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HSR 10/21/12 - OOOOOOODLES of cum!

Comedian/ventriloquist April Brucker joins Dave, Heather, & Zac for discussions about OOOOOOODLES of cum!

1hr 59mins

27 Oct 2012

Rank #1

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HSR 10/7/12 Oh Snap! Dave posted a podcast

Yeah, I've been lazy. But our work has been shitty since the birthday show, so you're not missing anything. On this episode, we interview Joe DeRosa, comedian & co-author of "Cheat: A Man's Guide To Infidelity."

2hr 21mins

8 Oct 2012

Rank #2

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Dave's Big Birthday show!!!!

HSR's annual celebration of David's Harris' birthday!!!! With With past co-hosts - Evan Weis, Tim Thomson, and CHARLIE!!!! Guest - Sean Sullivan, Nathan Rand and Bobo(Daniel Kurlan) And special guests, Aden Ardennes (Naughty Bits), Darren Deicide http://darrendeicide.com/ and our good friend, Sexy Pro Domme, Julie Simone! http://www.juliesimone.com/And we had cake!!!!

2hr 34mins

24 Aug 2012

Rank #3

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HSR 7/29/12 - Let's try to be a TV show again

The show is a technical trainwreck as Dave experiments with greenscreen video elements that can only be seen by the live audience. Oh, and they talk Obama, the Aurora shooting, and other shit.

1hr 45mins

30 Jul 2012

Rank #4

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