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The purpose of this podcast is to invite you to become a seeker of light. and learn how to shine even when life feels dark. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀It is a mix of solo episodes and interviews. Go check out the new intro - THE SHINE SHOW found on all podcast platforms.

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God speaks to us in several ways but He tells us that He will speak to us in our mind and heart. One may be more impressionable than the other.  Do you feel that you start to feel God's word in your heart or mind first? Most of the time for me it is in my heart first and then verified by clarity in my mind. 


19 Feb 2020

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77 - CELEBRATE WHAT YOU KNOW - God has a sense of humor

I know that God has a sense of humor. Seriously, He does... and I am grateful for it.  In today's episode, I share just a few of the experiences which built this knowledge that I have in God's sense of humor. What do you think? Have you had experiences that led you to believe wholeheartedly that God has a sense of Humor?


22 Apr 2020

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Do you ever feel like God doesn't care about your dreams or desires? The truth is He really does care, more than we know. God knows you personally. We learn in the scriptures that all good things come from God. That God is light and love. The desires of your heart that are good, filled with light and love come from Him. He wants you to fulfill your desires and will provide a way to make it happen but all in His timing.


26 Feb 2020

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57 - LIKEN THEM UNTO YOU (come follow me)

The scriptures are for us! Can we find ourselves in the stories of those who can before us? Can we learn from their mistakes? Can we find direction in the counsel they received from the Lord? Can we be strengthened by the testimonies of those in the scriptures? How do you liken the scriptures to your daily life? 


15 Feb 2020

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God has plans for you and for me. The question is are we willing to trust Him?  My family and I have been on a journey that has brought us to some big decisions that will dramatically change our life as we know it right now.  Through inspiration, we have decided to hit restart and becoming a traveling family for a period of time.  Want to know what brought us to this decision??? Enjoy this episode, I hope you are inspired to seek and heed the word of the Lord in your individual life.


6 Mar 2020

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Are you making time for the mountain of the Lord (Temple service/attendance) in your life? Are your covenants fresh in your mind? Are you aware of the blessings, protection, and power your covenants offer you? How will you make temple attendance more of a priority in your life? 


22 Feb 2020

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62 - COME FOLLOW ME - Speak by the power of the holy ghost

This week in my "come follow me" study of the book of Mormon I found my mind stilled as I was reminded of a simple, yet great truth.  Our words have the greatest power when they are accompanied by the power of the Holy Ghost. On our own, we are mere mortals who are hopelessly flawed but with the power (yes, power) of the Holy Ghost, our words can turn hearts to God and create a massive impact on an individual. My hope is to live in a way that I am always worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost so that God can use me as an instrument to bring about His work.


7 Mar 2020

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76 - COME FOLLOW ME - Ears to hear

How do you strengthen your ability to hear the words of the Lord and open your heart to His mysteries?  After being inspired by the words of King Benjamin I feel compelled to recommit myself to daily meditation and to focus on listening when I pray rather than talking so much. 


18 Apr 2020

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83 - The 3 lessons I learnt from scream singing

Have you ever tried to belt when singing? I have but I didn't succeed instead of belting I was scream-singing.  In today's episode, I share the three lessons I learned from hurting my voice so much that I stopped singing.  First off what do you think about singing? Do you like it? Have you had similar experiences from pushing and pushing to prove something to someone else but in doing so hurting yourself?


13 May 2020

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82 - COME FOLLOW ME - Is anyone listening?

Lessons from Abinadi's resilience, obedience, and confidence in God's will. If God is compelling you to do something DO IT, don't become discouraged if you don't see the results you desire just keep it up because God has a plan and you are making a difference.


9 May 2020

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81 - NEW SEASON 5 - The story behind becoming a traveling family

We are 16 days away from leaving our home and living in our trailer!!!  Why are we doing this??? In essence, because we feel compelled and led by God to do so. In today's podcast episode I share the story from my perspective that got us to where we are right now. I encourage you to think about what God is compelling you to do and ask yourself if you are following through with it. If you feel like you don't know if you are; I am cheering you on and believe you can do it!


6 May 2020

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80- COME FOLLOW ME - Turn Your heart

What does it mean to turn your heart to the Lord? What is in your way preventing you from making this shift in your life today? The Lord, who is your Savior and Redeemer has SO MUCH to offer you but you have to choose to accept it, to turn towards it.  Will you turn your heart today? 


2 May 2020

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79 - CELEBRATE WHAT YOU KNOW - Why I am obsessed with LIGHT!

Celebrating what we know is a glorious thing! Equally glorious and important is taking the time to reflect on how you got to the place where you know what you know.  In this episode, I share why I know that seeking light is transformative and the journey that got me to the place where I am today. 


29 Apr 2020

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This month I am inviting you to celebrate what you know!  What do you know? Like, really know and believe with your whole heart? Today's episode I get candid with you and share how I personally know there are no coincidences in life. I have had too many experiences that have proved to me that God is in the details of my life.  I would love to hear your perspective on the matter. Do you agree with me or do you think there are indeed coincidences? 


15 Apr 2020

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74 - COME FOLLOW ME - Thoughts

Have you enjoyed reflecting on Jesus Christ as you have prepared for Easter? What are some of your takeaways or favorite parts of Jesus' life? For me, the magnificent Atonement that He so gifted each of us is my favorite. As I was reading in Alma this week deepening my knowledge and understanding of the Atonement I was stuck by how Alma's thoughts about the Atonement led to transformation.  I LOOOOOVE talking and practicing thoughts that serve me and BOOM right there in Alma 36 was the perfect example of thought work!


11 Apr 2020

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