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Everyone has a story worth hearing. A journey dreamed of, sometimes stumbled on, but definitely an adventure worth sharing. I talk with people I find interesting and you will to. Including coaching tips, advice and personal running/racing experiences. From beginners to pros there is something for everyone. Run, walk, crawl, Always moving forward.

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Andy Dubois - Ultra Running coach, shares both coaching tips & a story or 2.

Andy Dubois from Mile27 coaching joins us today. Andy very kindly responded to my online request for assistance with www.sea2snowy.run a multi day running event raising awareness for early cancer detection. Andy had so much to offer. So I asked Andy if he would come one and help us all with some tips. You can contact Andy vis www.mile27.com.au Thank you Andy.


18 Dec 2019

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Lauren Shay: her Delirious West 200mile trail run story.

Lauren Shay is not scared of taking on a challenge. That does not mean some challenges don’t scare her, they do & thats why she tackles them head on. Crewed or screwed for the 218mile Delirious West Ultra-Marathon, screwed of course (thats no crew to help you). I had the pleasure of interviewing Lauren both before and after the race. Things definitely did not all go to plan. But what you will discover is Lauren is a fighter. It was a punishing 90 plus hours on the course. Lauren never gave up, she adapted, she displayed grit when everything seem against her. Pushing on and finishing the event, like the champion she is.Thanks for listening, this is Lauren’s Delirious West Story.

1hr 4mins

13 Mar 2020

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Nicole Cooper Cancer Fighter & Advocate.

Nicole Cooper (@nicolecoopy) is a cancer fighter, advocate, wife, and mum to her son, and the families fur child, an Italian Grey Hound. Fighting off stage IV cancer for a few years now, has been a long, bumpy & difficult road. This has included numerous rounds of chemotherapy & multiple complex surgeries. This is all while being a new mum, chasing her career, become an advocate for cancer fighting. This is Nicoles story.

1hr 4mins

26 Feb 2020

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Jason Cheshire joins the conversation to share his journey from injury to Ironman

Jason is an Ironman triathlete in his spare time. When not training he spends his time helping athletes with race nutrition. Jason works at InfinitNutrition Australia. Last year he was out training for his next Ironman when he woke up on the side of the road, not knowing what day it was. He had been hit by a car. This is that story, his recovery, and his return with in 12 months to racing Ironman once againhttps://www.infinitnutrition.com.au


9 Jan 2020

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Rob Steger from Training for Ultra shares a few tales.

Rob Steger, from Training from Ultra fame joins us this weeks as our guest. Being the magnificent interviewer Rob is I am not sure if I ran the podcast or he did. Either way we have a great conversation about so many things. Rob has spent this year raising funds for cancer research while chasing & completing the triple crown of 200milers. In his spare time Rob using 100mile races for training. If you have not already, please check out Robs podcast, “Training for Ultra”. Thanks Rob for inspiring so many, especially myself.

1hr 9mins

24 Dec 2019

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