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Author, Illustrator, and Dad of 13, Jaime Buckley talks about writing, art, and life that often seems like something from one of his fantasy novels. Joining Jaime are his kids, including daughter Jami T. (Lolo), who is an award-winning author, professional artist, record artist...and she's only 17.

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S1E12: Lolo talks to Dad about magic, why humans SUCK, and worldbuilding.

It's been a long time since we've done a show, and being stuck home for the 4th month in a row, Jami Taylor (Lolo) asked if we could start doing the podcast again. "Sure, why not," I said, "what would you like to talk about?" "I'll let you know once we get talking," she tells me. Right. Okay then, let's do this. We talked about magic, magic systems, races in fiction,...we explore Jami's own fictional world for a spell while she asks questions about worldbuilding. We also touch on Wanted Hero, our new online world being built, and our family plans to build a subscription-based fictional dream come true for readers. This episode is sponsored by WantedHeroWorld.com.  Why not start reading Chronicles of a Hero today? You can grab Prelude to a Hero for ¢.99 or less right now! Grab a copy of Prelude to a Hero from Amazon. Grab a copy of Prelude to a Hero from everywhere else.


28 Mar 2020

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S1E11: Dad and Asia talk about Food, Facts and WHY Politicians are EVIL

In todays episode we have a great treat, because my daughter Asia Bailey (recently married) stopped by the house, so I pulled her into the office to have a long conversation, on the record. It's fun to chat with my intelligent children, especially when they're married, because I can usually get them to criminalize themselves. No such luck today. Instead, we had a fantastic discussion about life, communications, taking responsibility for our actions, parenting, her relationship with mom and frankly, that I'm a cool dad. Okay, she didn't actually SAY I was cool, but I could see it in her face. It was a great conversation. This episode brought to you by WantedHero.com, Consider buying a fantasy book to support this podcast.

1hr 13mins

5 Apr 2019

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S1E10: Life's Broken. Buy Immortality for $50

In today's episode, Jaime and Jami talk about Lolo's weekend at the Teen Author Boot Camp...and where she placed in the First Chapter Contest. Then the show goes a bit nuts... Almost falling out of the shower in laughter earlier this week, Jaime decided to try something he's never heard an author do before...and it's working.  He's SELLING IMMORTALITY. No, you heard correctly. Jaime found a way to let you live forever for as little as 50 bucks. To raise funds for expanding Wanted Hero into an interactive world, he decided to let fans get in on the action. Fans can now buy bragging rights by becoming a fictional character they can show their friends and family! For more information, check out https://buyimmortality.com BTW, if you're a writer, artist or RPGer, we highly recommend checking out WorldAnvil.com. Enjoy the show!!


28 Mar 2019

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S1E9: Cake and Assassination (we talk about movies)

In this weeks episode, Jami and her dad talk about the movies they've enjoyed from 2018.  Jami points out her fathers memory loss issues, while Jaime rants on Disney for ruining his childhood memories by destroying the characters / storylines of the Marvel and Star Wars properties. (He really is disturbed about it.) What movies do YOU like of late...or do you think Hollywood needs to grow a brain and make something original and unique for a change? Send us your comments!


21 Mar 2019

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LILF S1E8 - Encouraging Talents (with Simon) and Lolo sings an original song with Carley!

Sorry for the two-day delay, but my son showed up from out of state and the house was SO happy to see him, we spaced the podcast! Simon joins me on today's episode, where we talk about talents and how they should be encouraged.  Lolo shares her song writing talent by playing her ukulele while singing harmony with her little sister, Carley. Simon and I learn that sometimes the Universe opens doors to opportunities so we can stretch and grow in our talents, AND...that we shouldn't drink Pepsi while doing podcasts, because it creates background noise through vibration! LOL We also touch on Worldanvil, with is one of many new tools we will be using to build Wanted Hero into a dynamic new interactive experience for readers...which can be supported through BUYING YOUR OWN IMMORTALITY (seriously). Please consider reading our story and sharing it with those you know. Thank You.


17 Mar 2019

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LILF-S1E7: Jaime visits with his 4 year old son and grandson

I wanted to take the opportunities when they present themselves--to sit down with the little people in my life and have conversations in front of the mic. By 'little people', I literally mean small, young, as in my kids and grandkids. Not always professional, but always fun, I decided to has a moment with my youngest child Roman and his best friend, who happens to be my grandson, Alvin (with permission form his mom). It's a laid back conversation, lots of laughter and I think both of the boys had fun making a podcast show with their dad and poppa. Hope you get a chuckle like I did.


8 Mar 2019

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LILF-S1E6: Lolo asks Dad about writers block and other writing questions

Lolo was supposed to write this explanation, but she walked right out of the room after the podcast was over! ...children. I'm kidding. It was delightful to have her ask some good questions about writing today. Things that could actually help her in writing her best seller! So sit back, relax and enjoy this weeks Life Is Like Fiction podcast. LILF is brought to you by WantedHero.com.  Please consider buying a book or making a donation to help us keep this podcast going.


8 Mar 2019

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LILF-S1E5: Lolo shares her brilliant chapter and the Bizarre Buckley day

It's been a crazy day...and a crazy month here at our home.  The GOOD news is that the chapter Lolo finally turned in was literally brilliant IMO (biased dad here) and she wanted to share the results with you. Yes, more changes were made to the story after the last podcast and once we turned it in last Saturday, she wanted you to hear how it finally flows without pulling you from the story (even though my reading it might). Life is challenging of late for our family--not bad, mind you, just tiring to the degree of wearing us all out at the same time. So have a listen and spend a little time with Jaime and Jami today. ...cause we love you! J&J P.S. Don't forget to leave a review over at iTunes--cause we could use your support!


28 Feb 2019

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LILF-S1E4: Lolo shares her FINAL draft for the Teen Author Boot Camp "First Chapter" Contest

After the last podcast, Lolo got to work on her first draft for the 'First Chapter' contest with the Teen Author Boot Camp! That's right...she was so determined to give this contest her all I actually found her this morning, at 5am, when I walked into my office--asleep, on the couch, snoring with an arm draped over the laptop.  Awwwwwwwwww...... So today you'll get the hear the REVISED draft, which we will call the FINAL draft for this podcast, of Lolo's story. And it it wayyyyyyy better. Shoot Lolo a message and let her know if you liked it, or your suggestions, because no matter how she places in this contest, this is still the beginning of her new book!


21 Feb 2019

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LILF-S1E3: Lolo shares her first draft for the Teen Author Boot Camp "First Chapter" Contest

With it coming up to the deadline for the 'First Chapter' contest for the Teen Author Boot Camp, Lolo wanted to share her first rough draft to you. HOPEFULLY to get some feedback and encouragement. My daughter explains the rules of the contest, her excitement and a really good first draft. We do a small comparison between this draft and her current revision... Call in and leave a message of encouragement to Lolo if you get a chance =) Consider leaving us a review on iTunes or even Spotify (5 Stars would be awesome)


20 Feb 2019

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