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6. Ringo The 4th with Ken Michaels

Talking about Ringo's 4th pop album with Ken Michaels.  Rankings  1. Ringo 2. Ringo's Rotogravure 3. Goodnight Vienna 4. Sentimental Journey 5. Beaucoups Of Blues 6. Ringo The 4th Peace And Love!

1hr 36mins

10 Jul 2021

Rank #1

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5. Ringo's Rotogravure with Kit O' Toole!

Chatting about Ringo's 5th album with Kit O' Toole from Talk More Talk!  Also includes discussion about the non-lp tracks and art.   Rankings:  1. Ringo 2. Rotogravure 3. Vienna 4. Sentimental 5. Beaucoups SPECIAL SURPRISE AT THE END Peace And Love!


2 Jul 2021

Rank #2

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4. Goodnight Vienna

Talking About GOODNIGHT VIENNA Rankings: 1. Ringo 2. Goodnight Vienna 3. Sentimental 4. Beaucoups Peace And Love


27 Jun 2021

Rank #3

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Bonus 4: Ranking ALL Ringo Beatles Songs w/Hudson Ranney

Talkin' With Hudson about EVERY Ringo Beatles song. Peace+Love!


27 May 2021

Rank #4

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Bonus 3: Talking With Laurence Juber

Chatting w/LJ


17 May 2021

Rank #5

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Bonus 2: Talking with Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

Talking with Roger about his work with Ringo, the demoing process, chance encounters with Harry Nilsson, and how to optimize studio time. Peace and Love!


12 May 2021

Rank #6

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3: RINGO! with Tom Hunyady

Talking about Ringo's 1973 album with Tom Hunyady of 2legs and Talk More Talk fame! Rankings: 1.Ringo 2.Sentimental Journey 3.Beaucoups of Blues PEACE AND LOVE!


5 May 2021

Rank #7

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Bonus 1: Ringo Singles 1970-1972

Talking about ringo's singles 1970-1972 or 2019! Also includes ringo news, and single discussions. Peace and Love!


30 Apr 2021

Rank #8

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2. Beaucoups of Blues

2nd Episode Includes Ringo News And Album Discussion


22 Apr 2021

Rank #9

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1. Sentimental Journey

Welcome to Ringo Rama! a podcast about the greatest drummer of all time, Ringo Starr!!!  Today we are talking about Sentimental Journey, Ringo's first album from 1970. Peace and Love!


14 Apr 2021

Rank #10