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The Retro Rewind Podcast is hosted by Francisco Ruiz, Paul Powers, and a rotating guest host. We take a fresh look at movies and video games from 15 or more years ago—discussing and reviewing them as Classics, Nostalgics, or Tragics. Prepare for an entertaining, clean show (except for the occasional potty humor) that dives into the nostalgia of adults that grew up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and whether or not the movies/games we enjoyed as kids are still worth revisiting today. If you enjoy looking back at media from childhood, and want to be a part of the conversation, listen to the Retro Rewind podcast and send us feedback at retrorewindpodcast.com/contact

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Grease :: Retro Rewind Podcast #152

We grease up our chrono-gears to head back to a 1978 film, set in 1959, where the T-Birds and the Pinks make school cool...or so the marketing would have us believe. Listen to what the RRP crew has to teach you about Grease. -

18 Jul 2018

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Super Mario Bros. :: Retro Rewind Podcast #6

Though we had planned to do Anne of Green Gables this episode, due to scheduling conflicts we decided to warp to the Mushroom Kingdom, or more specifically Dinohattan, to review the 1993 movie Super Mario Bros. Plug in your preferred listening peripheral and listen to our Super Mario Bros. review. -

20 Feb 2013

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The NeverEnding Story :: Retro Rewind Podcast #22

If you have been looking to go on a quest to listen to a podcast episode that explores the world of Rock Bitters, Racing Snails, and Giant Sphinx Oracles, then your search is over. Check out this episode as Francisco, Paul, and guest host Valerie Powers discuss Bastian and Atreyu's adventure in The NeverEnding Story. -

9 Oct 2013

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Small Soldiers :: Retro Rewind Podcast #193

The RRP Crew manages to make a big episode out of these Small Soldiers. Listen to the battle of likes and dislikes that ensues. -

29 Jan 2020

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The Iron Giant :: Retro Rewind Podcast #159

There's a new guest aboard the Pod, and he is out of this world... No it's not the Giant, but rather artist/designer Collin Schlicht joins us to talk likes and dislikes of 1999's The Iron Giant. -

24 Oct 2018

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Spirited Away :: Retro Rewind Podcast #128

We review a cautionary tale about gluttony and greed...or maybe it's just run-of-the-mill girl get's trapped in the spirit world working at a bath house for gods story. Either way, the RRP crew sets out to discuss Miyazaki's Spirited Away. -

27 Sep 2017

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Star Wars Original Trilogy :: Retro Rewind Podcast #79

Our previous flight plan was interrupted, causing us to travel back to the original "Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away". And due to the size of this unexpected mission (all three original Star Wars films) the RRP crew was composed of regular guest Kristy Ruiz, and new guests Danae and Travis Berge. -

20 Jan 2016

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Monsters Inc. :: Retro Rewind Podcast #129

This time we lock on to a monstrous dimension to see if Pixar's first movie with Mike and Sully scares us straight into a classic, or if it makes us scream in frustration. Listen as we review Monsters Inc. -

11 Oct 2017

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Toy Story :: Retro Rewind Podcast #116

We vie for being our listeners' favorite toy...er podcast. But are we your Woody or your Buzz Lightyear? Listen to our discussion of Toy Story with guest Chris Cowan. -

26 Apr 2017

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Spider-Man :: Retro Rewind Podcast #142

Boooonesaaw's reeeaady! And so is the RRP crew to review 2002's Spider-Man. Joined by new guest Nate Milton, we web-sling our way through the things we like and dislike about this Sam Raimi film. -

28 Feb 2018

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Willow :: Retro Rewind Podcast #178

The RR Pod travels to the crossroads of 1988 and the movie Willow. Listen to find out if this film would high on the list of 80s cinema to see, or if watching it would just make you Mad like a Martigan. -

26 Jun 2019

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The Terminator :: Retro Rewind Podcast #89

Before there were Deloreans that could go back and forth through time, there were only oneway tickets for man and machine...man, to travel to 1984 in search of Sarah Conor. The RRP crew likewise traveled back to that year in search of a rating on The Terminator. -

25 May 2016

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The Jerk :: Retro Rewind Podcast #80

We have our Thermus and are ready for this experiment to review a movie that one of us did not see in our youth. Paul's wife returns to fill out the RRP crew as we discuss if The Jerk is worth your time to watch today. -

27 Jan 2016

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The Rescuers Down Under :: Retro Rewind Podcast #76

Sometimes you just need a mouse to do a man's job, or three mice if you are in the outback of Australia and trying to rescue a kidnapped boy. Regular guest Kristy Ruiz joins us to discuss Disney's The Rescuers Down Under. -

25 Nov 2015

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Game :: Retro Rewind Podcast #18

April's apartment is on fire. She is kidnapped by Shredder. The Foot Clan is running amuck in New York. Krang is set to take over the world. Sounds like a mission for the Retro Rewind Podcast... reviewing the TMNT Arcade game that is ;). Listen and find out if it is worth trying to find this arcade to play, or if you should go back to your XBox. -

7 Aug 2013

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Remember the Titans :: Retro Rewind Podcast #121

In this episode your faithful Retro Rewind crew, accompanied by Chief Nate Henderson, watch a group of black and white high school students become a team as they put winning the game of football ahead of eachothers' skin color...I guess if that's what it takes ;) -

20 Jun 2017

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Jumanji :: Retro Rewind Podcast #84

The jungle heads to us as we head back to the 1995 film, Jumanji. The RRP crew is joined by artist Ciara Hartzell, to "paint you a picture" as to why or why not you should rewatch this Robin Williams flick -

23 Mar 2016

Rank #17

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail :: Retro Rewind Podcast #26

In our 1yr episode we don't answer what is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow–but we do reminisce on Monty Python & the Holy Grail. And with five people weighing in on this beloved 1975 movie, it has to be a classic...right? -

4 Dec 2013

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LotR: The Return of the King :: Retro Rewind Podcast #165

We travel back to Middle Earth one more time to wrap up Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy - but not before finding out what has been happening on the R.R. Pod over the past few episodes, and if Capt. Francisco will ever be found. -

25 Dec 2018

Rank #19