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Vulnerable conversations initiate healing. We heal through connection. We heal through sharing truth. We heal by being supported by ourselves. We heal by being held through it by our sisters.This is Naked Conversations the Podcast. A Podcast for raw and vulnerable conversations between supportive Spiritual Women. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nakedconversations/support

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What is Shadow Work?

Happy Scorpio Season! In honor of this transformational time, Alexandria dives into shadow work and how perfectionism kept her from having deep relationships. She is going in on Anger, Jealousy, Judgement, and more. She answers your Instagram questions and gives you a new practice on how you start your own shadow journey. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nakedconversations/support


17 Nov 2020

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Emotional Alchemy Happens When You Self Inquire

Alexandria gets vulnerable shares about the past two weeks of getting extremely triggered and making a new choice to drop in, hold herself, ask for support, and invite herself into her emotions even deeper.    In this episode, Alexandria talks about how this particular Moontime took her into the shadow realms in order for her to let go of old patterns that were no longer serving her. She discusses the illusions of the perfect match, the human experience, judgment, and perfectionism. She opens up about her inner child's need to feel safe after her experience of having an alcoholic parent. She acknowledges how alchohol is still deeply triggering and shares how she navigates this within her relationship with her husband. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nakedconversations/support


6 Oct 2020

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Pleasure After Vows

Casey and Alexandria have an honest and healing conversation about awakening while being married, painful sex, and the journey of coming home to their bodies. Tune in to see how they welcomed pleasure into their lives while honoring their marriage containers.    Casey Pagliarulo is a therapist and energy practitioner in the Atlanta Area. You can find her at caseypagliuro.com!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nakedconversations/support


16 Sep 2020

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'Reclaim' Your Nakedness Part 2

In Part 2 to ‘Rebirth’ into Sister Connection, Peyton, Kimber and Alexandria reflect on their experience co-facilitating a Nourishment Retreat in the mountains of Asheville NC. Tune in as they take you through the last two days of their immersion. On a journey which invites them to overcome fear, honor the power of witnessing and receiving, step into self-acceptance, and reclaim their nakedness.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nakedconversations/support


4 Sep 2020

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'Rebirth' into Sister Connection Part 1

In this Episode Peyton, Kimber and Alexandria reflect on their experience co-facilitating a Nourishment Retreat in the mountains of Asheville NC. Tune in as they take you day by day on their healing journey that unfolds into rebirth, connection, and the sacred support of sisterhood.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nakedconversations/support

1hr 10mins

18 Aug 2020

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Truthfully Peyton

A raw and vulnerable conversation about connecting to the other side, healing from sexual assault, and owning the truth of our trauma. Dedicated to our younger selves who needed us in these moments of trauma. We are here now. We hear you. We are speaking your truth, inviting you into the courage you have had all along. **A gentle note: if you decide to listen to this episode you are going to hear a raw, empowering, and informative conversation about sexual assault.  This is your invitation to heal with us. If that doesn’t resonate with you I simply invite you to click off and join us for another episode in the future. Topics: - Talking through Peyton's 1st Mediumship Reading - Healing through Messages from Past Loved ones - Loving an Addict - Connecting to our loved ones on the other side - Peyton’s Brother Comes through with a Message mid recording - Speaking our Truth - Healing after Sexual Assault - How Emotional Trauma Can Manifest Physically - Hypnosis Therapy - Embodiment - Ecstatic Dance - Reconnecting with your Yoni --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nakedconversations/support


27 May 2020

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Body Talk

Carrie Anne and Alexandria have a Naked Conversation about healing from within, body image, past lives, and all things spiritual. Carrie Anne is a body-inclusive boudoir photographer based in Oceanside, California. Part of what makes her journey so unique is that Carrie Anne has been on a big, personal journey towards self-healing and mending her relationship with her body since 2012. Topics: · Body Inclusivity · Setting Intention for you Boudoir Session · Healing the Relationship with my Body · Body Dismoprhia, Anorexia · Diet Culture · How Our Moms’ Can Impact us positively or add to the negative · Being a ‘Recovering Catholic’ · Spirituality · Reading ‘Energy’ · Past Lives · Natural Disasters · Irrational Fears · Taking Ownership of Our Actions · Healing from Within · Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie · Programing from the Media · Life Path Numbers · Astrology--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nakedconversations/support


20 May 2020

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How I Hold Space for Myself Through Deep Emotional Triggering

In this episode, Alexandria invites us into what it actually sounds like to work through emotions with self-love and compassion. After being triggered by someone she loves about ‘being a medium.'  Join Alexandria as she drops into the emotional body to hold space for herself to feel through pain and invite in self-acceptance and power.  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nakedconversations/support


14 May 2020

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Finding Dani

Dani and Alexandria have a conversation about Spiritual Awakenings. Dani shares her truth about how being an overnight sensation broke her down, finding God on top of a mountain, her dark night of the soul, and finding that the true source of all her pain was herself. Finding Dani is a story of choosing yourself. Dani has transformed into an independent and thriving woman, living her manifested dream in her new airstream Jade.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nakedconversations/support


13 May 2020

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3 am Self Healing

Alexandria takes you through her late-night healing session. She talks about what it feels like to move through emotions and how to hold space for yourself. She explains how to have self-love through deep emotional healing episodes. For anyone needing a little love right now anyone needing validation that you are important, worthy, and loved this one is for you. Song Referenced: Lennon Stella Older Than I am --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nakedconversations/support


5 May 2020

Rank #10