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V&A Podcast, Episode Thirteen: Library Crime

V&A Podcast, Episode Thirteen: Library Crime

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V&A Podcast, Episode Nine: Exhibition Design

Exhibition Design is a specific discipline requiring a balance between message and content, skills in spatial design, and clear communication of a narrative. Designing for temporary and permanent exhibitions requires different approaches, from something that is of the moment and perhaps can take some design risks, to an exhibition with lasting design quality that will still look good in 25 years time. Gary Shelly, from the Exhibition Design firm Casson Mann, discusses the process of designing the hugely successful V&A exhibition, Hollywood Costume, as well as the V&A’s permanent galleries, with Glenn Adamson and Moira Gemmill from the V&A.


14 Oct 2013

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V&A Podcast, Episode Eleven: Europe Galleries

At the end of 2014, the Europe 1600 to 1800 gallery will open at the V&A. In this episode, the importance of gallery interpretation is considered: How do we give meaning and context to the objects on display for gallery visitors? Glenn Adamson is joined by Lucy Trench and Evelyn Welch. Lucy is Head of Interpretation for the European Galleries and Evelyn is Professor of Renaissance Studies at Kings College London and a V&A Trustee.Together they discuss some intriguing objects, technology in exhibition spaces and how it's possible to display two centuries of European history in a gallery setting.


11 Nov 2013

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V&A Podcast, Episode Ten: Chinese Paintings

This episode gives a unique insight into the new V&A exhibition Masterpieces of Chinese Painting 700 – 1900. Exhibition Curator Hongxing Zhang discusses Chinese paintings with Craig Clunas, a specialist in Chinese art history from The University of Oxford. The exhibition displays Chinese paintings in new ways, sometimes using digital remastering techniques and for the first time, a fourteen metre length scroll shown will be shown in full length. It is the first time that these paintings have been displayed together in a retrospective exhibition, demonstrating the broad range and diversity of materials, techniques and styles in this tradition.


28 Oct 2013

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V&A Podcast, Episode Eight: Curating Contemporary Fashion

The V&A has collected contemporary objects ever since it was founded in the nineteenth century. In this episode, Glenn discusses the importance and challenges of collecting and displaying fashion with Brix Smith Start and Oriole Cullen. Brix has long been established as a fashion icon since she emerged in the 1980s as a member of post-punk band The Fall. Oriole, a curator in the museums fashion and textile department, specialises in contemporary dress. Together, they discuss how the V&A situates the fast-paced world of fashion within the museum context.


30 Sep 2013

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V&A Podcast, Episode Six: Security & Visitor Services

Vernon Rapley, Head of Security and Visitor Services at the V&A, discusses the importance of balancing the need for security with the quality of visitor experience at museums and galleries. He is joined by Adrian Jackson, who holds the same role at the National Portrait Gallery. Together with Glenn Adamson, they consider how the role of the gallery warder or assistant has changed over time and the crucial impact of their interaction with the public.


2 Sep 2013

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V&A Podcast, Episode Five: Women Artists

Dr Katie Tyreman, a fellow in research and cultural engagement at the V&A and University of York, and Professor Deborah Cherry, the Associate Dean of Research at London College of Communication, talk about women artists in the nineteenth century. Joining them to offer a contemporary perspective is artist Rebecca Salter. Together with host Glenn Adamson they consider the important role that women played in Victorian art, and how the context for women artists has developed over time.


18 Aug 2013

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V&A Podcast, Episode Four: Exhibition Road

Moira Gemmill, Director of Projects, Design and Estates at the V&A, and architect, Amanda Levete, who has been commissioned to design the new Exhibition Road building, discuss the challenges of the project and the many opportunities it opens up. This ambitious project will create a purpose built space for temporary exhibitions, a courtyard for the public and will expose historic facades previously hidden from view.


6 Aug 2013

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V&A Podcast Episode Three: Preventing Art Theft

Glenn Adamson speaks to Vernon Rapley, Head of Security and Visitor Services at the V&A, and Andy Bliss, the top-ranking police officer in London (Chief Constable of the Hertfordshire Constabulary). Art theft can seriously impact on our cultural heritage. How do we stop it? Find out in this discussion, which reveals how museums work with the police to share information on current art theft trends, work towards reducing risk, and in the rare case of a successful theft, recover stolen artefacts for the public.

16 Jul 2013

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V&A Podcast, Episode Sixteen: Cultural Diplomacy

What is cultural diplomacy? In the final episode of season one of the V&A podcast, Glenn Adamson discusses this important topic with Martin Roth, Director of the V&A, and Kirsten Bound, Head of International Innovation at NESTA. They consider the global spread and impact of cultural diplomacy as a form of soft power which can communicate knowledge, and build trust and confidence through a variety of platforms. The V&A is an archive of cultural diplomacy with collections from around the world. These objects often have the ability to connect with people in ways that politics cannot.


20 Jan 2014

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V&A Podcast, Episode Fifteen: Framing

Housed in the V&A are thousands of frames of all shapes, sizes and types. The importance of a frame to present and protect an object should not be overlooked. In this episode, Robert Lambeth, head of technical services at the V&A, discusses the processes involved in making sure objects are looked after at the museum when on display. He is joined by Matt Jones of John Jones Framers; a London based family business with decades of expertise in framing to a high standard both from a conservation and aesthetic perspective.


6 Jan 2014

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