding with the likes of Tony Alva. He co-owned and managed legendary nightclubs in New York; Lotus, Double 7 and the list goes on. Mark’s kindness, sincerity and innate empathy for others resonate throughout everything he does. Mark has found his happy place in Bali where he owns and manages Beach Garden, Juice press New York, In The Raw, and he is the Ambassador For Fun at Omnia nightclub in Uluwatu. Nowadays, Mark lives with his amazing and beautiful Wolf-dogs and his cats. On this week's episode, Mark shares his experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future. Support the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

1hr 39mins

24 Sep 2019

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#23 - Leanna Rachel: The Songstress

Leanna Rachel is a Los Angeles native and Bali-based singer, songwriter, musician and all-round creative. Leanna has performed at The Viper Room, Hotel Cafe and The Whiskey in Los Angeles, and has performed at clubs and festivals in New York, Sweden, Australia (Woodford Folk Festival), Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, alongside the likes of José González, Little Dragon, Bonobo, and Angus & Julia Stone. Leanna’s debut EP, "Moonrise" was released in April 2016 and is produced and arranged by KCRW radio DJ and remixer Jeremy Sole. More recently, Leanna has carved a niche in the Bali music scene, performing regularly at premier venues and festivals. She writes and collaborates to progress and inspire. Leanna has teamed up with fellow musician Athron to form the duet Bullet and Cass, a 1930s folk music inspired genre that is moody, melodic, theatrical and depicts survival and strength. Leanna sings with an open heart. Her authenticity is hard to ignore. Unbeknown to her, I was getting out of the surf at Canggu recently, and as I was walking past, I witnessed Leanna performing at sunset at a popular beach club, eyes closed, singing her heart out to the guests lucky enough to be in her presence...and there was a real presence. This week, Leanna is with me to share her journey, experiences, challenges and hopes for the future.https://www.thebalirooftop.com/https://www.instagram.com/leannarachelhttps://www.facebook.com/LeannaRachelMusicBullet and Cass- Youtube Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwOciPM21PANrvK-im5wA5Q/featuredSupport the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

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6 Oct 2019

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#3 - Mike Long: Parley for the Oceans

Mike Long is the Director of Global Operations at Parley for the Oceans. He has worked on marine conservation initiatives all over the world, from the Maldives to Alaska. He has led direct action campaigns for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, where he stood on the front lines defending whales in the San Ignacio Lagoon and, led the first partnership with the Ecuadorian government protecting sharks in the Galapagos. Now, he’s creating change in the fight to end marine plastic pollution with his work at Parley and their various collaborators. He discusses his inspirations, challenges and hopes for the future of ocean conservation. A true eco-warrior, taking action to bring change.Support the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)


20 May 2019

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#14 - Mike Millin: Further

Mike is a father, surfer, and entrepreneur. Mike is the founder of the unique and progressive recovery retreat Further. Mike grew up surfing in California and was a sponsored pro, free-surfer for the skateboard and clothing brand Zoo York at the age of 21. Through his early 20’s Mike traveled the globe, surfing and gaining exposure for the brand. These days, when Mike is not spending time with his daughter Maya or working on the development of his rehab program, he can often be found chasing extra-large Indonesian swells around the archipelago or just charging some of his local surf breaks such as Padang Padang and Temples at Uluwatu. Mike is soft-spoken in his approach, powerful in his drive to help others, and continually focused on being the best version of himself. Today, Mike is with me to discuss his experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future. Further Retreat Bali: www.furtherbali.comSupport the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

1hr 27mins

3 Aug 2019

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#8 - Stefan Azario: Family, Photography and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Stefano Azario is a photographer who has carved a very successful (and long) career in fashion photography and advertising. As the Director of Photography of major clothing labels such as GAP, Armani Junior (and many others) Stefan is considered a leader in the field in which he has developed advertising campaigns for the last 30 years. Stefano discusses his immediate love for taking photos at the age of 11, traveling the globe, his sources of inspiration, family, his intuitive sense for predicting the 'right moment' and his deep passion for the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Father of five, artist and deeply in love with his wife, Stefan is a cool cat who philosophises about happiness, finding himself and much much more...http://stefanoazario.com/Support the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

1hr 15mins

23 Jun 2019

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#33 - Orin Hardy: Creating spaces

Orin Hardy is a husband, educator, and social entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of The Kul Kul Farm and Bamboo U, two globally recognised “hands-on” education enterprises based in Bali. Orin dedicates his time to creating spaces and opening up new possibilities for people to learn how to incorporate sustainability into their lives. Combining his international expertise with local knowledge, Orin facilitates and teaches courses related to hands-on living, permaculture design, gardening, and bamboo construction. Orin was raised in a Balinese village, surrounded by rivers and jungle, he then moved to North America where he witnessed the disconnect between humans and nature in the modern world. He now spends his time devoted to reconnecting people to nature. Orin has just returned from India where he was a guest speaker at INK2019, a conference that provides a collaborative platform for innovation, focused on cultivating leaders from diverse disciplines. On this week’s episode, Orin is with me to share his journey, experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future.https://kulkulfarmbali.com/Support the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

1hr 26mins

15 Dec 2019

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#17 - Sierra Siri Prakash Bullock: Service.

Sierra Siri Prakash Bullock is a wife, mother, lifelong Yogi, Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher and yoga teacher trainer. She is the Founder and Director of Nor Cal Women’s Camp, Inc - a non-profit organisation in Northern California which has been in operation since 2004, empowering and inspiring women aged from 18 to 108. Sierra holds a Bachelor of Science in Special Education, a Master’s degree in holistic nutrition and education, she is a certified cross fit instructor, body-mind therapist and much more. When Sierra is not spending time with her family, she can be found brewing Kombucha and devising strategies to continually be of service to her community and those around her. Sierra is a dynamic enigma of positive energy and kindness. She is dedicated to serving, nurturing, creating and renewing self-realisation in those that she meets and teaches. She endeavors to live by example in all that she does. Today Sierra is with me to discuss her journey, views on holistic health and wellbeing, challenges and hopes for the future. Support the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

2hr 23mins

24 Aug 2019

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#18 - Charlie Hill-Smith: Colonialism, with fish 'n' chips on the side.

Today’s guest is Charlie Hill-Smith. Charlie is a writer, director, actor, documentary filmmaker, comedian, cartoonist, humanitarian and much more. Charlie received critical acclaim as the writer and director of multi (AFI nominated) award-winning Strange Birds in Paradise, a documentary about the genocide occurring in West Papua, Indonesia. He also wrote and directed Motorkite Dreaming for Redbull in 2016.In 2005 Charlie was the Cinematographer on (SBS channel) documentary, Making of Ten Canoes, he also wrote and directed Indonesia – Art, Activism and Rock n’ Roll for SBS. Charlie wrote the sketch comedy pilot Red Monkey for the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC), he wrote and directed Wok-About West Papua (the pre-cursor to Strange Birds in Paradise), and he directed a documentary for Sony New York on the Ben Folds Five Australian tour…And the list goes on. His resume is stacked. He works hard.In 1997, Charlie wrote and directed the documentary Hong Kong Fooey & the Great Chinese Takeaway, becoming relevant once again given the current political climate and uprising occurring in Hong Kong right now.His resume in the independent film industry is vast and in-depth. His work is purposeful, profound, diverse, with human rights at its core. Charlie’s work raises awareness, it challenges adversity, it challenges societal norms, and it has fun along the way.Born in the Barossa Valley South Australia, dividing his time between Australia and Bali, Charlie is with me today to discuss his journey, experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future. Thanks to Indosole.Use PROMO CODE: THT (15% discount)https://indosole.com/If you enjoy the THT podcast please HIT SUBSCRIBE and leave a 5 star review in the iTunes store or Apple Podcast app—it really helps me to keep the show going, and if you want to go even further, head over to https://terriblehappytalks.com/ and pick up some ethically produced merchandise in the SHOP.  Either way though, thanks so much for listening. Big Love and respect,ShannonFind Charlie's work at:Youtube Channel- The House of Red Monkeyhttps://www.youtube.com/user/88seamonkeys/channelsMotorkite Dreaminghttps://motorkitedreaming.com/https://www.redbull.com/int-en/shows/AP-1MSWGQYT11W11Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/charlie.hillsmithSong on this episode:"Genocide" By Us Mob. From the Album "Wrong Side of the Road" 2013https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zsraq76Y8dESupport the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

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31 Aug 2019

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#38 - Kiley Little: Live your truth.

Kiley Little is an adventure seeker, athlete, health enthusiast, global citizen and educator at a sustainability focused international school in Bali. Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Kiley’s enthusiasm and lust for life were too much for her to contain. Since graduating from University with a masters degree and a 4.0 average,  Kiley has spent the last 13 years teaching in schools across south-east Asia including, South Korea, Thailand, China, Vietnam and now, Bali Indonesia. Her personal travels have extended beyond 20 countries, in which she sought out adventures, athletic pursuits and took inspiring photographs along the way… Some of which have been published in travel magazines. Her athletic pursuits include, endurance events such as triathlon and Ironman, however, team sports, especially Basketball (in which she played at college level) and Touch Gridiron are where passion lies. Kiley possesses an innate drive to continuously improve her health, diet, wellbeing, physical fitness. Basically, she thrives on being the best version of herself. Personal values that she instills upon her students on a daily basis simply by living by example.In the time that I have know Kiley, her sincerity and authenticity radiates throughout her work, her relationships and most of all her personality. She is highly organised and dedicated to quality in all that she does. She inspires me on a daily basis.On this week's episode, Kiley is with me to share her journey, experiences, challenges and hopes for the future. Kiley advocates for and supports the empowerment of LGBTQ+ youth. She has asked that I share this cause:Its Gets Better - https://itgetsbetter.org/about/Support the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

2hr 8mins

18 Jan 2020

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#6 - Glenn Chickering: Nightclub owner to teacher and beyond

Glenn is the Head of Faculty at one of the most unique and progressive international schools in the world, the Green School, Bali. Glenn earned his master's degree from Antioch University, New England, USA with a focus on educating for sustainability. Having been a founding faculty member upon the school’s opening over ten years ago, Glenn has been a part of creating the School's experiential and project-based learning programs across all learning age groups. He is driven in his focus on educating for sustainability and connecting students to their communities in real-world projects. Glenn has presented at numerous conferences on these topics worldwide and continues to be an advocate for educational reform. This is epitomized by his educational leadership and conduct. Always keen to be a learner, Glenn is well-placed in a school setting. He helps students see the opportunities for growth and wonder in their learning by tapping into his own child-like nature. Glenn discuss these topics, his stint as a Ski-instructor and nightclub owner in Colorado USA and much much more...Support the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

1hr 1min

9 Jun 2019

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#39 - Peter Phillips: Pete for the people

Peter Phillips is a husband, father, surfer and leading educator at the sustainability focused and internationally recognised, Green School Bali. Born and raised in Australia, Peter finds his spiritual home in Sanur, Bali, the place his mother and extended Balinese family are from and where he now lives with his wife Mel and their two children Koa and Nyah.Peter graduated from University with a Bachelor of Education and since graduating has actively sought “progressive approaches” to education. His experience in education is diverse, teaching in the Australian public system, Steiner schools, and currently an International school which has students from literally every part of the globe.In getting to know Peter, it became very obvious to me early on that this is someone who possesses innate educational leadership. His academic prowess, strong ability to communicate with people on a variety of levels and his personal passion to progress in all that he does provides inspiration to his family, friends, colleagues, local community, but most importantly, the students that he teaches. Combined with an authentic cultural sensitivity and empathy, it  fills me with optimism  and hope to his some like Peter on an educational leadership trajectory, hence his recent appointment as Teacher Representative to the Board of Directors at the Green School.On this week's episode, Peter is with me to share his journey, experiences, challenges and hopes for the future. Charities Peter advocates for:The Australian Bushfire Appeal via ABChttps://about.abc.net.au/appeals/The Smith Family"Because they provide food, clothes and school gear for my family when I was young"-Peterhttp://thesmithfamily.com.auSupport the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

1hr 30mins

26 Jan 2020

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#15 - Kai Mata: Free to be me.

Kai Mata is an Indonesian singer and songwriter. Kai’s family fled Indonesia in 1998 to avoid ongoing political and civil unrest. Kai is a passionate advocate for human rights, equity, and equality. She uses her music to tell stories, foster empathy, raise awareness and nurture kindness. She regards her personal achievements as releasing an album, touring the USA and being the only openly “out” LGBTQ+ musician in Indonesia. Kai is kind with her words, playful with her delivery, yet powerful with her message. She joins me to discuss her experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future. Huge thanks to the Bali rooftop for collaborating on this episode! Bloody champions.Checkout Kai's platforms: https://kaimatamusic.com/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS2Z6oOEVrddsU0i3zWYuPghttps://www.instagram.com/kaimatamusic/https://www.facebook.com/kai90210The Bali Roof Top:https://www.thebalirooftop.com/https://www.instagram.com/thebalirooftop/https://www.facebook.com/TheBaliRooftop/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-e9dl_rTF5bzbuHFlfSB-ASupport the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

1hr 43mins

11 Aug 2019

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#4 - Nev Hyman: Surfboard craftsman to humanitarian and beyond

Neville 'Nev' Hyman is a surfer, surfboard shaper, entrepreneur, conservationist, humanitarian and progressive systems-based thinker. Throughout the 80's and 90's Nev was one of the most prolific surfboard shapers of the time. His brand NEV and NEV Future Shapes were sought-after globally and ridden by the world's best. Nev then went on to create the highly popular FireWire Surfboards in 2006 which is still an industry leader in eco-friendly and zero waste manufacturing. Now, his latest and most profound project to date, NevHouse, produces housing and shelter that can be erected in days and it's purely made from plastic and co-mingled waste products. Mind-blowing! Nev discusses his family's transition from South Aftrica, growing up in Western Australia, the immediate connection he felt to the surf at Burleigh Heads, the elation he felt when the legendary Shaun Tomson first asked him to make him a board, winning the Pitch@Palace over twenty-five thousand candidates, meeting Prince Andrew (Duke of York) and much much more... Support the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

2hr 24mins

26 May 2019

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#20 - Phil Stoodley: Long way from home

Phil Stoodley is a musician, producer, and traveler. His nomadic nature has opened up his world, allowing him to travel from stage to stage with a guitar in hand or just jumping borders with a map and a whim, a desire to fill pages with fresh creativity. This has driven him for the better part of his life.Phil’s early path as a musician was forged touring across New Zealand both on stage in various bands and off stage working in music production. The early 2000s saw him touring the UK, Europe, the US, and Asia as a session player for one of New Zealand’s best-loved and multi-platinum selling bands The Feelers, which led to a number of successful musical ventures including Phil’s own rock band STOODS and the opening slot for international bands including Velvet Revolver, Simple Minds, and Neil Finn.Over the years, Phil’s recognition grew with his debut single 'Waiting For Thursday', a self-produced album 'No Surprise' and his work as co-writer and producer for Hanna Grace's debut album ‘Concrete & Roses’ and single ‘In The Rain’, along with compositions for TV, film, and commercials. 2012 saw the EP release of the electronic project ‘Shaker Zulu - Funking Bell’, a collaboration project with New Zealand's piano/ keys extraordinaire Andy Keys.In mid-2012 Phil traveled extensively around Southeast Asia, India, and Australia, performing, writing, and adding weight to his already heavy pack of experience, using his time in these exotic locations to film music videos. Phil moved to Bali in 2015 where he quickly established his position as one of the top entertainers on the island, performing at top venues and collaborating with some of Bali’s most respected musicians.Phil has since been busy with Indonesia based music projects, releasing singles and videos and forming a fresh line up for electronic project ‘Shaker Zulu.’ He also co-founded ‘The Bali Rooftop’, a start-up project that promotes Indonesian artists and touring artists performing in Bali. It is a non-profit collaborative effort with a simple aim to give all musicians an equal platform to promote their music against an incredible Bali backdrop.Phil currently performs in Japan, Singapore, Melbourne, and his homeland New Zealand for numerous events and festivals and continues to solidify his stamp on the music scene internationally.Stay tuned for a new EP from Phil drawing on his old school rock roots. Phil is on this week's episode to share his experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future.Check Phil out on:Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/philstoodley/Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/PhilStoodleyMusic/Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/user/philstoodleyWebsitehttp://www.philstoodley.comSupport the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

1hr 55mins

15 Sep 2019

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#10 - Michael Klim: Swimming and his lifestyle by design

Michael is a father of three, elite swimmer, Olympic and Commonwealth Games gold medalist, businessman, entrepreneur and health advocate. He was awarded the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Athlete of the Year in 1998 and 1999 and received an Order of Australia Medal. Michael broke world records at the Sydney 2000 Olympic games, instantly shooting him to stardom, making him a national hero and a household name. Michael then backed-up his Olympic performance at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, winning gold, solidifying legendary status and winning the hearts of aspiring young athletes worldwide. Michael discusses his personal training, managing his business (Milk and Co.), coaching swimmers, parenting, his "lifestyle by design" and much much more. Support the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)

1hr 4mins

6 Jul 2019

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#35 - Alain Joubert: Drawn

Alain Joubert is a 33-year-old South African/Canadian artist, international educator, and world traveler.Alain graduated from York University, Toronto with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Education. He now continues to translate his passion by working as a teacher at a highly recognised sustainability-focused school in Bali.Prior to moving to Bali, Alain founded the Chiniguichi Outpost sustainable eco-lodge in Ontario Canada.Alain is a deep thinker whose main form of artistic expression is painting and drawing. Skills that he willingly assists in developing in his students.In my opinion, Alain possesses views on our world that are honest and sometimes uncomfortable to hear. I was drawn to him immediately.Alain is with me on this week’s episode to share his journey, experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future. Support the show (https://terriblehappytalks.teemill.com)


29 Dec 2019

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